Tuesday, July 18, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!!!! 
Brother it is hot here!!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! 
It was 91° F at 9 am this morning and the humidity is high too. So my morning chores in the garden were a drippy experience and it was me that was dripping :( 
Our forecast for the rest of the week is right at 100° F every day. I'll be staying inside as much as possible. Just going out to move "Hank" the sprinkler around the yard. 
This morning I planted two new Echinacea's in the garden. I don't usually plant in this type of heat but we got a new shipment of the "Cheyenne" Echinacea in  and they were flying out the door fast. So I bought them and knew it would be easier to keep them alive in the ground than in the plastic pots. 
Here they set in my circle drive flower bed. Along with my morning coffee which was quickly traded out for iced herbal tea! 
I just love these bright coral orange flowers and they should really give the flower bed a boost in color. They had some yellow ones on Saturday when I first saw them but when I went back out to buy them the yellows were all gone. Hopefully they will get another shipment of them. 
The Joe Pye Weed started blooming this week which usually means that the Monarch Fall migration is going to start soon. A bit early this year but we will see. I haven't seen a Monarch in weeks but that's not unusual for here in the middle of the summer. 

For quick update on Lady. She went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. We had them give her all of her shots and have decided to keep her for ourselves. 
It's past the required posting dates for stray dogs so she has her forever home now. ♥
No art again this week. I'm still knitting... or trying to ...  a cowl. It is coming along and will be wearable if not perfect. Crochet is just so much easier ans faster for me :) 

Today's Random Thoughts

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  1. yes Carol, it is very hot and humid here too with threats of thunderstorms each day-mostly noise and very little rain. Your plants are obviously well cared for. And congrats on your new addition to the family! What a lucky dog she is.
    I much prefer crocheting too and have given up on knitting.
    Try and stay cool, and happy T day!

  2. Ah, I could think of one person I would like to choke with a chill pill! Love the cowl. Glad Lady has a new home, she struck lucky with you. Happy T day, hugs Valerie

  3. Happy T Day never thought to look for echinacae plants I need to do that too-wonder if Lowes gets those in. this heat is just too much for sure stay cool hugs

  4. Your last thought of the day made me laugh, in fact I'm still laughing as I write this ... lol! 😂 I'd be melting too in that heat although your plants don't seem to mind, your new "Cheyenne" Enchinacea are so very pretty! Those coral orange colours are amazing and remind me of sherbert (soda powder)! How wonderful that you get to keep Lady, I hope her introduction to your other dogs goes well and I'm sure she is very grateful to have a forever home 💗. Thanks for the smiles, have a wonderful week and a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  5. Our temps have hit 100 F several days, too. The "feels like" temps have hit up to 108 F. It's even hotter where I live, I guess. I just got my electric bill today and I've used 16 more KWH per day this month than last. My AC goes day and night.

    Gosh, I love those Echinacea. I've never seen any those colors before. Mine are all pinkish. I love yours.

    What good news about Lady. So glad she has found her new forever home.

    LOVE that last random thought. I think everyone probably does, too. Thanks for sharing it, your cowl you are working on, your new Echinacea plants, and your early morning coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Try to stay cool, because, at least where I live, there is no rain or cool down in sight.

  6. The photos in your garden and your new plants look lovely. The colours are fantastic.
    It was good to read about Lady, she has found a loving home with you.
    The random thoughts are great, I'm grinning at the one about the Chill pill.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. LOve coneflowers but have never tried to grow any... I wonder if deer like them...lol i always have to think about that... I love to hear any thing Fall and especially that it might be early.. Hot and humid here too .. I must be feeling a little over sensitive.... i found the last random thought a little harsh.. ah well ... its me.. lol Happy 4th Anniversary and happy T day! Hugs! deb

  8. So glad that Lady is now yours for good, but sorry about the heat. Its humid and hot here too but not as bad as you have it. I don't like humidity so you have my sympathy. Hope it cools off soon. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  9. How you can be knitting when it is so hot where you are...I don't understand! ;) lol thank goodness for air conditioning! love your flowers and gardening adventures, and welcome to your new pet! happy T day!

  10. Good Morning, Carol! The coral colored coneflowers are gorgeous! We are hot too like your part of the country. I am so HAPPY Lady has a home with you forever... yay, yay, YAY!!!!!! So, Joe Pye Weed means fall... I am so ready! The Fox Squirrels found our tomatoes, the little stinkers. They are so cute stealing them right in front of us that it is hard to get mad at them. There are plenty out there and they are the tiny tomatoes... we will share!

  11. love your flowers in that fiery orange! and the Color Expresses the heat we have here, too. dripping, yes, me too;)
    happy belated t-day!

  12. Phew, that's hot, Carol. I hope there's a break in the heat coming your way soon. I agree, those coral orange flowers are especially pretty. I'm glad Lady has a forever home. And it will be a good one for her. Though elderly, she seems like a very nice lady ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. Hi Carol, Happy belated T day! Failed fosters are the best. Your garden is wonderful, I am trying to plant my small border with dog resistent plants now.
    Cazzy x

  14. Congrats on the dog decision! I'm glad it worked out :)

    Those flowers are pretty. We haven't seen any monarchs at all in years. The occasional Viceroy is as close as we get :(