Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome June !!! My Birthday MONTH ...Let the Celebrations Begin

My month long celebration of my birthday is off to a GREAT start. 
I won a $50 gift card to a site that sells ORGANIC body and home products!!!!!! Took me all of 5 minutes to spend every penny of it and then some :) 
I also received a $5 coupon from my favorite online herb shop...
Check them out if you're into herbs.

The gardens are coming along slowly.... I still have lots to get into the ground because of all the rain. What is in the ground is growing by leaps and bounds!!!!!

I can't keep up with the Herbs! I have a new decorating theme going on...brown paper bags hanging everywhere  :) I don't think the Hubs is as appreciative as I am. But the house does smell nice. 

My Iris are all fading now..but Oh how beautiful they were this year. 

This bed really needs thinned out....but I love how it looks like a purple river so I keep putting it off.  Maybe I'll thin it a tiny bit this summer and start a new bed somewhere  else. 

The potted succulents are crazy full too. I'm thinking this swan needs to find a mate to share her bounty with ♥

I bought a bag of assorted Iris at the flea market last year and I'm getting some beauties out of it. I have never had a white Iris before and I love this one. Can't wait til it multiplies !!! I'll share some of the other colors in a later post. 

The basement purge is coming along! This will be the last weekend we have the dumpster and it will be full when it goes away on Monday :) 
It's hard to turn loose of some of the things .... but there is only so much time and not enough room for all of the projects. 

And here is another of the  inspiration art cards I received in my deck

from Kara Rogers 


  1. Happy Birthday to you-- Happy Birthday to you!! Let the celebrations begin:)

    That white iris is gorgeous!! When you then them out-- send me one!! We are iris crazy at my house! Your iris bed is truly gorgeous!

    I'd love to grow succulents- but I don't have a clue what or how--- I love the collection in your beautiful swan!

    Thanks for stopping by--- I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!


  2. Happy Birthday Carol-congrats on the wins-that is always so much fun. enjoyed all the pretty flowers-wow that is a giant dumpster

  3. Happy Beginning Birthday Celebrations Carol! The white Iris are gorgeous!!!