Tuesday, August 7, 2018

T Stands for Tuesdays

Hello again! 
I know it's been weeks since I've posted and it's likely to be weeks again before I get back. I also apologize now for not getting around to visiting all of your post. It's just going to be one of those weeks again here. 
My dad has been ill again and in the hospital. This time it was the doctors fault 😠
They had prescribed way to much medication and he became toxic from it.  
He has recovered from that and was doing well and then he developed a lump on his face that became extremely painful. He went to the ER who told him he had cancer and they wouldn't touch it. He needs to see his doctor and get a biopsy and then see a specialist. So now we have that worry on our plate. 
The bright side of life here is the babies are doing great!!! Growing like crazy !

Dominic still outweighs Maryana a whole lot but she is doing better at gaining weight. He has gotten over his colic stage and is a happy baby now. 
They both laugh a lot and baby talk all of the time. 
The garden has struggled this year with the heat and the extreme dryness. Half of the tomato plants are dying and the Japanese Beetles ate the green beans and lots of other things. Definitely the worst year ever for those critters 😮

So that's what's happening here!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends! 
Running late as usual but I'm here. 
Lots of baby pictures this week again as I babyset yesterday :) 
They are getting so big!!!! 
Dominic is now at 10 lbs and 14 oz!!!
Maryana falling in at 7 lbs and 5 oz. She is still way behind him but she is gaining weight at a more rapid rate now. 

It won't be long at all and they won't both fit on the Boppy.
They are developing personalities now and making baby talk noises. They respond to your voices and follow you with their eyes ♥

He is still the fussy one and demands a whole lot of attention but he is getting better. He is trying so hard to control those hands and grab onto things. When he does it he's smile so big and when he loses his grip he gets so mad. Of course us laughing at him probably makes it worse.

Maryana is still the quieter one but believe she does have her moments too. 

Things are going crazy in the garden... weeds are driving me insane . 

My giant sunflower  is finally
Coffee on the porch by the flowers. Trying to get the energy to tackle those weeds .
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Again Tuesday Friends!!!
This has been another busy busy week here.
Work has been slow so I had extra time off which gave me the chance to get some things done around here. I was too hot to work outside most of the week. 
I did get extra play time with the babies though ♥ 
They are growing so fast...can't believe they are 6 weeks old now. 
Dominic is still growing faster and is starting to respond to voices and follow you with his eyes ♥
Maryana is growing but not at the same speed. She is still wearing preamie clothes and the newborn diapers still swallow here. 
She's the easy baby and Dominic still demands much more attention and effort.
She'll catch up in her own time :) 
The Lilies are still going strong here along with the coneflowers.

Yesterday was my birthday so we went to my parents over the weekend. My sister and I have the same birthday but she is 3 years younger. She crashed my 3rd birthday party !

We went out to eat Friday night at one of the local Italian Restaurant. I had won a gift card for dinner for 2 :) 
I had water with my meal and you can barely see it in the upper left hand corner. I had the Spinach & Chicken Lasagna with a white sauce. It was DIVINE !!!!! 
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