Tuesday, October 25, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday friends ♥
It's another chilly day here in Missouri and Mini Me says it's sweater time for the morning walks.

She's not a real fan of the colder weather so it will be interesting to see how she does when the cold really gets here . Our walks will probably be fewer and far between :(
Here's another picture of her with the older dog...Her best friend !!!
She has learned to " Set Pretty" and does it all of the time ...for the attention of course :)
Over the weekend one of our walks was early evening and when we got back to the house we had visitors.

These five show up fairly regular now that the weather is cooler. Mini doesn't bark at them... just stares and tries to run over to where they are.
We also visit with a couple of the horses on our walk... when they are out. When they are not out she gets bummed out and looks all over the pasture for them.

The one in the second photo almost always comes over to the fence to visit a bit. :)
With the cooler weather I've had to bring plants inside for the winter.
Here are the ones that will stay upstairs and then there is another group that will stay downstairs where it is colder. You can see my cup of coffee there by the potted ginger plant.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS ♥♥♥
Hoping this finds you all doing well !
It's been another busy week here with lots of clean up done out side :)
I laid cardboard on Sunday in the veggie garden...here's an in progress photo along with my drink of the day....herbal ice tea. Which was much needed as the temps are back up to summer weather again.
Then  I covered all of the cardboard with black plastic to hold the cardboard down and to help cook the weeds and Bermuda Grass under it all. Right now I just have pallets and boards holding everything down but at some point I'll be putting some straw bales out there . The mine pallets will then be used to create bins for growing the potatoes in.
 Here's another photo from a different angle..
Now I need to finish cleaning up the back corners of the veggie garden and it will be finished for the year. That should not take long at all and won't need to be covered at all. It's just been too windy to work out there yesterday and again today :(
The full moon over the weekend was spectacular. I took a whole bunch of photos but will only share a few. The internet connection is really slow here today and it's taking forever to load pictures :(

The sunrise this morning was very so pretty .
I love that Mini Me has me up and outside almost every morning to see it.
I have some photos of some of the horses we see every morning but they will have to wait for a day when the internet is working better as my patience has run out today :(
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It has been an insanely busy week here! Getting the garden all cleared out and ready for winter has been a triple the work year here. Thanks to an infestation of Bermuda Grass that came with a load  of top soil we purchased a couple of years ago. GRRRRRRR!  That stuff has spread everywhere :(  Now I'm at the stage of covering the whole area with layers of cardboard and then sheets of black plastic. Then it will set for a whole year if not longer.
I did get my wreath reworked for the fall. I still want to add some feathers and pine cones to it as soon as I remember where I have them stashed. 

Our front door faces South East and takes a beating with the summer sun. It was only 2 years ago that we repainted it and it's peeling again. Soon we will be looking for a completely different door to see if it will hold up better. 
Here's Mini Me and her best bud Shadow playing tug of war. Bet you can figure out who wins every time :) 

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Monday, October 10, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday and Fall Clean Up

Hello again my Tuesday Friends :) 
We are finally getting some cooler weather here. Nights are chilly and days are beautiful. It's still overly dry so I'm watering  the perennials to keep them alive. 
Actually there are a lot of them blooming again  but not with the full summer vigor. Some of the annuals are still going strong. 

 I love the Sweet Alyssums that just keep spreading and reseeding themselves all summer. 

 The perennials  are not looking as well....

Looking at the photo of St. Francis I noticed that a tomato plant has sprouted up there and has green tomatoes on it. A gift from nature that probably would have been pulled had I seen it while out there. :) 
I've been busy cleaning out the veggie garden so I can cover with cardboard and plastic . The ongoing battle to get rid of that dratted Bermuda Grass that is taking over. I actually broke out the round up for some of the heavy areas :'(  That area will be covered and unused for at least 2 years if not three. 
 The stack in the right hand corner is cardboard and pallet boards and more cardboard will be coming home tomorrow. Along with more black plastic . 

Other areas are cleaned up and just waiting for straw bales and spring to arrive. The old kiddy pool will probably become a strawberry bed next spring if I don't decided to plant something else instead. 
 The last of the  Blackeyed Susans and the Echinacea.
 The ornamental grasses really at their best ♥

The plants around the fishpond are more than a little overgrown and will need some major TLC this week as the leaves are starting to fall so it's time to cover the pond so it doesn't fill up. The sole remaining gold fish will go into a tank in the basement for the winter. 
We can't have a post with out Mini Me and here she is leased up in the back yard watching me work hard. 
She had a ball chasing the leaves and grasshoppers around the yard. 
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...and again reusing a drink photo from the past....
...coffee at Denny's Restaurant. 
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Creative Wednesday with Kathy

It really shouldn't be hard for me to find something to post about every week for this. It's the getting the brain woke up enough to put words together well enough to be worth reading :) That will be the challenge. 
This week I decided to make a wool sweater for the puppy. We enjoy our early morning walks and soon the chill will be strong enough to wear one . 
It's simple pattern free at Lions Brand yarns. I used two strands for color variation and extra warmth. 

It's a bit big on her now but figure it will draw up a bit with washing as it's wool and not so loose she can't wear it as is. 
Since she likes it so much I figure there will be more made in different colors . I'm also thinking of a felted one with buttons :) 
That's my contribution today ...can't promise I'll be here every week but I'll try to be by often :) 
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