Tuesday, May 23, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends! 
Once again I'm running a bit behind which seems to be a way of life for me 😥😩
I worked so hard in the yard yesterday, trying to get done before  the rains came. 
When dinner was over and it was time to come write the blog....I was a goner 😪
In the very early hours before I went outside I did get a wee bit of painting done. 
I painted the butterfly drawing I shared last week and added a bit of stencil work to the background it will be collaged onto. The coffee cup is one that the eldest granddaughter painted several years ago. 

I am trying to commit to going at least a small amount of art every day this summer . I have a tendency to forget to and then the skills get all rusty .
This morning I worked on some flowerpots that I'm updating for the front porch. 

The original color was nice but also the same color as the siding of the house. So they kind of disappeared. I will go back a repaint the raised design a lighter color so it shows up more. 
An update on the butterfly happenings is sad. The  two butterflies that did hatch were infected with the virus/parasite and couldn't fly. They only lived a couple of days 😢😢😢
I've had on more hatch since then and it was deformed too. There are only two Chrysalis left of the original group of eggs and they should hatch any day . I'm not holding out much hope for them. 
There are 21 other Chrysalis from a different group of eggs that were laid later . Hopefully by a different and infected butterfly. 
The milkweed is recovering from the hungry horde of caterpillars that invaded it and should be ready for the fall migration. We don't get many Monarchs during the summer as the usually go on North. However this has not been a normal year at all. 
 Things are really blooming in the garden!

Here are the peonies before the rain...

They never last long enough!

Some Random Thoughts for Today

That's all FOLKS!!!! 
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monarch butterfly opening.

Hello Tuesday Friends!!
I'm a bit late today as I was waiting on butterflies to make their appearance!

As you can see they have finally shown up.  Here's the photo after the wings were fully developed...
I dropped the phone while filming  😓
We had another open up yesterday and I knew the other two would open today so I waited to try and catch it happening. In the 4 years I've raised Monarchs, this is the first year I've gotten to watch the opening. Unfortunately the other one was deformed and didn't make it 😢😢😢
Like I said before this year has been a learning year for sure. 
Here is yesterdays butterfly....
 I have a video of him feeding but I can't get it to load for some reason. My computer doesn't like me today . 

It appears to be a very active day with the caterpillars too.  
I have three cages that have cats with the J-hook formation and they are turning into Chrysalis ...

If they all turn today that will be 17 new Chrysalis and I have 7  that have already turned. 
So now that the butterfly business has been documented I can get this post done and get back outside to work.  I have flowers that need planting :) 
Here's what's blooming today...

...at least a few of them anyhow ♥ 
I did take the time to sketch out a butterfly on paper. I will paint it and fussy cut it out to use in a collage. 
So that's what's happening in my world this week . So don't forget to check out the other great post at 

Monday, May 8, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Tired!

We'll see if I still have enough functioning brain cells to create a somewhat entertaining post this week.  
I was up and out side working by 7 am today and didn't really stop until 5:30 pm 👀
Then I had to come in and fix super. 
I now have all of the bales placed and half of them are ready to plant in. Which I have started. The others I just started conditioning them today so it will be 13 days before I can plant in them. 
This year I am using a lot more of the straw bales than I usually do because most of the garden is still covered to try and finish killing out the Bermuda Grass 💀
So I have 17 straw bales and then there will be about 7 smaller hand made bales for the sweet potatoes and butternut squash. 
I forgot to take photos today so here are some I took tonight under the full moon.

I still have about 4 flats of flowers to get into the ground too. I thought I would get to it today but that didn't happen. I move slower and slower every year :) 
The above flat is all snap dragons and of course my coffee in my new "YORKIE" cup LOL!
I have a mixed flat of annuals ...

...for out front too and then some Impatiens , Coral Bells and Hosta's for the back. I thought I would get a lot done over the weekend but we spent it doing fun things with his kids instead. Had I known I wouldn't have bought so many plants on Friday 😐
As for the caterpillars it's been a rough week. They contracted a virus and a lot of them were lost 😢
I do have 6 Chrysalis that look healthy so we are keeping our fingers crossed. I still have lot of small caterpillars from a different butterfly so we are hoping these do not carry the virus. I have bleached all equipment and us disposable gloves while cleaning & feeding and change gloves for every cage. Nature is not always kind but it is a learning experience.  
There is also a new batch of  "Cats' outside too. 
Since these guys have eaten all of their dinner I brought them inside 😋
No art at all done this past week it was all about the caterpillars.
Today's Random Thoughts....

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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS!!!!
Another crazy storm filled week here . We have had more rain and excitement than we really wanted to have. Over the weekend we had 13 inches of rain 😢☂
Midweek storms took down two huge tree limbs by our house and nearly took out my new truck. Luckily there wasn't any damage to the truck but it was close. 
Believe me I now park in the carport every night!!!
Thursday was the only day we didn't have rain so Bob had to work fast to cut up the branches and get them out of the driveway .
The caterpillars are growing like crazy and the oldest ones have now gone to the top of their cage to start forming their Chrysalis. 
They are getting so big and there are so many that I had to divide them up by size and but them in different cages. Easier to take care of  and each size has a different feeding need. They are rapidly depleting my supply of Milkweed leaves so I have started driving down country roads looking for new plants to dig up and bring home. 
Here is my Caterpillar Condo Tower and by required cup of coffee. 
I have three different types of milkweed on my property but this group will only eat one kind 😢   Previous years they ate all of them so feeding was easy. 
I did finish my painting for those that don't follow my art blog. Here she is ...
Her Royal Highness the 
Queen of Hearts. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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Milkweed !