Monday, June 26, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday friends ♥
It's been a quiet week here. The heat from last week finally broke on Friday and we have had absolutely beautiful days since. 
I worked in the yard on Friday and got lots of the weeding caught and then I played all weekend. 
Sunday was my birthday so we declared the weekend to be work free. 
We went to antique malls and garden centers and ate out all weekend :) 
Here is the Wind Chime that Bob bought for me. 
Along with my cup of coffee. Which fills the drink requirement for this post. 
Here is a better photo of the wind chime. 
Right now it is hanging on the back deck but I think I will move it to the front as we set out there more often and will enjoy hearing it. 
On Friday we had a couple of young deer visit . They were across the street most of the time but they did wonder through our yard at one point. 

They hung out for quit a while and then wondered back into the woods. It's the first time we've seen them with out mom with them. 
Good thing Mini was in the house :) 

The flowers are still blooming ....

No art this week ...just fun ♥
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Monday, June 19, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Friends! 
Feeling low on energy today so this will be a short one. 
I drove to my parents for the weekend. Wanted to spend Father's Day with my dad and check on him since he's been in the hospital again. 
My daughter drove up to so it was a nice visit.

Bob didn't go as his kids were taking him out for the day on Sunday.
I swear the weeds grew 6 inches while I was gone! 
Here are a few shots of the veggie garden ..

Now the tomatoes in these two photos were planted the same day and were the same size. I'm thinking that the second bail must need a boost of fertilizer or something. 
This bale was planted the same day too but they are a different type of tomato and you can see but there are tomatoes on all of the plants. 
And here is my class of herbal tea resting in the shade of the tomatoes while I pull a few more weeds. :) 
Here I guess I dropped a squash seed and it's growing at the bottom of the bale in the walking space. :) 
I started a new painting...lets see how long this one takes :) 
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Now hurry on over to the other party folks who I'm sure are more awake and entertaining that I this week :) 

Monday, June 12, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and Summer like heat !

Hello my Tuesday Friends 
I know I've been gone a while and several of you have contacted me to see what's up. I do appreciate that you've missed me and were concerned ♥ 
This pretty much covers a lot of it. 
The back flared up big time and I was forced to chill out and stay down and take lots of pain medication. I was able to get in and get another spinal injection and after 2 days of more intense pain I woke up a renewed woman :)  
By then the weather was cool and beautiful and I got  almost all caught up with the yard and garden....with lots of help from Hubby Dearest ♥
Then the heat arrived in force!!!!!! 

So here are some flower photos and a few of the veggie garden..

Not much art at all lately Still working on this one....but lots of COFFEE ♥

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends! 
Once again I'm running a bit behind which seems to be a way of life for me 😥😩
I worked so hard in the yard yesterday, trying to get done before  the rains came. 
When dinner was over and it was time to come write the blog....I was a goner 😪
In the very early hours before I went outside I did get a wee bit of painting done. 
I painted the butterfly drawing I shared last week and added a bit of stencil work to the background it will be collaged onto. The coffee cup is one that the eldest granddaughter painted several years ago. 

I am trying to commit to going at least a small amount of art every day this summer . I have a tendency to forget to and then the skills get all rusty .
This morning I worked on some flowerpots that I'm updating for the front porch. 

The original color was nice but also the same color as the siding of the house. So they kind of disappeared. I will go back a repaint the raised design a lighter color so it shows up more. 
An update on the butterfly happenings is sad. The  two butterflies that did hatch were infected with the virus/parasite and couldn't fly. They only lived a couple of days 😢😢😢
I've had on more hatch since then and it was deformed too. There are only two Chrysalis left of the original group of eggs and they should hatch any day . I'm not holding out much hope for them. 
There are 21 other Chrysalis from a different group of eggs that were laid later . Hopefully by a different and infected butterfly. 
The milkweed is recovering from the hungry horde of caterpillars that invaded it and should be ready for the fall migration. We don't get many Monarchs during the summer as the usually go on North. However this has not been a normal year at all. 
 Things are really blooming in the garden!

Here are the peonies before the rain...

They never last long enough!

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That's all FOLKS!!!! 
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