Monday, August 22, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello friends :) 
Just a short post this week . 
My drink is still coffee as that low energy thing is still going on. I'm beginning to think it may be allergies creeping up on me. :( 
The art in the background is the piece I finished for my Children of the Wild class. It was good to get deeply involved with the art project and forget about my woes for a bit. 
I also managed to get some of the pickles done.
Some things got frozen and somethings got eaten and then somethings got given away . 
Just didn't have the energy to process it all. 
While setting at my desk one day I noticed a Monarch butterfly flitting about the milkweed plants so I went out to check for eggs. 
I found 23 little eggs and one tiny little micro mini caterpillar :) 
The caterpillar was so tiny it was still almost transparent with just his black head for coloring. 
Now today he has started to show colors and a couple of the eggs I brought in are showing signs of hatching soon. 

In the wild only 10% of eggs mature to the hatching stage. Usually they are eaten by predators...ants and wasps being the biggest threat.  When brought inside they usually have a 40% chance of making sometimes more. I could probably find more but I want to see how many of these hatch first as I'll have to feed them milkweed leaves for approximately 2 weeks so I don't want to be feed too many at once and run out of leaves on my milkweed. 
So my Monarch Season is off to a great start :)
Today's Random Thought

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 T Stands for Tuesday

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday Friends :) 
It's been a long and wet week here. The bright side is that the temps are down into the comfort range again !!! 
I'm sharing an old drink photo today ...because I forgot to take one this week . because I'm drained of energy and really would like to have a cup right now but know that if I do I won't be able to fall asleep and that's more important. 
The garden has exploded with growth with all of the rain and I'm surrounded by piles of  cucumbers, yellow squash, more zucchini and tomatoes. I need to get it in gear and prep some for freezing and canning. It's that energy thing again. 
Ok...the brain frazzled out last night and words were not making sense so I went to bed. Now it's a new day and I'm getting that much needed cup of coffee and then hopefully accomplishing more than I have in the past few days. 
First off is cleaning out and defrosting the freezer to make more room. 
News on the puppy is that I may have located it's owner and I have such mixed emotions about that. We have grown so attached to him and he's settled in with our dog too... cats are still not liking him. I don't want to let him go but I don't want to break someone else's heart too. So I will probably contact them and see if they have a more recent photo than the one that is posted online. The area is exactly where we found him but the photo is a much smaller pup.
 Here are a few more photos from the park where my daughter and I went hiking . 
 The ferns grow everywhere and that is why the park is called Ferne Cliffe State Park. 
 A close up of some of the ferns :) 
 So now that I have had my 3rd BIG CUP of COFFEE  I think I had better get to work on all of those veggies :) 
Happy T Day to all!!!!
 T Stands for Tuesday

OOPS ! I almost forgot 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello all! 
I'm back from my little extended weekend and then a couple of days of recovery :) 
Had a great visit with my daughter and her family. But these little trips really wear me out and there was so much to do with the garden veggies when I got home. I still  have beans and cucumbers  in the frig down stairs that need something done with them. 
So not  a whole lot of art done. :( 
I did start on re-purposing an empty tea box.

I've started adding layers of  paint onto it now :)  This will be used as a gift box for some of my own blended teas :) 
The tea in the glass is Blackberry leaf with with lemon mint and lemon balm :) 

The other thing that is keeping me tired these days is this little rascal.

A five pound bundle of energy that we rescued off the highway after he was nearly run over by two cars :( 
We took him to the vets office and he is not chipped. So I have posted on 3 different lost/found pets sites to see if someone is looking for this jewel. We stopped at several houses along the highway but no one knew who he belonged to. One lady said he'd been hanging around for a couple of weeks and she had fed him but couldn't keep him because her Pit Bulls wanted to eat him. :( 
He's young...very young ... and isn't house broken and seems a bit stubborn on that issue so could be he was dumped by someone. I wish we could find out his real story :(  If he isn't claimed after 7 days I'll pull the adds and we will either keep him...depending on our other pets. Or find him a great forever home. 
Our dog is adjusting to him so far... still a bit on the jealous side but getting better . The cats pretty much stay in hiding so far. He wants to play with all of them LOL! i should be interesting if he stays. 
So now my living room has a temporary kennel set up in it for the house breaking stage. 
We had to put the wood on top to keep him from jumping right out :) We tried a screen but he figured out how to move that right away. 
The "Naked Ladies" are really in full bloom now...

This is just a sampling of the ones I have. They multiply so quickly and get very dense. Some parches need thinned out and replanted but don't know as if I'll get to that this year. 
Here is a couple of photos of the park I visited while at my daughters last week. A magically beautiful place ♥

Believe me when I say I took a ton of photos so there will be more in the future :) 
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 T Stands for Tuesday

Monday, July 25, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday friends :) 
It's been a long hot week but we've finally gotten a break with the temps. 
So I was able to finally get back outside and get some things done. :) 
For my drink for this week I've changed up the herbal tea a bit by adding Raspberry Zinger to the mix. So now it's Lemon , Ginger, Raspberry Zinger. Yum!!!!!!
Soon I'll be mixing up my own tea blends again but I'm still loving these I've been drinking this summer. 
The garden is finally starting to produce some veggies and fruits now. 
Today I made blackberry jelly and canned some fresh green beans. 
Small batches but that's better for me .. the big ones wear me out anymore. 
..and the zucchini has gone crazy again.. 
I sweat this guy was only 6 inches long yesterday and then today..... 
.... I guess we'll be eating stuffed squash one day this week :) 
My compost pile has gotten too big and has become difficult to turn so I started a new one today. 
I'll be turning the old one in a day or two and when I do I'll take some of it and add it to the new one to speed things up a bit there. Plus making the old one easier to turn. 
In the lower right hand corner you  can see a bit of my stock pile of cardboard for mulching and starting new beds. 
In the flower gardens the  Naked Ladies are popping up and blooming. 
I'll have to dig up and transplant several as they are buried now in larger flowers  and you can't see them. These are in the milkweed bed and add a bit of beauty to an otherwise boring flowerbed. 
The little rose bush is blooming again :) 
The tomato worms seem to have run their course and it seems that the lizard is probably happy. He seems to have lost his interest in eating them...
I really wanted to add more garden photos tonight but the internet is so slow and I"m losing my patience with it. 
So I'll just give you the Random Thoughts for today and be done. 

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 T Stands for Tuesday

Monday, July 18, 2016

Art Journal Journey and T for Tuesday---Heavy on PHOTOS

Another busy week has flown by... stopping in to visit my friends at 

I probably don't have to tell you most of my time is still being spent outside but I am doing more art again too :) 
I finished the Work-in-Progress that I shared last week and I'm extremely happy with it! 

So I'm sharing this with the folks at AJJ and in particular 
Yvonne aka Meggymay 
who chose the theme  this month. 
For you folks at T for Tuesday here is the 
photo with my drink of the day. Still drinking the lemon flavored herb drinks....

A Few garden photos to share....

 Still working to restore the shade garden even though it's not as shady as it was since the big tree died .

 Herbs are drying every where in the house. 

 Even the closet gets drafted this time of year :) 

It's also Fungi Season in the woods ....

...and the vineing plants are going totally bonkers....

So I'll stop overloading you with the garden and give you the...
Thought's of  the Day....

Prayers to the Officers and families that have been devastated by acts of intolerable violence here on our own soil.   Those who protect us should NEVER HAVE TO FEAR US.