Monday, March 20, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and SPRING ♥

It's SPRING!!! 
Hello my Tuesday friends! 
I am extremely happy that Spring has finally arrived and the day was glorious too ♥♥♥♥
I spent a lot of time just setting in the grass and watching the bees on the Dandelions. 

Searching for new treasures in the flowerbeds and finding little jewels...

...The first tulip opening up to welcome Spring...

I worked on the garden beds .. pulling weeds and little getting them ready for planting. Also added another layer to the raised bed I'm building...

It's almost done..... and I started working on second one but forgot to take a photo of it. 
By then I had managed to get a bit over heated so I came inside and worked on my painting a bit. 
Here is where it was last week....
The coffee will have to do for this weeks drink too as I forgot to take that photo also :) 
Here is where I am right now with the painting...
I keep changing my mind on where she is going so hopefully I'll get it figured out in the next day or so. 
Thanks for all of the PRAYERS and well wishes for my father. He is home now and improving a little bit each day. He is still weak but much much better. 
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


HELLO my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
Once again I am late for a very important date 😩
It's been a stressful few days around here. My dad is in the hospital again. He has a severe urinary tract infection along with a bacterial blood infection and somewhere in the recent past he has had a mild heart attack. He's been on antibiotics for over a week but they were't working and Sunday night his fever spiked and he lost all strength in his muscles. That is when they rushed him to the hospital.  
Once they figured out what all was wrong and changed his medications he has responded amazingly fast and is much improved. They plan to keep him for a few days still to monitor him and figure out if he needs anything else. 
I have not been able to go up because I am too sick to travel and he doesn't need whatever this bug is that I have come down with. 
I started a new canvas over the weekend and it is coming along great so far. 

This was where I stopped on Sunday night. I haven't worked on it since. Just to stressed to focus. 
Winter has reared it's ugly head again here. The temps have plummeted and we've had a couple of snows. Everything melted right away because the ground was too warm but it had finally refrozen and if we get anything else it will stay until it's warm back up. Everything that has bloomed or even just popped up is now frozen solid. It will be a bad fruit year here for sure. 

These were taken Sunday and we've had severe cold nights since then so they look much worse today. 😢😢 
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Monday, March 6, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday & Lots of WIND

Hello my Tuesday Friends!!! 
It's windy here today , so windy that I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up in "OZ" or some other strange place.  I had lots of outdoor things planned to do today ,but 😠
The best I could do was walk about with my phone and take a few photos---well more than a few but I won't share them all so you can get to bed at a reasonable time today :) 
I started my day with art ♥
...and coffee with a couple of my favorite garden books.  I use these two methods along with the Straw Bale Gardening in my veggie garden. The Lasagna Gardening method is also used in my flowerbeds. 
After coffee and some light reading I sent outside to work... too windy for that so I took the photos and came back in and worked on art some more. 

I'm calling her finished at this point ♥ 
Last week we had a few Daffodils  and this week we have lots!!! 

These are the mini daffies that grow along the front patio wall. 
Then there is the big bed of daffodils that I  use for cutting and bringing in the house.
I bought these bulbs on clearance at 75% off and the ground was too frozen to plant them. So I laid them on this bed and covered them with several bags if top soil and then a bunch of straw. I intended to move them the next year but when they bloomed it was so pretty in the cluster and I could cut some to bring in with out affecting the look of the flowerbed. So there they stay ♥
 Last year I planted some back in the wooded area to see if they  would bloom since they do that before the trees leaf out. They did and now well wait to see if they get enough son on the leaves to form the new blooms for next Spring. If that works I'll be planting a whole bunch back there too :) 
Here's a close up of the little bunch in the woods.
The  Hyacinths are starting to bloom too. I don't have many of them but it's in the plan to change that this fall. 

In the above photo  you can see the Bee Balm coming up. This will get pulled as it has once again spread out of it's area. :(

I have started building a new raised bed and wanted to do more work on that today . I'm using as much of the dead wood we have found in the woods as I can. Stacking it and layering it with compost , shredded paper, and any green matter I can get my hands on. 
I have filled all of the gaps with  compost and shredded leaves and added about 6 inches of soil on top of this. When the wind dies down I'll add some more wood and all of the other amendments.This one will end up being about 4 ft tall when I'm done building it but then it will start to settle had the wood decays. It ends up making a very rich  bed that retains water well.  My Strawberries are on the first one I built 3 years ago. I didn't make it that tall and it's now only about 18 inches tall after all of the settling. 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS!
Running late again this week. I just can't seem to stay on schedule. Mainly because I try and do too much in one day or week and then I also get caught up in my art. Or just surfing the web... a intense  addiction I have.
This week it was mostly the art. 
The class I'm taking with
is totally addicting for me.  
Here is the painting I have been working on the past 2 days. Finished yesterday and believe me not a lot of anything else got done. 
The same painting with my ever present cup of coffee... :) 
.... and here it is before I started blocking in the figure. 

 I must say that of all of the classes I have taken this one is the most enjoyable one for me. It's like it was just made for me :) 
We are expecting really bad storms this afternoon and evening so I don't know that I'll get to everyone today. I have to leave for work in a few minutes and hope I'm back home before they hit here. 
Daffodils are starting to bloom in the garden :) 
The garden is coming a live!!! 
Building a new raised bed using old tree branches that are well on their way to being rotted already. Pictures later cause I can't find the ones I took :( 
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday and is it really Spring ALREADY?

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
We are now on our 3rd week of unusually warm weather for February. I'm talking in the upper 70's the last three days ! With only a slight cool down for the coming week. Records broken and plants have said goodbye to winter and hello SPRING ! We have had hardly any snow or rain all winter so it is very dry out there. We did get some rain late last night and early this morning but not enough to get us out of drought range.  😩 Makes me worry about summer.
We did take advantage of the warmer bug free weather though and cleared out more of the overgrown woods on our property. 😅

It's a bit hard to see as these bushes & vines have not started leafing out yet but they are thick and you can't walk through this part of the woods much . After two days of cutting and  piling this is what we have. 

As I was pulling out the Honeysuckle vines I started winging them into a small balls. Well those who know me know I just couldn't resist....
...I now have a big ball  of vines and still lots more to pull up and wind up 😉
Then I get to start adding all of the Wisteria vines that have totally gotten out of control too. Who knows how big this ball of vines will end up! 
Needless to say we have many sore muscles this morning and I slept late so I have to dash off to work real quick. 
Here is the drink of the day. Coffee of course!
The art is the first piece from the new class... at first I thought the background was too busy . It is growing on me now and I love it and so does hubby. He wants to hang it in the living room ... which is a big thing for him to suggest that. ♥ 
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