Thursday, June 12, 2014


It's hard to believe that it's the middle of June already....where did the time go? 
I'm still trying to get things planted around here :(  Winter lasted forever and now the Spring rains seem to be here to stay. The bright side being that what is planted is thriving :) 

The Iris were spectacular this year....even the bed that is totally over crowded.

I have started thinning it out now and starting new beds with the left overs. Also giving some to friends and co-workers. 

These are two of my favorites.... there are a whole lot more but we'll move on to other plants for now. 

 The bleeding hearts were really full for the first time. This is a relatively young plant and the last two summers have been very hard on it. 

The Wisteria has totally recovered from the accidental Round-Up spray the hubs gave it. Last year I thought it was a goner but it was beautiful this spring and really loaded with blooms. 

I was gifted a beautiful Purple Columbine from Mother Nature. It just showed up in one of the flowerbeds at the head of the driveway. It bloomed for weeks this year and now I'm collecting seeds from it to hopefully have more plants up by the house where I can enjoy them more. 

I said I wasn't going to do any plotted flowers this year....the heat and drought of  the past two summers was too much for potted flowers. But I just couldn't stop myself. 

Two weeks of the spring were spent taking care of a rescued baby robin ...

Let me tell you I have a new appreciation for the hard work of Bird Parents. Baby birds eat a lot and very often!

He wasn't too sure at first about being free to fly away. After about 15 minutes of thinking about it he finally flew off. I hope he's happy and doing well :) 
 The herbs are over ready to be harvested and I promise to do that tomorrow. 

And last but not least...the new front bed is starting to fill out well and will soon be full of blooms. So that's where  the garden is right now... waiting for blooms and waiting for the final plants to go into the ground. 
In the meantime I'm getting ready to start some new perennials in pots to be transplanted to the flower beds in the early fall. I'm trying very hard to start most of my own flowers and veggies I know for a fact that I'm not accidentally poisoning the bees with plants treated with insecticides. It scares me on how few honey bees I see in the garden this year. 
Leaving you with this thought for today

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Garden ....lots of pictures

This post is going to have lots of pictures :) 
When you don't post in a while it takes a bit to catch up. 
Since Spring has finally made it's arrival and all things are finally turning green , I've been outside. A LOT ! 

In April I cleaned up the flower beds and part of the veggie garden. 

All of the dead flowers and weeds went into a new raised bed I'm adding to the Veggie garden...doing it Lasagna Gardening style. I love a no till garden.  

The Bottle Tree garden got a really good cleaning. Some of the perennials had gotten very woody and ugly so I yanked them out to be replaced soon with new ones. My Bottle Tree is really leaning a lot more this year so we may have to see if we can fix that without replacing the post completely. I don't relish the idea of drilling all of those holes all over again. 

Everything looks so bare and brown but in just a couple of weeks everything looked totally different.

The iris are amazing this year and there will be other post with them in them.
....and the tulips and daffodils put on a pretty good show in spite of the bitter and long winter...

The Creeping Jenny is trying to take over the veggie garden again so between rains this week that is what I will be doing. 
I do have more pictures...but I think I have shared enough for one post . So I'll sign off for now and try to stay a tad bit more focused on the blog this year. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

T for Tuesday---- Birds and Ice

Thanks Elizabeth for hosting this every week. I know I'm not very good at posting but I do so enjoy reading the post :) 
Winter gave us another spin yesterday. Ice in the morning ...then thunderstorms and pouring rain....followed by more ice... then warmer temps with high winds :( 
I tried to go to work twice but just spun mu wheels on the ice and then fell on my butt trying to get back to the car. So I decided to stay home .
Here are shots of the birds in the morning ...unhappy with the ice too.

...and here's what's left of my morning Green Smoothie. 
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog 2014

Welcome to "Grow Your Blog" ! 
I  am so excited ti participate this year. 
I joined the world of blogging in 2007 and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. 
My post were random and short and were mostly about my home and garden....mostly my garden. 

I have grown a lot since then but pretty much still have no idea what I'm doing here most of the time and most of my post are still about my garden and love of plants. 
I also post about my crafts , my family some and post on healthy living and living with fibromyalgia.

About me........

I'm 61 years old and feeling it more every day. But I still love to live like I'm 40 and love it. I just run out of energy quicker than I used to. I am a passionate gardener and love to fill my little 3 acre lot with all of the plants I can every year...... 

I also love to create unusual garden beds with found and salvaged items. Trash pick up day will often find me slamming on the brakes and grabbing something cool from the pile left out for pickup. 

I also love to collect birdhouses and to take photos of the many birds that visit us through out the year.

I'm an avid crocheter and love to make hats which I give to family and friends and donate to charity every year. This year I was proud to be able to donate 65 hats to 
Big Brother Big Sister in St. Louis. 
I am also an artist and have really dedicated a lot of my time developing those skills in the past two years and have started a blog just for my art work.

So I guess that's enough about me for now ...if you want to know more just scroll through my blog posting and you get a pretty good idea for what and who I am. 
See ya around :)  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

Surprise!!! I'm still Alive and Kicking :) 
I've actually been around a lot...just on my art blog and not over here. 
So I decided that I would do a T Stands for Tuesday post here today. 
This winter I am really enjoying mixing my own herbal teas to take the chill off and help with what ever is bothering me at the moment.  I mixed up a new one this week that I really enjoy.. As most of you know I have had fybromyalgia for many years and have gone up and down  and back and forth with different methods of treatments. The past  2 years I have been focusing on a more natural life style and healthier diet and it really seems to be helping . So this weeks tea was geared toward helping with the inflammation and pain associated with my condition . I used a mix of Turmeric, ginger, cayenne pepper, sage,rosemary and lemon peel. I sweeten it with a dab of honey and it really is quite pleasant tasting with just a little heat from the cayenne . The ginger and turmeric do help me with pain and I have been adding them to a lot of the drinks I make and my food.  I take  less pain medications these days and that's a good thing. 
So I'm enjoying my tea...dreaming of warm summer days while gardening plans are whirling around in my head . If I think hard enough I can almost feel the sunshine and smell the herbs growing. 
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Ahhhh... September! Where did the Summer GO ?

I'm having trouble believing that it is Fall already! With the cold wet long Spring weather it barely seemed like we had a summer this year. 
Even if it was short I managed to stay extremely busy the whole way through.
My new front flowerbeds are starting to look like real flower beds.

My sister contributed a glass garden sculpture that she made from flea market and garage sale glass finds. Love it!!!

The Moon Flower bush behind will have to be moved just got too big and spread over the patio. Plus we had a major problem with the bees and yellow jackets it attracted. :( 
I worked on several wool dyeing projects ...
felted and over dyed a wool jacket I found at a resale shop.
The jacket started out a size 16 W and after felting ended up a size 12 
I wasn't real crazy about the kelly green color so I overdyed it with red and it came out a really pretty purple/brown. 

I will probably add some felted applique or embroidery work to it and replace the buttons.   

I also gave dyeing wool yarn a shot and love the yarns I ended up with ....

Here are the two scarfs I'm working on with the yarns. I totally love the way the yarns worked out and will be doing some more of my own dyeing !

I also started doing my art again .
I joined the 29 Faces in September challenge and have totally enjoyed it. Working on my last piece now.... 
If you're interested you can check them all out on my Art Blog here...

So even though I haven't been blogging I have been very active.... trying not to spend so much time on the computer and more time living.  ♥