Tuesday, May 19, 2015


HELLO Tuesday Friends!!!
It's been an amazing and busy week here. 
The oldest grandson (daughter's son)  graduated from high school in Knoxville, TN. 

I rode down with my son and his family and we took the scenic tour. 
Stopping at Metropolis, IL to see the "SUPERMAN" statue and museum. 

Then onto Nashville for lunch and a bit of sight seeing...
 ...The Parthenon ...
 ..trying to balance by standing on a tiny ledge with backs to the wall....

Then on to Knoxville.... 
the girls and I were impressed with the hotel we stayed in..
 ..practicing the elegant walk up and down the grand staircase...
 ...and squeezing in a couple of notes on the grand piano :) 
 ...while Isaiah and Uncle Todd catch up on current events. 
.... a walk down to Market Square for some food and more fun....
 The food was great and the portions were HUGE!!!
...lots of street art...

 and a very nice lady took our picture for us :) 
...now Ihave a gazillion or more graduation pictures but I'll just share one more of " The girl, the boy and I " ...
...then it was off to his dad's house for a cookout with enough fantastic food to feed a couple of armies....

So that was our weekend and it was fantastic!
Only one garden picture..because I have to have a garden picture :) 
My first poppy of the season :) 
Today's Random Thought...
Oh ... almost forgot the drink.. another new over sized coffee cup..

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday and the Sun is SHINING!!!
Finally :) 
It's been a wet week here ...but we definitely needed the rain so I've just embraced it and played inside most days. 
Today the sun is shining but it's only 56° out there and a bit too nippy for me to work out there. I'm sure that later this afternoon will be a different story. 
 We have new garden residents too :( 
I guess the Momma had not chosen a good spot to nest and after a couple of days of rain she moved next to one of the straw bales in the garden. There are 8 of these cute little guys all cuddled up in the new nest...
I'm hoping that my constant presence in the garden will have mom moving them again real soon... before they start leaving the nest and munching on my young veggies :( 

They are just so darn cute though :) and FYI ...baby rabbits can swim... One jumped out of my hands and landing in a 5 gallon bucket of water and swam his little heart out looking for a way out. Of course I rescued him....even if I'll be calling him all sorts of names if he doesn't move out soon. 

The Iris are really putting on a show....at least those that didn't get knocked down by the rains. Those are in a vase in my kitchen right now :) 
 The tomatoes are loving their straw bale homes and have more than double in size in the week they have been planted . 
 ... and the butterfly garden is waking up and growing tall. I have counted 43 milkweed plants this year so far. Some of these will get transplanted to a new flowerbed that will be dedicated to butterflies too. Can't wait to see how many Monarchs we get this year! 

I have lots of things that need to go into the ground soon..but I'll be taking it easy this week as I'm traveling to Tennessee on Friday for my oldest Grandson's High School Graduation :) Don't want to wear myself out or risk flaring up the back issues. 
This is him on prom night. 
It will be a fun weekend with both of my kids there and all of my Grands :) 
My drink for the week is coffee again! In my new giant cup I received for 
Mother's Day..

Random Thought's for this week...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday & the Full Flower Moon

If you've followed me very long at all you will have figured out that I love the FULL MOON. This months moon was amazing!!!! The clouds were moving at a quick clip and the scene was constantly changing. I took over 130 pictures :) 
I'll be kind and only share a few of my favorites. 

Those were all from Sunday night.
 Last night I went to a Jazz concert and when we came out the moon was a beautiful orange and I didn't have my camera with me. By the time I got home the orange was gone :( There was a pretty ring around the moon though that I sorta got a photo of....

May is also Iris month and mine are really waking up this week...

In another day or so the circle drive flower bed will look like a lavender river of flowers :) 
I am rarely up in time to get any sunrise pictures but today I made it up .

By the time it gets up enough to see over the trees the brighter red is gone but the pink is still beautiful ♥
My drink of choice today is COFFEE! 
After getting up at 4am I think I will be drinking lots of it today :) 
So don't forget to click on the BLUE TEAPOT on my sidebar to check out what the other "T" folks are up to this week :)