Tuesday, March 24, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :0)
...and it's damp and chilly outside. One of those slow moving days here after several warm and very active days. I guess it's Mother Nature's way of making me take a break and rest up. 
Or at least making me stay inside and take care of some neglected home chores :) 
Last Friday we had a beautiful sunset 
I took this picture  through  the door on my deck over looking the wooded area in back.
 We have Spring Flowers blooming now :) This bed always blooms first and it's one I haven't gotten cleaned up yet. You'd think I would remember that it blooms first and clean it up earlier . 

I've started placing the straw bales where I want them and trying to restrain myself from starting the whole conditioning process right now. I need to wait a couple of weeks :( 
So I have don a rough sketch in my garden journal of what gets planted where.
 ...of course it will probably all change 2 or 3 times before the planting actually begins. 
I still have several more bales of straw to pick up yet. Some for planting and more for weed control in the pathways. 
This year I'm putting down a layer of black mulch on the flowerbeds. The natural mulch we put out last year just made the rocks disappear or blend in unnoticed. We spent a lot of time and money getting those rocks and placing them so we wanted to be able to see them . I'm thinking this will look great when I'm done.   
 The  perennials I started last last summer are starting to come up in their little pots and will soon be ready to transplant into the flowerbeds. 
I'll be doing a whole lot more of these this year if I don't hurt myself again.  
Last year I canned a ton of applesauce and pie filling. For one batch of the pie filling I used a new to me cornstarch that was supposed to make canning pie filling  so much easier and better. I did 7 jars and I ended up dumping all 7 jars into the compost pile last week. They all separated and had huge air bubbles through out the jars. They didn't discolor and smelled fine when I opened them ... but I don't take any chances with home canned foods. The honey bees certainly appreciated them though. :) So this year I will stick to the old tried and true corn starch. So glad I only did 6 jars. 

We have a dead tree at our treeline into the wooded area in back..
 We won't be cutting down the main trunk... only the limbs...which have already started to fall. I will be filling the cavities with potting soil and planting flowers in them :) 
The wood peckers love the tree for it's insects and I rather think it has some character life left in it yet. 
This bed needs a complete rework. The winter of 2012/13 was very hard on the perennials in it...what didn't freeze out was eaten by the super hungry deer in the neighborhood. It was  a hard year for the wildlife and I don't begrudge them a meal... I just wish I had thought to feed them before the were forced to eat my flowerbeds. I did better this year :) 
So much work to still be done here to be truly ready for the garden season. 
Random Thought's for TODAY...

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oops almost forgot the drink....
....it's definitely a hot tea day today :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :) 
It's also St. Patrick's Day 
so the color and theme is GREEN  today.
We'll start off with my GREEN SMOOTHIES :)

I've started drinking them again every morning. I just kind of slipped out of the practice of drinking them back in the coldest part of winter.Warmer drinks just appealed more to me back then. I had actually forgotten how much I like the smoothies and how much better I feel when I drink them. 
Thankfully things are also starting to green up outside :) 
All of last week was very warm and sunny!
Much warmer than normal for March here with highs in the upper 70°'s and even 80° .
It was 60° when I got up at 6 am today and it has dropped to 48°  Which is a more typical March temp.
 The Mullien is popping up in the Herb Garden. Along with the Lemon Balm, Thyme turning green and the Winter Savory and Oregano are greening up too. 
 The garlic has sprouted ....
...the Iris Moss in the woodland garden is green again...... 
.... and the Daffodil bed is going strong. Lots of other things are growing but you get the drift...Spring has arrived here. ♥♥♥♥♥
Several years ago my granddaughter wanted to grow cotton so I bought some seeds and grew 2 plants . It was fun and she liked having the little cotton puffs at the end of summer. Well now those cotton buff seem to be the rage in decorating and wreaths and the price is ridiculously high. So I decided to see if the seed were still good and they are.  So I'll hopefully have my own cotton puffs and branches to decorate with this fall.  
 A few more flower and pepper seeds in the sprouting process.
You can see the tomatoes are doing well. They have been transplanted to bigger pots and today I will be adding another grow light . 
I checked on the seeds that are outside and the Bok Choy has sprouted....
I do need to go out to the garden to check the jugs out there :) 
So that's what's happening in the garden here this week. 
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Random thought for today...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday ...

It's Tuesday!
What a difference a week makes :) 
Last week we were covered in snow and this week it's all gone :) 
I've even managed to get some of the dead flowers removed and the bed is almost ready for Spring growth !!!
The ice has melted from most of the ponds in our little part of the world and the geese have returned.
I've moved the Wintersown seed containers out to the garden . Placing them in the leaf bin so they are somewhat protected from critters and wind. Thus clearing the table on the deck so I can put the containers I will be starting with the tender annuals . 
It also means that my late winter/early spring allergies have started too :( So an increase in medications for a bit is in order. The month of March is very hard on my body :( The allergies go ballistic and so does the Fybromyalgia. The ups and downs of the barometric readings affects me greatly and I used to get very depressed over it. Now I look at it as my annual "rites to the passage of Spring" and the beginning of my favorite time of the year:) 
I promised a couple of folks last week week that I would share more gardening tips so here is my tip this week. 
I no longer purchase those little seed starter  pods. You know the ones ...the little disks you soak in water and the swell up with a mess type covering that is supposed to let the roots through easily but never really do. 
Now this is what I do .... I save the empty cardboard toilet paper rolls.  My mom saves them for me too :) 

 I simply flatten them out and and cut one in half. 

Then I make small slits anout 1/2 in or less long at the fold line .. refold them in half the opposite side and make slits there too. 

Then I start folding down the edges to make the bottom of the "pot" 

...when they are folded down I put a small piece of paper,paper towel, used coffee filter. Just a little something to keep the seed starting mix from spilling out the bottom. 

I fill the little pot with seed starting mix  and then either add my seed or the little sprouts I start on wet paper towels. (see previous "T" post) 
If the plants out grow the little pots before it's time to go outside I re-pot them into a larger container... that will be a later post. 
Here's my drink for the day... a little indulgence that will be repurposed later as a container for my dried herbs. 
Not a healthy drinks by any means :) but taste soooo good and those little bottle shaped bottles are perfect to reuse. 
Today's Random Thoughts ...

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