Monday, May 2, 2016

"T" Stands for Tuesday :)

Hello Tuesday Friends :) 

Two posts in one day is almost unheard of in my world :) but I just didn't want to combine the two topics into one long post and didn't think of posting 2nd on the 2nd last night when I should have. 
My drink of choice today is Herbal Ice Tea again. Today's flavor is a combination of Mints with Lemon Ginger. 
The art is just a couple of backgrounds I'm working on for the challenges I'm doing this year. Mostly just paint smeared so far :) 

The Hummingbirds have finally made an appearance ...they seem late to me but then my memory doesn't work all that well any more so who knows :) 

The Goldfinch have really brightened up now. The darker ones are the females and the really bright ones are the showoff males :) 
Even the House Finch have brighter red heads now. 

The Blackbirds are still hanging out on the suet feeders. 

More Iris are blooming and it's still wet out there. 

These were in the Eastern Sky at Sunset after a storm. I walked out to the road to see how the Western Sky looked and there were no clouds there and not color. I just thought these were so pretty. 
It was supposed to be sunny and warmer today... but that didn't happen. I guess Mother Nature didn't see the weather report last night. So it was wet all day and much colder but I swear the grass grew another 3 inches. It's really, REALLY, REALLY  tall now. It will be more difficult to mow it but I'll have lots of clippings for the veggie garden. :) 
Today's Random Thoughts

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2nd on the 2nd

I almost forgot AGAIN :( 

This getting old stuff is getting old :( 
I so miss my brain!
The fish pond is going through the same process right and weeding and putting new pond plants in :0) Hoping the fountain pump will last one more year but not holding my breath on it. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thought I was posting this here this AM...ooops ..wasn't awake yet

A Work in Progress and Bloomin' Tuesday

The big clamshell in it's new home waiting for it's mate to join it asap.

A look at the pond in it's state if disarray...the weeding is all done on the left side and the far end with part of the mulch laid. Have to gather some more stones and weed the  and mulch the rest of it. Then we'll install the fountain and put the fish back in. 

Another peak at the clamshell with a 20 oz. water bottle setting in front of it to give you and idea of it's size :)

Wild flowers blooming in the shade garden!

Strawberries forming in the garden and there are tons of them....YUMMMMMMMMM :)

MayApples blooming in the woods always make me smile.

Joining Bloomin' Tuesday....
I'm not sure if the blooming Tuesday group is still active but I left the link just in case. 
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Monday, April 25, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hell again my Tuesday
It's been a crazy busy week here and today I only barely have enough energy left to get this post out before crawling into bed . 
So if I ramble or don't make sense please forgive me. 
Joining Bleubeard & Elizabeth again this week ♥
Let's get the drink photo out of the way first. You all know why by now :) I'll forget it otherwise :) 
 It's Herbal Iced Tea time again. ♥ 
The weather has been beautiful and really not too hot. But when you're working directly in the sun it doesn't take long to warm up. 
With lots of help this week the front flower bed has all of it's mulch laid. 

It's time to mow again :( it's only been a week but it's that time of year. I'll probably let it go a few more days  just to have more to rake up for much in the veggie garden :) 

The Bottle Tree Garden even got mulched and the bottles straighten out form the winter heave.  The pictures aren't the best as it was very cloudy out today when I finally got around to taking the photos. We need rain so keep your fingers crossed. 
Most of the veggie beds are prepped and ready to plant. Just giving the plants started from seed a few days to adjust to being outside first. They are in the shade. 

The Strawberries are loaded with blooms and lots of little bitty berries :) I need to add a few more plants to the bed to fill it out more. 

The Woody's are hanging out at the suet feeder again. I think they must be nesting. The top photos is Mrs. Woody. She's not there often and when she is she is eating all she pulls out. Mr. Woody is there more often and he's filling his cheeks to the max and then flying off only to back in a few minutes. Either she is still nesting the eggs and he's feeding her or they have chicks all ready. 
The female doesn't have the red stripe on her chin is how you tell them apart.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello Tuesday Friends!!! 
This will be quick as I have to work today and my whole week is a different schedule than normal and it has me rushing to my normal routines finished on time. I'm normally off on Mon. & Tues. and I had to work both of those days this week :( 
You know Spring is really here when the Bleeding Hearts start to bloom :) and my first Iris has made an appearance.
My garden helper came over on Sunday and he got what mulch I had purchased  laid down.
I need to pick up some more so he can finish this bed and start on another. This one has already taken 15 bags. 

Some underground critter has discover the tulip bulbs and thinks it's a smorgasbord just for it's taking. I leave for work and they are healthy and I get home four hours later and they are laying on the ground. 
I have a growing arrangement of tulips in the kitchen. 
When I plant in the fall I'll have to plant them in wire cages :(  which will be a pain in the butt. 
Here's my beverage of the day along with my current Work In Progress art.
Today's random thought.
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