Tuesday, January 17, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS!!! 
First off 
for your well wishes and prayers for my hubby!! He is doing much better this week  and less reliant on the pain medications. He has entered that I'm bored and miserable and I'm trying hard not to be mean stage. So far he has pretty much managed to be good. 
Both of us had "cabin fever" over the weekend as the ice storm kept us inside. I only ventured out when it was necessary to take the dogs out.
This is what I got to see as we slipped and slid across the yard. 
 The back steps that only this guy was brave enough to use and even he had difficulty. 
 The tall ornamental grass all smashed down from the weight of the ice :( 
 The birds chipping through the ice on the feeders..twice I had to go out and break the ice off the seeds so they could get to them. 
 Grass that had greened back up with last weeks  70°F temperatures. Now coated with ice. 

 The lavender all coated and laying down. 
The Wisteria sparkling in what little sunshine there was. (below) 

The backwoods all covered and sparkling. We lost a few big branches back there and smaller branches all over the place but all in all minimal damage. Thankfully it warmed up enough between  ice waves to melt off  most of it before the next batch landed. If it hadn't we would have had some serious damage I fear. 
 So we stayed in and I cooked a lot and we ate a lot and then I painted. 
Another painting from my 
Mindy Lacefield 
I'm not sure if I'm done with her or not... letting it rest a day or two . My backgrounds are getting looser like I want  but the faces aren't getting there yet but I like her. 
So that's it for me this week. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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I'm still drinking out of the Snowman cup...

Monday, January 9, 2017


Hello there my Tuesday Friends!! 
It has been an absolutely crazy week for sure!!! 
On Friday morning my husband was in a bad car accident and ended up at the hospital. He has a fractured sternum and is in a lot of pain but will recover. In about 6 weeks or so. The car will not :( 
Another car was cutting in and out of traffic and clipped him causing our car to spin and hit the concrete barrier.  He very lucky that he wasn't hurt worse as he was going 65 mph. 

Keeping our fingers crossed that the insurance companies work fast so we can replace it  right away.  So when he's ready to go back to work he will have a car to drive. 
On a brighter side I did finish the painting last week and I'm very happy with it. 
I'm working on another one now but I think I've overworked the background and made it too busy ... I'll think on it a day or so and see what happens. 
I did buy my first seeds for the garden this year :) 
I usually order from this company but was happy to see out store is carrying a small selection of their seeds this year.  I need to fill that coffee cup back up and get my old seeds out and figure out exactly what all I do need to buy this year.  It won't be long before planting time is here !!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
So that is what is happening here. Right now. More excitement than I wanted to deal with but it will all work out ok. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends!
Running very late today as I slept in :( 
I have to dash off to work but thought I would try a quick post if the slow computer let's me. 
I started a new paint class this week :) One my hubby bought me for Christmas and it is a whole new approach for me.
Let the Paint Speak with Mindy Lacefield.

Here is what I have so far from lesson one. 
 All about building layers of paint and texture.

This is where I am now and there is a lot more to do yet. A totally new look for me so far.
I will have to share an old drink this week as I haven't taken a new one and don't have time to ... I'm pushing it as is :) 
It' s still cocoa weather so this one will do. 
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Oh and one random thought....

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Sliding in late again.... as expected these days :-/ 
First off sharing a silly quote I read this morning....
"If I give you a straw, will you go suck the fun out of someone else's life?" 

I thought it was funny enough to share and could think of a few in particular I'd like to share it with.... no one here of course. 
It was a crazy whirlwind weekend with lots of travel and great visits with family.  I enjoyed myself so much I didn't take pictures except this one of my dad.
He is holding the youngest resident of his home..Autumn. She is one of the triplets that are temporarily living with my parents (and their mother of course) . Long story short they are friends of my 21 yr old  great-niece (who lives with my parents to help them out). They  needed emergency housing and my parents would never say no to someone in real need.  She has two adorable brothers, Ashton and Ryvan, who move faster than lightening and I never got a photo of them. They are 18 months old  and their Moma is just 21. I can't even imagine having to care for triplets at any age much less at 21. She is great with them though and takes everything in stride. 
They have been living with my parents for a month now and I didn't find out about it until  the Friday before Christmas.... they didn't want me to worry about them. LOL!  My parents seem to be handling it fine though and are in great spirits and health so maybe they needed to feel useful again and it was a good thing for them. 
Hopefully though the little family will find housing quickly because those babies need more room to grow and play in. 
I would need more than a cup or two of my favorite coffee to get through the day with those little jewels around. 
Santa was good to me this year and so was everyone in my family ♥♥♥♥
 So it was a grand Christmas but I'm glad it's over and I can rest now. Even Mini is all worn out.  She had a great time with the triplets for sure. 
Today's Random THOUGHTS....

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday & Baby it's COLD OUTSIDE!

Hello my Tuesday friends!!♥!!
Brrrr..... it is so cold here this week. Winter has arrived in full force with ice and snow and then more ice. Then the plunging temps 😠 
So lots of hot chocolate...hot tea... and of course coffee being drank here. 

Just had to try the peppermint in the hot chocolate...THANKS for the tip Elizabeth.
We had the last of the Super Full Moons this week so I bundled up.. 4 °F is not the best weather for cameras to work in. The lens  kept fogging up 😞  But I did get so great shots. 

These were just after the moon rising and it was still the lovely golden color.. then later ..

and then at 5am the next morning. 

I do love taking pictures of the moon. 😊
Our first snow was only a inch or two but enough to confound  Mini for a bit. 

At first she just stood there staring at me but then she decided you could eat the snow and then you could play in it. She loses her socks A LOT though so we have to figure out a way to prevent that. 
It's been too cold out for walks and she hasn't even asked to go . Just goes out and does her business. Plays for a couple of minutes and right back in she comes. 
So the only sunrise we see is through the window.

The old "farm truck" sure looks cold sitting out there. That morning it was 3° F out there with wind chills at -5°F. 
I'm almost done with the Christmas Crochet projects 😘 I'll share photos next week. I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away. 😲
Yesterday I was looking for something on my desk and found my "FACES" art journal so decided to draw a quick face of a very tired Elf... 
The only art other than fiber arts I've done all month. 
Here's today's random thoughts...

Then I wanted to share this photo. It was taken outside of a small shop in our  near downtown artz area....
...such a grand gesture. According to the article it has been emptied and refilled several times during this cold spell. 
So now that I've flooded this post with photos I'll sign off. 
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