Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Second on the 2nd

I actually remembered this time :)
Which is a major accomplishment for me this month. Since being ill last month I am still lost is some sort of "Fog Land" and can't remember to do most anything. :( 
I guess it's just part of the Fybromyalgia that  plagues my life. 
 Back to business now. Here is one of my favorite posts from 2010. 
Progression shots from my Datura Plant that blooms in the evening and is commonly called a Moon Flower plant because the blossom resembles the one of the Moon Flower Vine and has the same blooming habits .....This year was not a good year for this plant ans there were very few blooms so I was glad to revisit this page :) 

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Macro Flowers Saturday

Moonflower Bush
I know that it has another name and some say it's not a true moon flower but I love it by whatever you want to call it. Last evening I was lucky enough to get to watch the process of the bud opening. Unfortunately I loaded these in the reverse order but you still get the picture. This is my first blossom of the year. My bush is in the shade so it's always later to bloom than others in this area but then my blooms also last until late morning or early afternoon to fade so it's worth the wait for bloom time.
Almost there and smelling so heavenly!
Starting to unfurl... is that really a word?
Loosening up....
Getting ready
Tonight will be the night.
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Monday, October 5, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends! 
Sorry I've been missing in action lately....just a lot going on here with the remodeling and all. The work is finally done  but I still don't have it all put make together again. I've been fighting off a cold it seems and not winning the battle. The joys of weather changes :( 
Here are a couple of pictures of the new flooring we just had put in. 

We just did the main living area this time will do the bedrooms next year hopefully. 
I've finally started doing a bit of decorating in the bathroom ...

I bought a new shower curtain and used some plants from other parts of the house. 

I haven't found a curtain I like for the window yet so I have a towel hanging there now. Makes it too dark in the room. I'll probably end up making a curtain that goes with the shower curtain. 
There is nothing on the walls yet either but I have an idea of where that is going. I just haven't had the energy to work on it with the rest of the house tore up . 
I finally harvested the sweet potatoes in my garden ... 

 This is what grew in the straw bale... and this is what grew in the ground...
The straw bale is the winner by a long shot and so easy to harvest. I sat on upside down empty bucket and just pull the bale apart..extremely easily and then picked up the potatoes. No digging almost no effort :) 
I did manage to finish all of the faces for 29 faces in September but I didn't blog them all. I did get them post on the facebook page which is private so I guess I'll have to muster up some more energy somewhere and do a post on the ones I didn't get onto the art blog.  Here's the last one I did .. along with my herbal drink of the day
This was done from a photo of my 2 granddaughters playing dress up in old fashioned dresses..
Today's Random Thoughts

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It's come and gone :( 
The season of the year that I build the rest of my year around. 
Saying I'm a "Summer Girl" just isn't strong enough to express how I feel about that time of year. So waking up yesterday and realizing that it was "THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER" 
changed my plans for the whole day. 
No running errands (that did need to be done) no grocery buying and no house work. It was my day to be outside , enjoying the warm sunshine and the beauty of Nature around me. 
Releasing the two Monarchs that had hatched....
 ...walking through my little patch of woods and seeing the wildflowers blooming... I'll be gathering some goldenrod in the next day or so to make some salve. 
Finding that there is a huge patch of these growing by our lagoon. So full of bees that it sounded like a small  engine running...
 ...I have no idea what the are but I like them ..☺

....and then next to them I found the wild grapes where still there waiting to be picked or eaten by birds and turtles. 

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the turtle eating the grapes... I was just totally caught up in watching him ☺
I did run back up to the house and grabbed a bucket and picked enough to make a small batch of grape jelly. Leaving lots for the critters outside to eat. 

I needed to do a face for the 29 Faces in Sept challenge so I decided to paint on a rock I found on my hike last week. This was originally suppose to be the under-painting but I'm liking it just as it is for now. 
So Face # 23 is done.
So that's how I spent my last day of summer.

Today the first day of fall will be full of things like cleaning up the garden and processing the wild grapes. 
Fun art things are in the works too.... and those boring errands that didn't get done yesterday .

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Yesterday started out with being able to see the first butterfly through the Chrysalis (formerly called the cocoon) 

I was very excited and decided to set my alarm for every 20 minutes. 
When I came back in to look 20 min. later here is what I found.

I had already missed the big event :( 
He hung like that for several hours drying his wings  before there was much movement at all. 

Then he visited the feeding sponge I had set up. I was going to release him yesterday afternoon but we noticed another Chrysalis was looking close to opening so Hubs wanted to wait until it hatched so they would have companionship on the flight south to Mexico. :) I don't know if they really do stay close together like that but I do know I've seen groups flying together before so why not. 
This morning when I got up this lady was already out and moving about the cage.
She must have hatched during the night or extreme early morning hours. I was up at 6 am and she was already here. 
The male is telling me he wants out as every time I come into the room now he's at the window of the cage like he's looking for an escape route. 
There are a couple of the Chrysalis that I'm concerned about about ...

This one that is wrinkled looking and generally not healthy looking at all.. 
..and the darker one here that has a thread like string hanging from it. Time will tell if they make ok or not. 
My drink today is coffee again :) 
The back is doing much better!!!! I've actually been able to get out and do a bit of fun things. 
Like hiking in the woods with a friend...

...and actually getting bits of the flower beds cleaned up :) 
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