Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"T" Stands for TUESDAY -- WARNING lots of photos this week :)

Several of you have asked for more garden photos  so this week you are getting them :) 
The straw bale garden is almost ready for planting. Probably by the end of the week. 
 They are "COOKING" or conditioning they call it very well. When you walk by you can smell the process a "YEASTY"  fertilizer smell and they are putting off heat. The smell will go away soon, but I really don't mind it at all. 
I've bought more straw to cover the walk ways on the in ground beds and between raised beds.
 All of the buckets setting around are for watering the bales ... I have to give each bale about 3 gallons of water a day during the conditioning process and filling the buckets and letting them set in the sun all day warms the water enough that it doesn't cool down the cooking process going on. On cooler days or if the night was really cold I add hot water to the buckets before watering the bales. A lot of work the first 2 weeks of prepping the bales but after that it's easy going. :) 
The Herb bed is really looking good after last weeks deep cleaning. Still don't have it mulched yet but there is lots of time for that. 

 New herbs waiting to go into the ground to replace the ones that didn't make it through the winter. Thyme, Rosemary and Sage. 

One of the Lavenders I was worried about is showing signs of life now :) so I'm hoping the others will make it too.
The daffodils are starting to fade out. Only a few of the specialty ones are blooming now.

 I really love the little white ones and they have finally started  naturalizing. So I may actually be able to divide them next year and spread them around :) 

The early apples are in full bloom... don't know what they are because the trees were here when we bought the place.

The later ones just have a couple of buds and blooms and I'm pretty sure they are Fugi's. The Red Delicious just has buds on it :)  

Lots of chick weed to be gathered and prepped for salves... 

... and the dandelion field (really our lawn ) ready to be picked :) 
I think my Bottle Tree is leaning more this year ?  :/ The circle of blue bottles around the bed need re-straightened too ..amazing how those bottles move around on their own. 
I've also started dragging the plants that winter over in the basement outside under the deck to weatherize. They need to be trimmed back big time too. 
This is where my new little Brown Snake friend likes to hang out. I've moved him several times and he comes back. So Bob will just have to learn to live with him.

My drink for today is coffee cause I needed all the help I cold get to post all of these pictures....
The art is what I'm working on this week. 
Just a Single Thought Today
since there are so many other pictures.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday :) 
The week sure did seem to just slip right by almost with out me .  One day it's Tuesday and then the weekend is here and all of it's hub bub. 
I worked hard getting the rest of the straw bales ready to start conditioning.. pounding in fence post only to realize that I had put 2 of them in backwards and had to forcefully remove them and re-pound the suckers back in. I was sweaty and cross when that process was over let me tell you. So much so that I forgot to even take pictures of the hard work I had accomplished. 
Then I spent a good deal of time trying to clean up the main herb bed that was in terrible shape due to the neglect after my injury last year. 
 The oregano was the starting point and it was a mess...  
but we got it cleaned up and even though it looks straggly I think it will fill out OK. 
Next was the Thyme....
 My big German thyme plant didn't survive but it was over 12 years old so I guess it was time to replace it :( 
The English and Lemon Thyme are looking rough but I'm holding out that TLC will bring them back. 
The Winter Sorrel  really looked bad .....

.....the sorrel was planted the same year as the German Thyme and I am really surprised it has hung in there. 
I started on the Lemon balm but didn't get much of it cleaned out before the energy levels bottomed out. the Lemon Balm will survive anything :) 

... the big space there is where the German Thyme was... 
This shot was in March before I did anything to the bed at all. 

After all of the clean up I looked at the weather report and realized it was supposed to get way below freezing that night so it was cover up time. :( 
Everything did well though and looks good now. You can see a bit of the Straw Bales in the last 2 photos. I need to get some much for the Herb Bed but it will not be the dyed stuff... just boring wood chips and grass cuttings  to keep the weeds down. 

The next day I worked on spreading the black mulch in the front flower bed. I am really loving the way this looks. I just wish I had the energy to lay a pavestone edge to this bed so it would look completed. I may have to talk to my son and see if I can convince him to give up a couple of Saturdays to do it.  
The next two days I spent on the couch or in bed.... over did it again and the muscles revolted... But it was a good time to catch up on reading , art and garden planning. So all is good :) 
This week I'm off work and it's looking like rain all most every day ... so it will be soap making and  teabag filling time :) 
I have decided to set up at the local Farmers Market a couple of times a month this summer and see how that goes. 
Here's my drink for the week ...water in the companion glass from last week. This is the glass my friend gave my husband. As he is very laid back and slow moving most of the time. The glass fits me this week. :) 
Random Thought's for Today...

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Monday, March 30, 2015

T Stand for TUESDAY

Hello there Tuesday Gang!! 
Spring like weather has returned again and I'm running around like crazy trying to get as much done as I can to get this garden ready for it's season :) 
Here's my drink of the day.... 
This is one of my favorite classes that was given to me by a good friend over 20 years ago. She said it fit my personality and activity levels :) I was hoping that by drinking out if it today the energy levels would pump up... it didn't work out so well.
The Daffodils are really going strong this week....

There will be more later on so I'll show their photos next week or the week after...depending on how warm the days stay :) I have peach colors and white ones that bloom later than the yellows. 

I've started spreading the black mulch. This is going to take a while as I have to set on the ground and kind of hand pull the mulch out of the bags so I don't hurt my back again. It's relaxing though so I'm enjoying. I'm definitely going to need more bags though. 
A little splash of purple here and there :) 
....and a whole lot of green in here...

I'm thinking I will have to put up a small hoop tunnel and move these outside real soon. They need be re-potted to larger pots and there's not room inside for that.  Unless I take down the bed and buy more grow lights....nah I think a hoop tunnel will be better:) 
I have another painting started....
....not sure where it's going yet but that's ok. 
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