Tuesday, January 15, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again from
"Winter Wonderland"!!!

In a normal winter snowfall here we get 5 to 6 inches. This year has not been normal!!! 
This storm brought us 15 inches of the white stuff and it's not melting very fast at all. 
Hopefully tomorrow's warm up will melt at least some of it off because we are supposed to get 
hit again this coming weekend. :( 
Dad is home from the hospital again and doing better than he has been for months. 
I was supposed to go back up this week and stay so my sister could go home... but mother nature put a stop to that.

Dad has wanted a dog for a long time but knew they couldn't take care of one . Since someone is always there now my sister got him an eight year old friend and he is so happy. I think the dog is too. Even Mom who was dead set against a dog has been won over :)
Not much else going on here. Just a bit of snow shoveling everyday. A very small bit! 
Today's Random Thoughts

See you all next week .... Hopefully!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

T Stands for Tuesday New Year

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
I'm late showing up again :( 
I'm still in Illinois with my parents. 

Dad is back in the hospital again with pneumonia caused by aspiration. He did not get as sick this time and should be coming home tomorrow. He went in Thursday evening. 
Mom and I have been staying at the house since we both have very bad colds and didn't want to risk making him sicker. We are both feeling better today.
 My sister and my nephew have been staying with Dad at the hospital. 

Christmas Day here was good. Here's a photo of Mom and Dad on that day.
He was feeling very good that day. 
This is my two oldest grandsons with Dad.
...and this is my daughter with the  Rainbow Mandala Throw I made her for Christmas.
I drove home the Friday before Christmas to have Christmas with Bob's kids and the babies on Saturday. Then drove back up to my parents on Sunday.
It didn't take the babies long to get into the spirit of opening presents.

 It was a good Christmas in spite of all of the illness. 
I will be staying here at least until the weekend and we'll see how things are going then. My work has been generous with giving me time off but I'm not sure how much longer that will last. 
Some Random thoughts for the New Year.

Since I didn't think yo take a new drink photo, I'm recycling one I've used before.
Thanks for stopping by and may each and every one of you have a 

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Just a quick note to let you know why I haven't been around.
Dad has been in the hospital and it has been touch and go for awhile now. 
His lungs are filling with fluid and they can't figure out why. 
If they can't get a handle on it in the next couple of days they are sending him home to have his last Christmas at home with the family. 
Someone stays with him 24/7 so we are all taking turns. Someone also stays with Mom. 
So we have been busy. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!!!
It's been another crazy week here with the holiday, family and travel.
Tiring and fun all wrapped into one.
Dad is home from the nursing home now but still needs 24 hour help and supervision.
He walks with a walker but has to have someone holding on behind him. My son is there but you just can't see him. 
Mom thinks she can help him but she is just isn't stable enough herself. 
This is her with Mini. 

My sister has been staying at the house with them since he came home. 
We are trying to work out having someone come in at least during the day so she can go home and see her husband. 
My sister and nephew have been working their butts off getting things done around my parents house to get it safer for them to navigate and more energy efficient.
They emptied their attic so that the utility company can come in and put insulation in their. 
So we now have a garage full of "stuff" to go through and sort. Some treasures but mostly junk so far. 
We did find my rocking chair from when I was a child ....
It will need a good cleaning and refinishing.
We also found the infant rocking horse from when my kids were toddlers.
Which will  also need some major cleaning. We are excited to  get them cleaned up and ready for the twins to use ! 
There are still lots of boxes to go through.
We have snow again...not much this time but enough to make Mini unhappy.

She is so funny when she walks in the snow.
Here's my drink for today....

my herbal iced tea again and a pattern I found for sewing vest for infants and toddlers. I can't wait to get started on them. Only a couple of crochet project this year as the hands can't go  fast enough anymore to finish much before Christmas. 

It's the round one that is really taking a long time!!  Every row is a different color so every end must woven in . It is by far the most challenging crochet project I've attempted.
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Monday, November 19, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Here it is Tuesday again and I didn't forget this week 😏  I just totally spaced out on last week ...sorry. 
We had a very wintry week here with lots of snow....lots of snow. 

And Mini tried to bring in as much as she could...

We had to clear walkways for them to walk on.
It's all gone now Thank Goodness!
The babies are starting to eat baby food now and it appears to make them happy.

Maryana has learned to blow raspberries than  this week so meal time could get even messier real fast :) 
They had their six month check up and Dominic now weighs 20 lbs and Maryana is at 14 lbs. He is much more food oriented  than she is :) 
I'm keeping busy trying to  get things ready for the Holidays and it's going more slowly than I wish but all will get done. 
My drink this week is coffee again. 
Surrounded by some of the artcard projects I am working on. I'm trying to get a 52 card deck of inspirational cards done. 
Today's Random Thoughts

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