Monday, August 24, 2015


It's Tuesday and time to head over to Elizabeth's and Bleubeard's  for our weekly Tea Party!
Today I'm drinking Raspberry Zinger Tea iced this time.
The art is a journal page I'm working on. 
I have no clue where it's going or how. 
The garden is starting to wind down. This week there are only enough tomatoes to eat. 
On Friday I picked the last of the larger batches and cooked it down today to these 5 jars of sauce. 
I thought it would make more than this but I did cook it down to a really thick sauce. It will great on pizza's or lots of things :) 
It's much cooler here now which is a blessing. I can stay outside much longer now. So there are some pictures of what's happening in the yard this week. 
The Hosta's in the shade garden are blooming... 

I don't have a lot of hosta's left after the deer discovered them winter before last. Before that I had a huge bed of them :( I'm slowly building it back up but they are little baby plants still. 

Their bloom is almost magical ♥
The Passion Vines are finally blooming. They are very late this year because of the cooler spring and early summer and usually by now they are climbing over everything everywhere . This year they aren't even over the hoop completely yet. If you ever decide to grow the perennial Passion vine careful where you put the trimmings from the vines! My husband threw them into the compost pile one year and now I have the things coming up everywhere  ..the flower bed ..the veggie garden around the fish pond. You pull it up and it just reappears a few days later :) Doesn't bother me as much now that I use the dried leaves in teas and tinctures. But I would rather not have them in so many places. 
Can you see the hummingbird in this picture. He was following me around the yard today :) 
I can't  this was the bottle tree last week with the Naked Ladies Blooming in the bed close to them...
To bad the pole is in the way :( 
We had very bad storms last week and some of our dead trees fell with them :) 

These two oaks were over 60 ft tall and were going to cost us major bucks to have taken down. Mother Nature took care if it and laid them right where we wanted them to fall ..Knocking down a couple of smaller dead trees on the way down. Unfortunately they all wrapped up in poison ivy so we won't be able to use them for firewood . They will just lay where they are a rot away as we don't use that part of the woods. If they had fallen in different directions they could have cause some serious damage . 
So that's what is happening here this week. 
and here's some 
Random Thoughts for the day..

So don't forget to visit the other folks at the party :) 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Good Morning my Tuesday Friends
I'm running late today... which seems to be a common occurrence for me these days :( 
Right now the sun is shining and the temps are pleasant so I'll be heading outside to finish cleaning up the fish pond area. 
It was totally overgrown this year... the late and wet Spring and early Summer just kept getting in my way and I finally threw up my hands and forgot about it. Until Sunday when I just couldn't stand seeing it that way any longer. :(
I didn't think to take a before picture but here is the mess it is now.

I've pulled out two wagons full of weeds so far and only have one side near finished... It's going to be a week long process I do believe other wise I'll mess up my back again for sure. The butterflies are hanging out and enjoying the mess though...

I've moved mot of the potted plants off to the side so I don't injure them or myself by tripping over them :) 
Some are just too big to move out of the way..

I still can't find the pump and filter that is buried somewhere in the basement . On a shelf behind all of the youngest child's furniture and moving boxes I'm sure. So it will be hard to control the algae in the water but I did find the bubblier which will help.  
I'm finally starting to see Monarch Butterflies on my milkweed plants :) I haven't gotten a picture yet but I've been seeing them for several days now. Hopefully I'll soon have caterpillars .
My drink of choice today is coffee... and my current work in progress painting that is almost finished.
I still have to do the detailing on the feathers. 
Last week I spent the day with my daughter and grandson and we went to the History Museum and whirlwind trip through part of the zoo. I haven't been to the zoo in over 30 years. 

Most of the animals where hiding in the deep shade to stay out of the heat.. I'm planning another trip later when it's cooler and the kids are all back in school so I don't have to fight the crowds so much :) 
The Butterfly House was awesome..
This one landed on my daughters leg and stayed there a while . 
I didn't get an pictures at the Museum as they had signs not to take photographs and my the grandson is a rigid rule follower and gave us a lecture on putting our phones away  :)
Just one photo of the bathroom to show that the mirror is finally up :) 
  It's higher than I like and will probably have them move it down a bit. They already think I'm too picky but hey it's my bathroom and they're being paid to make it the way I want it. I'll try to get a better pic so you can see the details on the mirror. The good camera is charging right now. So that will be next week. 
So that's it for this week and now I'm off to check out the other folks and what they have to say this week :) 

Monday, August 10, 2015

"t" Stands for Tuesdays and Tomatoes

It's a new week :) 
Things are back to normal here so it's looking like a productive week on our little corner of the world. 
It started with TOMATOES , AGAIN :) 
At 8:30 this morning I had this ...
... after blanching all of them it was time for an energy drink... otherwise known as a green smoothie...
... lots of good yummy stuff in these. 
Then it was on to cooking and canning all of those yummy red fruits...
Five and a half hours , an avocado and some zucchini slices later we end up with this...
Fourteen jars of stored sunshine for soups and sauces later this winter :) 
A few cookie sheets with tomato skins drying in the oven. These will be ground  into a powder and used to enhance the tomato flavor in foods that I cook. 
I've been doing his since the late 80's when an eighty year old neighbor shared her secret with me. "Why are you throwing away all of that great flavor? " She asked as I dumped a bowl of skins into the compost pile :) She's right they are full of great flavor and color. 
Does anyone else do this? 
Lots of critters hanging out in the yard today..
We have a pair of box turtles that live here...some years we see little ones but not so far this year... 
... and this year we must have a gazillion of these  blue-tailed skinks.... it must be because of all the rain we've had this year. The only thing that might out number them are the frogs... tree frogs in particular :) ....
... I even found one living in one of the bird houses...
...not the best photos but I only had my cellphone and it was a too far away. 

 Pink Poppies blooming in the wildflower garden bed. I found a pack of seeds in a box last month and it was dated 2008 I threw them out in a corner of the new flowerbed I'm starting for wild flowers and surprise they sprouted and grew! 
Moon-flowers and Naked Lady Lilies blooming along the side of the house. 
...Today's Random Thoughts...

So that's what's going on in my world today :) 
Tomorrow I tackle the deck... hubs has it all power washed for's been entirely way to long since we've stained it :(  
Take care and be sure and visit the other folks at "T" Stands for Tuesday . 
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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends !
Before I forget here's my beverage for today...
....and lots of it! It's an absolutely NO energy day here today! 
It's not a good day to be dragging my butt either :( 
This is what's waiting to be processed on my kitchen table...
....and I haven't picked what's out there today yet. So I'm really hoping the coffee kicks in fairly fast here. 
In the meantime we are down to the fine tuning in my bathroom rehap :) 
Here are some rather blurry photos but it took so long for them to download to the computer that I don't have the patience to try for better ones today. 
Here's the vanity and sink... somehow the handles got lost in the shuffle and new ones are on order :( 
The shower without it's door... cant get the husband in gear to go out and pick one out... so in the meantime I have placed a clear shower curtain up with a tension rod. So we can use it. 
The tub...which I have used several times already... but a new drain has to be ordered as this one does not stay open on it's own to drain it... :(  Nothing seems to be made well these days :( 

The new linen closet which still needs a clear coat on the shelves.... I'm doing that myself this week :) 
 The new flooring :) I absolutely love this flooring ♥♥♥♥ 
They still have  to hang the big antique mirror that my husbands parents got when the purchased their first home. It's so pretty and has all of that lovely edging that the old ones had. It's super heavy so we had to get a heavy duty hanger for it. 
So we are using the new bathroom now but I haven't brought everything back into it yet as I don't want it all in the way when they come back to finish up. 
Then I get to decorate!!!!! 

Today's Random Thoughts...

The second one is so fitting for us as we finish up the bath we are picking out the flooring to start on the living room . :) Hopefully that won't be as long of an ordeal. 
So now I must get out to the garden and pick those tomatoes so I can start the canning process for today :) 
I'll be by to visit all of you lovely folks as the day goes on... You now I have to take lots of coffee breaks :)