Tuesday, January 20, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

The whole weekend through today has been unseasonably warm here :) WITH SUNSHINE!!!!!! 
I've putzed  around outside piking up sticks and just enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine. Even opened the windows to air the place out a bit. 
I even gathered some branches and berries from the cedar trees to use in a new soap recipe I want to try. Here they are all chopped up and simmering in olive oil in a slow cooker. 

The house smells all woodsy right now :) I should be able yo make soap tomorrow :)

Since I've been doing more crochet work this month I decided to use some Sculpey clay and make my most used hook a bit more comfortable to work with. We'll see how it works out tonight . 

We can't have a Tuesday post without a beverage and this week I'm sharing two.
The hot tea I'm drinking today...
a Cinnamon Apple Tea my daughter gave me for Christmas.....so good! 

... and the ice tea I'm brewing for tomorrow. 
Chocolate mint ... YUMMMM

I'll be pouring it into a 2 quart pitcher pretty soon and adding more water. That should keep me hydrated tomorrow.
 So  thanks for stopping by and don't forget to visit the other folks at 
T Stands for Tuesday. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's cold out there.... and we don't even want to talk about the windchill. We missed the nasty ice and freezing rain so I'm happy about that and it was sunny out today. So I got to wear my sunglasses while driving :)

I'm just not dealing well with winter this year. I don'y know if it's because I'm not as mobile since the injury or if it's just age catching up with me. 
I know part of it is we don't have enough firewood to light the fireplace every day. The man we usually get it from didn't deliver it as promised this year and I haven't found anyone else yet that will deliver it here at a rate I can afford. I certainly can't go and load any up myself this year. I miss my fireplace. 
Move over kitties....

So today I kept myself busy dyeing wool yarn and making up some salves to see if they will help my back. 

I ordered some Comfrey from MountainRose Herbs and made up 3 different types of salves to try. One is just a simple comfrey in Olive oil salve, one a Comfrey in Dandelion Oil with Turmeric and Birch EO and the third one is Comfrey in Olive Oil with Birch Essential Oil added. 
The doctors have given me several different types of anti-inflammatory pain meds and I've had some type of reaction to every one. One even sending me to the hospital in an ambulance :(   So I'm trying a more natural route to see if I can get some relief and healing. I don't like having to take the narcotics all of the time.  
Also started  some new soaps and tinctures today. The picture is from the last batch I made but the same kinds I made today. 
I really like the darker soap ...it's sage and patchouli and smells real woodsy ♥
Tomorrow will be another day of soap making ,  blending teas and filling teabags. 
I will probably get some crochet work in there too. As I have to keep changing positions and lay down frequently to keep the back from screaming at me. So I have lots of different projects going all of the time. 
Here's my latest crochet project :)

I also wanted to show off the birdhouse my Dad made me for Christmas....

It's 3 separate birdhouses on one base and I decided to have the hubs put it up on my cabinet shelf instead of putting it out side. I want it to last forever :) 
So that's what's going on in my world today. 
Oh and here's my drink :) 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday and Teabags :)

It's Tuesday again :) 

Christmas is just around the corner and I am really enjoying the fact that I'm not working this season. 
The back has greatly improved and as long as I am careful and  don't over do it I feel great! I just wish I was better at not over doing it :-/ 
I have my shopping done for the holidays and half of it wrapped :) This is major for me! I'm usually up til way past midnight ...stressing the wrapping... the night before kind of gal. I'm kinda liking the no stress part of this year . 
Now I'm working on odds and end craft stuff and fixing up more teabags as gifts. 
Last week I filled and sealed 75 teabags 

Now I'm working of creative packaging ideas. 
Here's my first idea...

The photos are old photos I recently found of my son and daughter... many, many years ago :) ... I thought the grandkids would enjoy those :) 

 Each tin is filled with my night time relaxing blend that tastes wonderful too. 

I'm not sure what I will come up with next. 
I was gifted a tea set this week. My brother-in-law is moving to Florida and clearing out his home. He gave me my Mother-in-laws tea set.

I'm really happy to have it. He also gave me her Nativity Set that she painted in ceramics class back in the 60's I'll be setting that up this week and will post pictures then. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit!! 

Here are some random thoughts for the day>

...ok... one more just  for fun one ....

If I don't get back before the BIG DAY arrives...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T For Tuesday

Insurance Meltdown 

I hate dealing with insurance companies and this week has been a royal pain with them .

After dealing with 3 different insurance companies today and getting very frustrated I really needed something to calm me down. 

So out came the jars of herbs from the garden this summer and I started blending my first batch of herbal tea for the winter.

For this batch I choose the herbs that I knew were "calming" and that just tasted good :) 

I used Lemon Balm for it's flavor and it's relaxing qualities and threw in dome Bee Balm leaves and flowers for the same reason. Lemon Thyme and Dried Lemon Peal for flavor and both Sweet Mint and Peppermint for taste and to kinda settle the tummy too. Last I added some Passion Flower Vine leaves for calming and Holy Basil (Tulsi Basil) for all of the above reasons.

I ended up with 12 very full teabags. This is the first time I have made this type of tea and I wasn't too sure on how it was going to be.

So now it was time to get out my "PROFESSIONAL" bag sealing equipment...

...and finally we have tea!!!! :) 

In actuality it really only took me about a half and hour and most of that time was digging out the jars of herbs :) 
The tastes WONDERFUL  ♥♥♥♥♥
I fixed the Hubs a cup too and he really liked it too. He's the picky one of the family. 
So I will definitely be making more of this blend along with the usual  "cold/flu/ and sore throat blends" I always make.  I figure Monday will be tea bag filling day :) 
Sorry the pictures are a little fuzzy today... I told you I was frazzled and I was just using my cellphone which I have to be very still with and I guess I wasn't :) 
So this is my very late T for Tuesday post .
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Friday, September 19, 2014

September Already ? WARNING! A Gazillion Pictures :)

Summer is almost over and I'm still wishing it would last a lot longer. I'm feeling this  has been the shortest summer ever..... at least for me. 
Staying cold and wet so late this Spring and early Summer sure didn't help any and then getting injured in mid- July and being pretty much down for the next 4 or 5 weeks only made it appear even shorter. 
Now here it is only mid- September and fall like weather has been hanging around for a couple of weeks and appears to be here to stay. :(
I thought my back injury was minor and would heal itself in a few weeks with therapy. However the back is not cooperating at all. About the time I think we are making progress .... I move ever so slightly the wrong direction (and it's never the same way twice ? ) and boom we are back at nearly the beginning.  We are having a surgical consult in October and we'll see what happens then. 
This is why there haven't been many garden post this summer. Not much gardening going on this year :( 
With the cooler and wetter summer the flower gardens have been absolutely beautiful...if a little weedier than normal.

 With the late and colder Spring I was beginning to wonder if we would have any Passion Vines this year... but they finally showed up ♥

I bought a new wind chime for the fish pond...but ended up moving it to the deck. Because the glass was green and it just blended in with all of the plants. I'm in the process of making a blue one though. Found an old bottle cutter at a thrift store and it works great :) 
 The "Naked Ladies"   aka "Surprise Lilies" aka " Magic Lilies" were the best ever this year. What do you call them in your part of the world? 
 The Blackeyed Susan's  really loved the weather and their new home .
My giant Sunflower was spectacular...that is until a big storm came through and knocked it down. We tried to brace it back up but it was a no go and I eventually had to cut it down completely...so sad.  
 The smaller front bed next to the porch was very nice all summer and still looks good...
 .... and you can never go wrong with Zenna's  and they just keep right on blooming til the very end ♥
 Just a small section of the other side of the porch flower bed. 
 The Marshmallows when they were at their best. They are still blooming but not as many now... they loved the weather this year and are over 10 ft tall. 
 Looking down at the fish pond from the deck...
 ... and a closer look at some of the water plants. 

Two of the three apple trees were loaded this year and we'll have applesauce for the winter and probably longer 
 So far I have made 18 quarts of applesauce and 8 pints of apple butter and that is just off the first tree. The second tree is now ready but I'm not sure that I am  :/ .

 At one point I had 3 pans cooking at once but that ended up being too much to handle. 

This year I planted more milkweed and we had more Monarchs than we've had in years...

...and now I have caterpillars everywhere :) 

Hopefully next year will even bring more Monarchs and other butterflies. 
Today I'm trying my hand at making my own fermented hot sauce...since the one thing I do have lots of from the veggie garden is hot peppers...

Hopefully it will turn out at least usable :) 
So this is what happens when I don't post often....you get a gazillion pictures all at once :) It could have been worse.... I did leave out a whole lot of them LOL! 
Catch ya all later....