Monday, July 25, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again Tuesday friends :) 
It's been a long hot week but we've finally gotten a break with the temps. 
So I was able to finally get back outside and get some things done. :) 
For my drink for this week I've changed up the herbal tea a bit by adding Raspberry Zinger to the mix. So now it's Lemon , Ginger, Raspberry Zinger. Yum!!!!!!
Soon I'll be mixing up my own tea blends again but I'm still loving these I've been drinking this summer. 
The garden is finally starting to produce some veggies and fruits now. 
Today I made blackberry jelly and canned some fresh green beans. 
Small batches but that's better for me .. the big ones wear me out anymore. 
..and the zucchini has gone crazy again.. 
I sweat this guy was only 6 inches long yesterday and then today..... 
.... I guess we'll be eating stuffed squash one day this week :) 
My compost pile has gotten too big and has become difficult to turn so I started a new one today. 
I'll be turning the old one in a day or two and when I do I'll take some of it and add it to the new one to speed things up a bit there. Plus making the old one easier to turn. 
In the lower right hand corner you  can see a bit of my stock pile of cardboard for mulching and starting new beds. 
In the flower gardens the  Naked Ladies are popping up and blooming. 
I'll have to dig up and transplant several as they are buried now in larger flowers  and you can't see them. These are in the milkweed bed and add a bit of beauty to an otherwise boring flowerbed. 
The little rose bush is blooming again :) 
The tomato worms seem to have run their course and it seems that the lizard is probably happy. He seems to have lost his interest in eating them...
I really wanted to add more garden photos tonight but the internet is so slow and I"m losing my patience with it. 
So I'll just give you the Random Thoughts for today and be done. 

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 T Stands for Tuesday

Monday, July 18, 2016

Art Journal Journey and T for Tuesday---Heavy on PHOTOS

Another busy week has flown by... stopping in to visit my friends at 

I probably don't have to tell you most of my time is still being spent outside but I am doing more art again too :) 
I finished the Work-in-Progress that I shared last week and I'm extremely happy with it! 

So I'm sharing this with the folks at AJJ and in particular 
Yvonne aka Meggymay 
who chose the theme  this month. 
For you folks at T for Tuesday here is the 
photo with my drink of the day. Still drinking the lemon flavored herb drinks....

A Few garden photos to share....

 Still working to restore the shade garden even though it's not as shady as it was since the big tree died .

 Herbs are drying every where in the house. 

 Even the closet gets drafted this time of year :) 

It's also Fungi Season in the woods ....

...and the vineing plants are going totally bonkers....

So I'll stop overloading you with the garden and give you the...
Thought's of  the Day....

Prayers to the Officers and families that have been devastated by acts of intolerable violence here on our own soil.   Those who protect us should NEVER HAVE TO FEAR US. 

Monday, July 11, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday ----the Garden Issue

Hello my Tuesday friends and others. :0) 
The big news here is we finally got rain... a lot of it but not too much. The temps have been much more tolerable also. 
So the garden is going nuts and Clyde is on vacation. 
First here's my drink so I don't forget it again :/ It's a new drink for me... it's a soda sweetened with Stevia. I don't drink much soda at all but my husband does and we just found out that he is diabetic. So we're looking for diet soda's that don't have aspartame in them. He likes these but they are pricey. So far Shasta is winning out with flavor and price  and no aspartame.  
On one of the rainy days I decided to do the next two lessons from my online class. Learning new techniques of doing things is always fun. 
The garden has taken a growth spurt with the rain... :) 

We have 6 different types of squash growing, 2 summer squashes and 4 winter squash. We love our squash and so do the bugs :( I've been battling them like crazy for a week now and I think I just may have finally gotten the upper hand. HOPEFULLY! Now the tomato worms are challenging me. It's a never ending war out there. The tomatoes are trying to hard to catch up from being planted so late. 

Here I have asparagus on the right with thyme and bolted parsley in the middle the end and back are sweet potatoes. They are going everywhere. You can barely see the some of the straw bales in the background with the tomatoes in them. 

I have herbs drying everywhere :) Soon I will be mixing teas and cooking blends. ♥
The Chocolate mint has gotten so out of control that tomorrow I am taking the hedge trimmer to it. I spent and hour pulling my hand and cutting off the roots today and barely made a dint. Tomorrow it's speed drive :) 
Nothing says  
summer like  
Echinacea's  and Black Eyed Susan's ♥♥♥
Next week I'll show you the shade garden I am trying to rebuild. It's still sparse but looking better. :) 
SO be sure and check out the other folks over at 
 T Stands for Tuesday
Today's Random Thought
It will be tomorrow before I can visit... it's husbands turn to use the internet.  

Monday, July 4, 2016


It's T for Tuesday at the 
House of Cats :) 
There won't be a lot of words this week. We've been gone for a 3 day weekend with family and I'm to tired to try and put too many sentences together. 
My dad is a twin and they have always looked so much alike that usually only family could tell them apart. Until Alzheimer's came to live with my Uncle Wilburn.  They still look like brothers but not the doubles they always were :(  
My uncle has been staying with my parents for the past 3 weeks. My dad cherished the visit though it also saddened him and worn him out. He knew most of us still but he struggles with day to day stuff  and is lost a lot. It's such a horrible disease that stills them and their families. 
Now for the House of Cats business. 
 I know I've mentioned before that we are animal people and we own 3 cats and a dog and have inherited a Bearded Dragon when the youngest moved out and left him. 
So here are some of my favorite cat photos of recent past. 
 This is Ella the 18 pounds dominant male/Queen of the  three. When we got him and his brother Jazz as 8 week old kittens in 2010 they told us he was a female. So the name Ella.  A few weeks later while playing with him and rolling him over to rub his belly I realized they were mistaken  :) 
 This is Jazz who you've met before. He thinks he is a dog :) 
The other cat we have is Littleman our Bengal Leopard Cat.
He's my cat... and he know it's or perhaps it's I'm his human. 
They all get along now although it took Ella a bit to adjust to Littleman joining the family . 
Here they all are trying to decide who is going to eat out of what food dish. 

This is their universal message of 
They all have cuddle times together and with me. 

...and of course Jazz gets extra time with his buddy the dog... 
Then just random cat photos ....

I tried to get a photo of one of the cats with my tea....wasn't happening . So we'll do it this way :) 

Today's Random Thought
 T Stands for Tuesday