Monday, February 19, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Well the "Dang Cold/ Sinus Infection/ Super Virus" is back! Feeling worse than ever...
Will be going to Urgent Care in the Morning. 
So I won't be around to visit anyone unless a miracle infusion of energy happens. Hopefully I'll be back next week :( 

Monday, February 12, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Friends!!!! 

Well I think I have finally crossed the threshold of  
I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen any time soon. I still have the sniffles but I'm thinking that has more to do with allergies than anything else.
Unfortunately I do believe that Bob is coming down with it now 😒  
It really has been a scary winter with illness here in the St. Louis area as well as the rest of the nation. 
Last Wednesday I lost an acquaintance to the flu. She was a good friend of my best friend and we have interacted many times over the years. She refused to go to the doctor, even after running a temp of 104 ° for 3 days. 
Tomorrow is the funeral. 
So if you think you have the flu, get to the doctor right away! 
Lent starts on Wednesday and this year I will be doing my 
"Forty Bags In Forty Days Purge"
I'll be going through the whole house and filling a plastic grocery bag with things that are no longer useful or just plain ole clutter. 
Then I'll sort the bag by Donate or trash. 
I really need to spend a large amount of time in my craft room. 

The big circle in the closet is my DreamWheel which fell of the wall and hit me on the head as I worked on my computer. Perhaps my dreams were too big.... NA! I just didn't use enough thumb tacks 😇
Bob is always telling me I have items for more projects than I'll ever have enough days to finish them in. 
I think he is right :-/ 
My drink is setting on that messy desk in the green Yeti .. herbal tea again ♥

We had ice over the weekend which made everything a little dicey to walk on. 

Pretty to look at but not safe or fun. Thankfully the sun came out today and most of it is gone and the rest of the week is to be very warm again. 😖
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Monday, February 5, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!
I've been down with a SUPER COLD for 2 weeks now... 
... I can't remember the last time a cold made me this sick. Luckily it wasn't the flu as I hear it is much worse. 
So nothing much besides sleeping and coughing going on with lots of nose blowing. 
I was able to read a couple of books but that's it.
Yesterday was my first day feeling semi-normal . So I got up and swept  and vacuumed the floors. I was pretty much wiped out after that. 
Today I feel even better so I filled some of the containers for "winter sowing seeds" and planted a few seeds then took the containers outside. 

I'm about 3 weeks late starting this but that's ok ... I'll get more planted this weekend.
Today I mostly planted different types of milkweed, some yucca seeds and Shasta Daisies. All seeds that have to have cold before they will grow. I'll do other types of flowers next and some cold hardy veggies.

I did also get my Valentine Doll hung on the front door. 
I just wired her to the Christmas wreath I made this year. 
I may or may not add some more hearts. :) 
And here are some photos of the Dandelion Soap after I sliced it... it came out a nice yellow after all. 

It has a nice citrus-mint smell that I like too. 
So that's it for today... 
tomorrow I have to tackle all the laundry that has piled up the last 2 weeks. :(

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Monday, January 22, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday and Totally Awesome THINGS

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS ♥
It's been a whirlwind of  a week here for sure.
Last Monday a cold front had moved in and we were bitter cold. On Tuesday it was so cold my truck doors froze shut and I had to use the heat gun to open them. This with remote start even and the darn thing running for 10 minutes. At least the seats were toasty warm by the time I got in :) 
Mini hated to go outside and would keep holding her feet up as much as possible. So we tried snowshoes ...

So we totally wasted our money on those but it was a fun couple of minutes. 
So our trips outside were very short....which is not a problem for me when it's that cold. 
One nice thing about the cold is the big birds come to the feeders more often. 

This is the female and I've been calling her Willow for several years now. Her mate "Woody" comes too but he's harder to photograph. The least little movement inside and he takes off. 
When it's cold I drink a lot more hot tea so I had to mix up some more and stuff  about 70 bags. While I was at it I mixed up a couple of cold and sore throat blends just in case we need them. 
Since we live in Missouri it had warmed back up by the weekend... I mean very warm . 
68°on Saturday and 72° on Sunday!
Saturday we took Bob's son out for his birthday.
Bob's daughter took the photo but we didn't get one of her in it.  It was the first time Bob and I had eaten at a Japanese restaurant and we liked it. I would have never gotten Bob to go if it wasn't where his son wanted to go. :) 
On Sunday his daughter came back over and she and I did some more of those acrylic pour paintings!!!

I'll just share these three...we did a whole lot more and they are setting all over the kitchen slowly drying. Since the humidity is back up they are taking  "forever" 
Oh a few more anyhow cause I have to share my drink for the day :) 

We had an Eagle visit the yard on Friday... of course I didn't have my camera or my phone out there with me so no photo :(  I keep looking for him but no luck yet. 
This coming weekend we are going to drive up the river road to Clarksville MO. and look for Eagles there. There is a damn at the river there and it's always a good place to see them in the winter. They also have a small festival going on that weekend too.  
This morning I made soap. ♥ 
When I cleaned out my herb cabinet last week I found some olive oil that I had infused with Dandelion flowers so I made Dandelion soap today. Thinking SPRING here. 
Hopefully when I take it out of the mold tomorrow and slice it up it will be a bright yellow. It was the last time I made some. Since dandelions don't really have much of a scent I used Lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint essential oils . Hoping it has a fresh scent. 

Random Thoughts
If I ever grow up this will be me ...wait I think it is me..except the part about the mountains & river....does this mean I grew up while I wasn't looking?

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Monday, January 15, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday an COLD WEATHER

Hello again Tuesday FRIENDS ! 
The "BIG CHILL" has arrived again here so it's stay in and stay warm time. 
We had some very warm days last week...even up in the 60's and then BOOM! In a matter of 2 hours we dropped down to the lower 30's and winds ..oh yes, there were WINDS! 

So when it's cold outside and I'm stuck at home I cook. :) 
This week it was from Bob's Grandma's favorite cookbook.
I made one of Bob's favorites ...
The Cabbage Rolls :) One of those old fashion recipes that has to bake for 3 hours on low heat and is oh so yummy.
Here is what was left from Saturday and we are having it tonight :) 

Yesterday I made a huge pot of lima bean and ham soup and let it cook for hours on low too.  Slow cooking is so good. 
I played with the paints again too. I did more of the acrylic pours only this time I poured them onto glass and then when they were dried I slowly peeled it off with a razor blade and glued it to some boxes. Love how this turned out. 
The pours....

So far I have used them to cover the top of this paper mache box.
Which also happens to show my ever present cold drink :0) 
A couple of mini Altoid tins..
Next I will be covering some tea boxes to gift some of my own herbal tea blends in. 

The birds are at the feeders in a frenzy...

... and of course the squirrels have to get their share too. The Chickadee was not happy with the squirrel at all. I can relate. 
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