Monday, March 12, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends!
Sorry I missed last week ! I'm having major issues with my computer and may have to break down and get a new one. Hubby worked on this one for hours but is not sure how long it will last. It's old but I DO NOT want to deal with learning Windows 10 but just may have too 😢
Winter has decided to make a big statement this week. Yesterday we were supposed to get light snow with only a slight accumulation on grassy areas. Well this is what we got!

It was a very heavy wet snow and is already melting and should be gone in a day or two. I hope. I'm really ready for sunny warm days with flowers!  Did you notice all of the snow on Mini's front legs? Her fur is long there and the snow just built up on it. Took forever to get all of it off when we came in. 😢
So I spent the day inside crocheting while Dear Hubby worked on my computer again. 
This is what I'm working on . I won a great pattern book a couple of months ago and have just starting working on one of the patterns. It's has a Celtic look to it and it is new stitches that are bit intricate and new to me. Luckily she provides links for YouTube videos so you can get the visual aids to figure it out. I think I'm going to love it when it's finished. I'm using a hand dyed wool yarn that is so soft and the colors are so earthy!!!
Here's the pattern book I won and it is GREAT!

I have more little "mini green houses" planted and will do more of them today :) 
I've been saving the flavored water bottles that Hubby drinks all of the time and will be doing a bunch of smaller individual ones. I haven't tried using them yet but I've read in the "Winter Sowing" group that they work great so we'll see 😄 
I can barely wait until it is actually time to plant everything in the gardens . 

I did get one of the flower beds cleaned up before the snow came back.
 The one directly in front of the house is about 3 quarters of the way done. 
The daffodils and tulips are already starting to poke their leaves up out of the ground. 
Soon! It will be here soon !
Here's my coffee and breakfast for today. Trying to get some energy built up to start on the purging again. Having that flu really knocked my energy levels off completely. And when I do get some it drains quickly still. Maybe I'm just getting old. 
Today's Random Thoughts

And for extra fun here's a painting I bought a long time ago when the Hubby started complaining about my art and craft supplies taking over his half of the Hobby Room. 
He didn't appreciate the humor as much as me :) 
Now it's time to link to 
Link should go live shortly after 4 pm. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday FRIENDS! 
I have rejoined the land of the living once again. 
This time it wasn't the sinus infection returning it was 
If I thought I was sick before, it was nothing like this was. But after medications and lots of sleep....lots and lots of sleep. I feel human again. 
Did I mention lots and lots of sleep? 
So absolutely nothing else got done. 
Before I got sick I did manage to start making a dent on cleaning off my desk. 
The before photos...

.... and how far I got before the "BIG B" struck me down.
A noticeable improvement. Hopefully I'll get back to it this week. 
I also got a few more of the "winter sown" jugs planted and set outside. 
We did have another ice storm but I didn't venture out for photos. 
My "Bottle Tree" garden has taken a beating this winter. With all of the ups and downs in the temperatures almost all of the bottles in the ground that form the garden edge have been heaved up. 

I always have to reset a few but it will be almost every single one this year 😩 It might also be the year to take all of the bottles of the post and try to reset it too. It's leaning a bit more than before too.  Hopefully my garden helper will be available this Spring. 
So that's all I have to write about this week. Here are some 
Random Thoughts for the Day.

Monday, February 19, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Well the "Dang Cold/ Sinus Infection/ Super Virus" is back! Feeling worse than ever...
Will be going to Urgent Care in the Morning. 
So I won't be around to visit anyone unless a miracle infusion of energy happens. Hopefully I'll be back next week :( 

Monday, February 12, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello Tuesday Friends!!!! 

Well I think I have finally crossed the threshold of  
I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen any time soon. I still have the sniffles but I'm thinking that has more to do with allergies than anything else.
Unfortunately I do believe that Bob is coming down with it now 😒  
It really has been a scary winter with illness here in the St. Louis area as well as the rest of the nation. 
Last Wednesday I lost an acquaintance to the flu. She was a good friend of my best friend and we have interacted many times over the years. She refused to go to the doctor, even after running a temp of 104 ° for 3 days. 
Tomorrow is the funeral. 
So if you think you have the flu, get to the doctor right away! 
Lent starts on Wednesday and this year I will be doing my 
"Forty Bags In Forty Days Purge"
I'll be going through the whole house and filling a plastic grocery bag with things that are no longer useful or just plain ole clutter. 
Then I'll sort the bag by Donate or trash. 
I really need to spend a large amount of time in my craft room. 

The big circle in the closet is my DreamWheel which fell of the wall and hit me on the head as I worked on my computer. Perhaps my dreams were too big.... NA! I just didn't use enough thumb tacks 😇
Bob is always telling me I have items for more projects than I'll ever have enough days to finish them in. 
I think he is right :-/ 
My drink is setting on that messy desk in the green Yeti .. herbal tea again ♥

We had ice over the weekend which made everything a little dicey to walk on. 

Pretty to look at but not safe or fun. Thankfully the sun came out today and most of it is gone and the rest of the week is to be very warm again. 😖
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Monday, February 5, 2018

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!
I've been down with a SUPER COLD for 2 weeks now... 
... I can't remember the last time a cold made me this sick. Luckily it wasn't the flu as I hear it is much worse. 
So nothing much besides sleeping and coughing going on with lots of nose blowing. 
I was able to read a couple of books but that's it.
Yesterday was my first day feeling semi-normal . So I got up and swept  and vacuumed the floors. I was pretty much wiped out after that. 
Today I feel even better so I filled some of the containers for "winter sowing seeds" and planted a few seeds then took the containers outside. 

I'm about 3 weeks late starting this but that's ok ... I'll get more planted this weekend.
Today I mostly planted different types of milkweed, some yucca seeds and Shasta Daisies. All seeds that have to have cold before they will grow. I'll do other types of flowers next and some cold hardy veggies.

I did also get my Valentine Doll hung on the front door. 
I just wired her to the Christmas wreath I made this year. 
I may or may not add some more hearts. :) 
And here are some photos of the Dandelion Soap after I sliced it... it came out a nice yellow after all. 

It has a nice citrus-mint smell that I like too. 
So that's it for today... 
tomorrow I have to tackle all the laundry that has piled up the last 2 weeks. :(

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