Monday, June 27, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday :)

Hello  again! 
It's Tuesday and time for Tea/and or coffee or other drink of your choice :) 
Today I'm drinking lots of coffee. It's just one of those dragging days . It's HOT but the humidity has dropped dramatically and when that happens my body doesn't want to work well at all. The bright side is it will be better tomorrow and the temps are even supposed to be much milder. YES!

I've sketched 2 more of the wild cats head to practice two more techniques on. I haven't done any other art all week. Mostly just moving Clyde around the yard to the flowerbeds and adding more soaker hoses to the veggie garden. 
 The Shasta Daisies are in full bloom now in the circle drive and the Yellow Ruffled Day Lilies are still putting on a show. 
 This smaller Day Lily is just starting to bloom and I can't remember where I got it and what's it's called. I'll have to go through old records and old posts to see if I can find it. 

And the Water Hyacinths are over filling the fish pond. These things multiply like crazy and I have to pull out plants and throw them into the compost pile or into the septic lagoon which can always use the beauty . 
The flowers of the water hyacinths are beautiful :) 
The only Sunflower have growing still hasn't bloomed but it's getting closer ...
While weeding I came across this Wolf Spider that appears to have her eggs on her back already ...
...I hope I run across her when she's carting babies on her back ...I know I'm  a bit weird :) 

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 T Stands for Tuesday


Monday, June 20, 2016


Keeping my fingers crossed that we actually get rain this time !!!!! The clouds are heavy and full and so hoping they don't sail on by. 
Hello my Tuesday friends ♥
Sorry about the preoccupation with the weather again. I just really would like to give Clyde (the sprinkler) a break for a awhile and look at green grass instead of yellow or beige heading towards brown grass. 
Today was a scorcher out there with highs in the 90's and horrible humidity too :( not my cup of tea at all. 
Speaking of tea's the photo of  my iced herbal tea drink of the day. 

It's a combination of Lemon Zinger Tea and Lemon & Ginger tea. Quite refreshing on a hot summer day ♥

Echinacea bud developing ...

 Sunflower bud...
 Shasta Daisy after a bath with "CLYDE" the 
 ...more Shastas...
...a Shasta bud... 

..and a tiny rose that just had to come inside with me :) 
It was a very slow day for me here. i slept in really late and then pretty much stayed inside until the sun set and then went out to haul CLYDE around to different flower beds. 
Most of the veggie garden is set up with soaker hoses so it's just a mater of flipping a valve there. Easier on me that way and probably the plants too. 
Today's Random Thoughts ...

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Monday, June 13, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello there Tuesday Friends!
It's certainly been a bit of a different week here. The summer heat has set in so all yard and garden work must be done after the sun sets but it's still light. We are also in need of rain ...badly here. We have a clay based soil so it doesn't take much for it to dry out and become brick like. :( 
So I'm spending my days inside which is not my favorite thing in the summer. 
So I started a new art project. 
 I gave away the other lunch bag I made out of a rice bag so I'm making myself a new one. :) I thought the Monarch Queen was more me anyhow :) 
Even with the rain shortage the flowers are trying to look great.

That Rose is the $4 clearance rose I bought late last fall. It's really doing well :) !!!

The Medicinal Echinacea are in bloom now too and the butterflies are very happy. 
 Purple Bee Balm
Lemon mint :) 
Ruffled Day Lily 
Red Bee Balm 
Lavender that has a Dratura  (commonly called Moonflower bush) coming up in it. Will have to get that out of there fast. 
So I guess I've reach my flower photo limit today. 
Today's random thought is an important one. 
It can't be said enough. 

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 T stands for Tuesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Just a quick post today before I dash off to work. I planned to do this last night...but the brain forgot :( 
Here's my drink of the day. Drinking iced water by the gallons these days as I work outside. 
I worked more on the fish pond yesterday :) 
It's getting there. 
I decided the barbed wire ball in the background needed brighten up. 
So I grabbed the spray paint and sprayed away .
Here is the new look...
...and more random photos of the pond.

That's all I have time for :) 

Random Thought