Tuesday, March 3, 2015

T Stands for TUESDAY

It's TUESDAY and time to visit with 
 Bleubeard and Elizabeth
and friends :)
The weather here is bouncing back and forth between mild and frigid. Friday my  walk showed the little creeks and run offs in my  neighborhood were frozen solid ...

 ... and then Saturday we got another 6 inches of snow to cover everything all up. 
Today it's supposed to be 50° with rain. Then tomorrow another plunge in temps with more snow and ice. The lovely weather of March :) 
Right now I'm drinking coffee but my herbal teas are  steeping in the jar on my counter for later. 
When we have our nightly hot tea I throw the teabags into the jar with hot water and then cap them with a coffee filter.
There is still enough goodness left in the bags to keep me hydrated the next day and then they go into the compost bin. 
March is National Crochet Month so I will concentrate on getting as many hats done as I can . Knowing that real Spring and warm weather is just around the corner. Although I have knit several hats in Feb. and loved how they turned out. I have also figured out that knitting also hurts my hand too much to do it often. I can crochet almost as much as I want without pain but not so with knitting :(  and I have some really cool patterns I so wanted to try. 

This was the latest wool felted hat I made.

My indoor seed starting flats are starting to get full.... :) 

And the pages of my garden journal are filling up. I have decided to not do the rest of the seed packets this way but have created a page with a pouch so that I can save the empty packets that way. 

Here are some of the seeds in a germination bowl. As soon as I see little roots sprouting off the seeds  I place that seed in a soil pot. The bowl has a very damp paper towel in it and then a lid on it to keep it moist and warm. The seeds germinate much faster this way and I don't waste a soil pot on a seed that won't germinate. 

These little sprouts were planted the traditional way with several seeds to a pot to ensure germination. They will have to be thinned out later so there is only one plant to a pot. A waste of seeds :( My Dad reminded me of the paper towel method and I switched to it. 
Most of what I learned about veggie gardening I learned from Dad. He was an organic gardener when hardly anyone else knew what organic was. I grew up with a huge garden in my back yard and lots of hours working in it helping and learning... I might also add complaining a whole lot over the work. We canned and froze all of the veggies our family ate. We also had chickens for eggs and grew meat chickens and meat rabbits. I love the sound education in gardening that I received growing up. My Dad is 86 now and doesn't do much gardening but I love it when he comes to my house  and walks through my yard and gardens and I can see the happy and proud look on his face as he takes it all in. 
I'll have to share some garden stories from my childhood on a later post. 
Today I have to go out and buy another grow light for my seed starting table. I'm planning a much bigger garden and more flower beds for this year. :) ♥♥♥♥♥ And Don't forget the HERBS !! LOTS AND LOTS of HERBS !!!!!
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Monday, February 23, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and it's still very COLD out there!  -7° this morning and currently                                     only 14° 
So it's still hot tea time here....
Looking at the 10 day weather forecast it appears that we are going to be having some warmer days in the near future ♥
Last week they were predicting some pretty bad storms and possible power outages. We are on a well so when the power goes out we not only have no heat but no water either. So I keep containers around to fill with water for standby use. 
Here is one of the cats trying to figure out what I'm putting in the big bottle. 
Just before this he had his head stuck down in the funnel but by the time I got the camera out this was where he was  . 

This is the road I live on.... a narrow country lane...

 ... that winds around the subdivision where the houses are far apart from each other...

...and there's my mailbox...laying on the ground after the husband backed into the post and shook it loose. A big wind the next day tumbled it to the ground.  We fixed it that night and that was the last day of my out side walks. The deep freeze and snow and ice arrived and made it just too risky . I miss my walks . 
One of the brighter sides of the extreme cold is that birds who don't normally come to the feeders drop in for a meal. 
 The Red Headed Woodpecker is so timid that it is very hard to get his picture. The least little noise or movement and he's flying off to the trees ...

 The wrens just rarely ever feed at the feeders so food must be getting really scarce out there. 
So that's what's happening in my world this week. 
Some Random Thoughts....

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's time for ...
T Stands  for Tuesday 
again or is could be...
.... this was me on Sunday for my last outside daily walk.... it was so cold with the wind chill that I had to take off my glassed and pull my hat farther down. Leaving just a little slit to see out of. My 20 min. walk was only 12 min. as I could barely breath after that. 
These old lungs just don't handle the cold air any more. So all walking has been done inside since then :( 
The birds have been going crazy at the feeders ...
...and waiting in the nearby trees for their turn....

We've had  our first substantial snow this winter....with more to come this weekend.

We really have had a very mild winter up until now so I'm not complaining  much at all. 
Those of you that follow my Art blog have seen this hat already..  I decided to give knitting a try again instead of crocheting all of the time. This was the first one... lots of mistakes but still wearable and looks decent. 
The next 2 were much better. I think I just may be getting the hang of this :) 
With all of the cold I've been drinking a LOT of hot tea out of my big snowman cup :) Today I will be mixing up more teas as I"m starting to run low...

 The art is a WIP (work in progress) that I have no idea where it is going  from here. My muse is on vacation in  a warmer climate I do believe. 
So here are some Random Thoughts for today....

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and it' winter again :( 
Over the weekend we were in the mid 70's with SUNSHINE! 
Not so much today. 
When I went out for my morning 10 minute walk it was only 26° a very big difference. 
Even yesterday was warmer with 40° temps. So after my morning walk yesterday I decided to clean up the front flowerbed. I always leave the dead plants with flower heads for the birds. They are totally picked over now so it was time for them to go. 
I also discovered signs of Springs impending arrival.....

.... these sights always bring a smile to my spirit and face. 
I decided to check on the north side flower beds too. Last year they had become totally overgrown with weeds after my injury. So much so that in the late fall we just decided to pile leaves on it and torch it. Praying that the bulbs underground would be fine....

...the daffodils  are popping up !!! Hopefully the day lilies will too. I have to trim back the roses and replace the trellis that broke in one of the fall wind storms and  a good layer of mulch is in order too. 
While wondering around the yard I also managed to step in a mole hole and slightly twist my knee... so it is bugging me today but didn't keep me from my 2.... 10 minute walks today. It feels good to get outside and moving around and building up a bit of my lost strength again. 
Today I'm working on some oils for a new soap recipe. It's a "SMUDGE"  soap... scented with sage and cedar. .. the traditional ingredients in a Native American Smudge Stick. 

The cedar and the sage are from my garden and wooded areas... they steeped for several hours in warming olive oil. Tomorrow I will try making  the soap.  I wish I had some sage and cedar Essential Oils but I don't. Will be adding those to my wish list though :) 

The blue cup holds coffee instead of tea today.. I'm thinking I may have refilled it too many times :-/ 
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter feeding Frenzy.....

Even if I  never watched  the weather reports I would know a winter storm is coming by the birds at the feeders :) 
 Ones that don't show up on a regular bases are here before the snow...
 ...and sometimes it seems like there is a waiting line for access to the feeders...
...the woodpeckers show up over and over....
Then when it starts to snow , it gets really crazy....

.....everyone is hungry :) 
We only got a couple of inches and it's mostly gone already. But the temperatures dropped dramatically and the wind picked up so it's very cold out there. And then this week end it's supposed to back in the 60's  :-/ 
The garden season has officially started here too.
I have six jugs planted and set outside for our "Winter Sowing" project. More to come this coming week. I tried this method for the first time last winter and it relatively successful. A definite learning season so hoping this year will turn out even better.
You can find out more about this gardening technique here:
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