Monday, December 5, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends!!!! 
It's been an eventful week around here again. Somehow....not at all sure how.... I managed to bruise the bottom of my foot last Thursday. It hurt Friday but I went to work anyhow... I've pretty much been on the couch since 😢   Unable to but any weight on it with out it hurting severely and swelling up. 
The bright side is that I got three vest crocheted and a hat & scarf set done.  Now all I have left to crochet for the holidays is one vest and two more hat sets. 😅 Had to give the hands a break today though .
The foot is much better today so I can walk around with the help of a cane and could get some of the house work done. 
Work wants me to come in tomorrow and they will let me set on a stool or a wheel chair and greet customers and give directions.  No pushing carts around or hauling carts of returns to their home departments 😏
Will be a boring 4 hours for sure .
 Mini had not understood why we are not going for walks ...
If we are not walking she wants to play ...CONSTANTLY! 
Both of them couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting off the couch ...
They do make a good leg warmer. 😊

This morning I took her out for a very short walk around the yard. It was cold and foggy and a bit frosty too. 

  Maybe this is the last dandelion of the season ? 

Speaking of flowers .... 
Remember the last of the little roses that I brought into the house a few weeks ago?
Well they have been dead for a while but I kept forgetting to throw them away. Last week when I finally got around to it I noticed that the stems had formed little roots. So I trimmed off the dead leaves and blooms and stuck the stems into a pot of soil and made a mini green house out of a soda bottle. 
I set them back in the kitchen window and figured I'd be throwing them out in a couple of weeks because I have never had luck with rooting roses from cuttings before. 
Well this week we have new leaves...tiny ones but healthy ones. 
With any luck we may actually get a little rose bush by Spring ♥
So for my drink related photo today... I'm showing you the new coffee mug my Hubby just ordered for me. 
He was going to give it to me for Christmas but couldn't keep a secret that long :)  I think he did good 😘
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


dragging in here as I'm fighting another sinus infection.....AGAIN 😷  I haven't been out of my PJ's for 3 days now.  Which makes for a very grumpy Carol 😒
Thanksgiving was great though ♥
It's always great to be with family and when you add in great food too it's all a win-win! 
I didn't take any pictures at all for Thanksgiving. I was too busy living it to stop and capture it. 
The bright side was my parents gave me my grandmothers Treadle Sewing machine. 
My sister had the machine part repaired and tuned up .... now I get to restore the top of the cabinet as it is severely sun bleached and worn. I don't have a picture of that part yet as it's still in the back of the truck 😒
Hopefully today we will get it out. It has rained the past 3 days so we just left it there . The back of our new truck has a nice hard top cover. 
The drink in the photo is coffee of course. Although I have been drinking a lot of hot tea the past few days. 
Before the holiday I did get the rest of the garden put to bed. I wait until after a hard freeze and then heavy mulch some of my more tender perennials .
The roses are still  looking almost alive here but don't today. 

The Hydrangeas are mulched more heavily and I may even add some more wire to the top one and fill it completely. It is an older type that only blooms on the old wood and needs more protection than the newer types. That one came from my uncle in Kentucky who transplanted it from my grandmothers house right before they sold it in the mid 1970's . It's really a warmer climate plant but with attention can survive and bloom this far north. I wouldn't buy one but since it's originally from my grandmother I try hard to keep it alive.  I really need to move it closer to the house for the added protection. 
My two favorite seed catalogs came this week . So my spring shopping list has already started. 
Well my brain has petered out on me so I'll sign of  here. 
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday and so much more .....

Hello again my Tuesday FRIENDS :) 
It's been a good week and a busy one.  Lots of cold nights and brisk mornings which has pretty much ended anything growing outside. Except the Parsley looks all frosted and crispy in the early morning light but then  springs back to life with just a little bit of sunlight to thaw it out. 
We have racked leaves and piled two huge chicken wire  bins full and the trees still have leaves on them.

The goal for the two water heaters (laying behind the shed ) is to make them into Mosaic columns   to place at the edge of the woods as an entrance to the shade garden. Hubby says if I don't get it done this Spring they are going to the dump :( 

We haven't even touched the back half of the property yet :/
 I'll be using all of these leaves to make my own bales for growing sweet potatoes in next summer and mulching beds.   
We have had some beautiful sunrises this past week. Here are a few of my favorite ones...

Okay, so maybe that was more than a few but when nature is so beautiful it's hard to pick just a few. This morning the sky is totally grey so it's not looking like and sunrise photos are in the works. OOPS! I was wrong there was a decent sunrise but I'll save those photos for next week . 
I had to stop and take Mini for her morning walk ....she can be insistent at times :) 
With Thanksgiving coming up I decided last week to try one of the monster sweet potatoes that I grew this year. Wanted to see if they were going to be too woody and stringy. 
That knife is huge so you get an idea of big this guy was....
I had a new recipe I wanted to try out before I served the masses this week .
 This one sweet potato filled two large baking dishes .. and the recipe was very yummy and the sweet potato tender and oh so sweet ♥
 The bird is all ready to pop in the oven for Thursday big meal and then we head for Illinois for another even bigger meal on Saturday. The next few days are going to be crazy busy!!!! 
So I had better get off of here and start some cleaning and make a hopefully last trip to the grocery store. 
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...and in 9 weeks I start planting seeds ♥
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday and Super Moon

Hello my Tuesday friends ♥ 
What a week it's been!  The election is over and the results have shocked a  lot of the world to it's very core. Only time will tell how things will really go. My heart aches for our country and the world right now. 
On to brighter and more positive things. 
The SUPER MOON this week has been beautiful. On Sunday my photos were only so so  and then last night I had such a headache that I didn't even try.
This morning at 4:45 am it was still shining brightly. So bright I could walk the dogs with out a flashlight. So after out tour of the yard and gardens... you know we have to check it all out...cause there are things that visit in the night and leave their scent on everything :)  I took the camera and tripod out to the deck and took so photos through woods. 

After coming back in I realized I needed a drink photo still so back out I went with just the camera and the cup of coffee...
Should have taken the tripod back out with me. :(  or at least put a jacket back on so maybe the photo wouldn't be so shaky :) 
Let's just say my brain isn't always awake at that time of the day even if the body is up and moving around. LOL!
We had a hard freeze this week so pretty much everything outside is done for the year.  I brought in the last few little roses that did't get killed this time around. 
I love looking at them setting in my kitchen window in the little antique bottle. 
So now I really must get dressed and take Mini out for our morning walk. She's been bugging me for over a half and hour now. As soon as the sky starts turning pink she is ready to go... I'm not often ready at that point :) 
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