Tuesday, August 15, 2017


I know, I'm very late again . All day I've been telling myself to get in here and do this.... it didn't work :( 
My drink photo is a recycled one but thought it worked well for this post. 
It's Monarch Season again and I've been collecting eggs and a few caterpillars. I actually only have 3 cats . I'm only collecting on my milkweed this year and I'm trying very hard to find the eggs as soon as they are laid. Hoping to avoid some of the failures from Spring. 
I'm cleaning the eggs and all milkweed the cats eat with a 5% BLEACH  solution. Hopefully this will kill all of the virus and bacteria on the eggs and milkweed and we end up with HEALTHY MONARCHS! 
I found 6 eggs last week..
... and with in 3 days we had signs of cats....

... and the next day we had tiny little cats!

Now they are much bigger and eating away.

They are starting to develop their colors now and make bigger messes in their cage :( 
I didn't find any more eggs until yesterday and only found 2. 
Today I found 29 so someone was busy :) 
I hope we don't have too many of these big lay days. I don't want to have to run around the country looking for leaves to feed them all again.  However the milkweed is full grown now and much easier to find. I've also started collecting seed pods just as they start to open . Will be planting some and giving some away. I don't want to let them blow wild all over my yard so I gather the seed pods early.  
Not up to much of anything else these days. Just dragging "HANK" around the yard to water everything. We still haven't had any rain so it's getting dry again.  
No art just reading mostly. Still haven't recovered my energy levels from Dad's trip to the hospital. 
So that's it for now .
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Yes that last one is for me. 
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Monday, August 7, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

I know I've been missing in action and didn't get around to visit a lot of you before I disappeared. I had to make an emergency trip to my parents.  My dad decided to go outside in the 98 degree weather and build himself a ramp to store his Hover-Round in the shed. He passed out and then refused to go to the hospital for 2 days. Even though he was having extreme difficulty breathing and felt too weak to walk. It finally got so bad that he relented and went and at that point his heart rate was only 24 and they had to do an emergency Pacemaker surgery. The first one they put in was an external temporary one because they thought he wouldn't need it once he recovered from the heat exhaustion and dehydration. However he ended up having to have a permanent one installed anyway. Then his lungs began to fill with fluid and he was in extreme pain. It took several more days of medications and respiratory therapy before he was able to come home. He's real grumpy and real angry that he has to stay on oxygen 24/7. He's giving my Mom and Sister a tough way to go. I feel bad that I can't be there longer but I had to get back to work.   
The garden suffered from neglect while I was gone. My potted plants on the patio bit the dust and I don't think there is hope for resurrection. 
The Native plants hung in there but they were very thirsty too.

The weeds are thriving :( some of them have gotten 2 - 3 feet tall. I cleared  one flowerbed and hope to do another one tomorrow. 
Half of the veggie garden is full of tall grass :(
My work is cut out for me for the whole month I think. At least the heat wave is over now we just need rain. 
Here's my drink photo.... what's left of my morning coffee setting next to one of the watermelons in my garden. It's growing standing up on it's end rather than laying on it's side like normal. Thought it was funny :) 

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Sorry if I rambled a bit.... my brain is still frazzled from last week. 
So be sure and check out the other folks at the tea party :) I'm sure their brains are still working. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

T Stands For Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends! 
What a week we have had here! Temperatures in the 100° s and heat index about 12 to 15 degrees higher 😨 
We have finally had a break in the weather with much needed rain and cooler temps!
Even though we stayed inside the heat just straps the energy right out of you. So all I got done was knitting and reading. 
The knitting is coming along... only 5 more inches to go 😅 I may actually get it done this month. I started it the first week of July. 

We are not going to count the mistakes in it. I should have picked a simpler pattern to brush up those forgotten skills on. But I like it. 
There was not much cooking done last week. Lots of salads and sandwiched and a couple of meal eaten out. One of our outings was to Denny's for their fantastic breakfast meals.  
With coffee of course...

There's lots of dead heading to be done in the flower beds.. The heat was hard on a lot of the plants. 

....and and the tomatoes are really starting to come in now. Especially the cherry ones. I'm giving them away by the bags full :)
The blackberries have been loaded but it hard to beat the Japanese Beetles to them . I have gotten several good sized batches picked though so I can make some blackberry syrup and a cobbler or two. The syrup is my favorite though. I love it on ice cream ...YUM !!!! 
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello my Tuesday Friends!!!! 
Brother it is hot here!!!! HOT! HOT! HOT! 
It was 91° F at 9 am this morning and the humidity is high too. So my morning chores in the garden were a drippy experience and it was me that was dripping :( 
Our forecast for the rest of the week is right at 100° F every day. I'll be staying inside as much as possible. Just going out to move "Hank" the sprinkler around the yard. 
This morning I planted two new Echinacea's in the garden. I don't usually plant in this type of heat but we got a new shipment of the "Cheyenne" Echinacea in  and they were flying out the door fast. So I bought them and knew it would be easier to keep them alive in the ground than in the plastic pots. 
Here they set in my circle drive flower bed. Along with my morning coffee which was quickly traded out for iced herbal tea! 
I just love these bright coral orange flowers and they should really give the flower bed a boost in color. They had some yellow ones on Saturday when I first saw them but when I went back out to buy them the yellows were all gone. Hopefully they will get another shipment of them. 
The Joe Pye Weed started blooming this week which usually means that the Monarch Fall migration is going to start soon. A bit early this year but we will see. I haven't seen a Monarch in weeks but that's not unusual for here in the middle of the summer. 

For quick update on Lady. She went to the vet and got a clean bill of health. We had them give her all of her shots and have decided to keep her for ourselves. 
It's past the required posting dates for stray dogs so she has her forever home now. ♥
No art again this week. I'm still knitting... or trying to ...  a cowl. It is coming along and will be wearable if not perfect. Crochet is just so much easier ans faster for me :) 

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Monday, July 10, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends. 
This has been a totally different week for us here. 
Last Tuesday we had a very frightened Senior Dog show up at our place while all of the 4th of July fireworks were going off. 
She could barely walk and was very thin, but she somehow managed to crawl up the tall steps to our back deck. 

We tried to get her to go back down the steps to the basement where it would be cooler and quieter but she wasn't budging from our deck. So we move the dog house ( that our dogs never use anyway) over to one corner and sectioned it off with portable kennel pieces we still have since Shadow was a puppy 9 years ago.  She ate and drank water and went right in the doghouse and went to sleep. 
She almost blind in one eye and has early cataracts in the other eye and her hearing isn't the best so you have to speak loudly but not yell. She doesn't like really loud noises. 
Part of the reason she could not walk well was her nails were way too long. 
So we trimmed them up and she now sprints around the yard when we take her out . 
She has moved to the basement  and is totally house broke. Which is fantastic! 
A good flea bath and a few meals and she is a totally different dog. 

There are the required drinks for this week... her water in the square ice cream container and Bob's coffee. This was our little after bath rest on blankets in the shade while she dried off.  She didn't like the whole bath thing at all but we managed to get it done. 
Here she is stealing treats out of Bob's pocket LOL! 
I have posted on all of the local lost pets websites and called all of the local vets and left my info in case someone  is looking for her. I think she has been on her own for awhile and has a few minor injuries from it. 
I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow for good check up. 
We haven't introduced her to the other animals yet until we are sure she is not ill or will be leaving to go home.   
Here are too more photos of her today after she is all dry and looking good... and begging for a treat after her duty walk :) 

We started off calling her Liberty but she would not respond to that at all. Then Bob called her Lady and she turned her head and her ears perked up . So now we call her Lady and she responds every time. 
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