Monday, July 10, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends. 
This has been a totally different week for us here. 
Last Tuesday we had a very frightened Senior Dog show up at our place while all of the 4th of July fireworks were going off. 
She could barely walk and was very thin, but she somehow managed to crawl up the tall steps to our back deck. 

We tried to get her to go back down the steps to the basement where it would be cooler and quieter but she wasn't budging from our deck. So we move the dog house ( that our dogs never use anyway) over to one corner and sectioned it off with portable kennel pieces we still have since Shadow was a puppy 9 years ago.  She ate and drank water and went right in the doghouse and went to sleep. 
She almost blind in one eye and has early cataracts in the other eye and her hearing isn't the best so you have to speak loudly but not yell. She doesn't like really loud noises. 
Part of the reason she could not walk well was her nails were way too long. 
So we trimmed them up and she now sprints around the yard when we take her out . 
She has moved to the basement  and is totally house broke. Which is fantastic! 
A good flea bath and a few meals and she is a totally different dog. 

There are the required drinks for this week... her water in the square ice cream container and Bob's coffee. This was our little after bath rest on blankets in the shade while she dried off.  She didn't like the whole bath thing at all but we managed to get it done. 
Here she is stealing treats out of Bob's pocket LOL! 
I have posted on all of the local lost pets websites and called all of the local vets and left my info in case someone  is looking for her. I think she has been on her own for awhile and has a few minor injuries from it. 
I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow for good check up. 
We haven't introduced her to the other animals yet until we are sure she is not ill or will be leaving to go home.   
Here are too more photos of her today after she is all dry and looking good... and begging for a treat after her duty walk :) 

We started off calling her Liberty but she would not respond to that at all. Then Bob called her Lady and she turned her head and her ears perked up . So now we call her Lady and she responds every time. 
Today's Random Thoughts 



  1. awe, God bless you for taking care of lady. That poor thing, and now she knows what kindness and love is. Brought me to tears Carol. No animal deserves neglect of any sort. I would have taken her in too. Hope all goes well. Lovely thoughts for the day . Happy T day!

  2. This warms my heart. Poor baby. She is so lucky to have found you and you are lucky to have her too. Thank you for such a warm story on this T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. I am so glad that Lady found you in her distress, and wonderful that you have taken her in and are looking after her. The poor thing must have been terrified being out alone with the fireworks banging. She looks great now, and hope the vet gives her a clean bill of health and that she can stay with you. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. So pleased Lady is ok now it must have been so scary for all of you..I love a happy ending so wish you well.

    Happy at a Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Lady is a totally different dog now that she is eating and clean. My heart goes out to you for being such a good Samaritan. And Lady seems happy, too. In a way, I know you don't need another dog, but she is so sweet, I hope you can give her a forever home that she obviously needs.

    Thanks for sharing Lady's water bucket (a first for t time, I'm sure) and Bob's coffee with us for T this Tuesday. And your random thoughts are touching, too.

  6. What a beautiful story, you are very kind looking after Lady so well 😀. I had a little tear in my eye at the name as my best friend in the world when I was growing up was our golden labrador retrieve called Lady. I love your thoughts for the day, spreading kindness is a good moto to live by and spreads happiness 😁. Wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  7. What a lovely post. Lady chose to come to you when she needed help and you have given her love and hope.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  8. I hope you're able to find her folks, but they may have quit looking for her if she's been away that long :( But you are doing right by her, and she looks like a different dog for it :)

    Happy T Tuesday

  9. So nice of you for taking her in.... We used to do that in our younger days.... I remember hubby crawling under a car to get a wee lost dog and getting bit in the Hubby is allergic to dogs these days and i've had enough of caring for dogs and cleaning up after them so we are cat people So so nice of you to do this... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  10. Oh, what a lovely story, Carol. You've done a wonderful job rescuing Lady and restoring her to health (hopefully). I hope the story has a happy ending - whether that means her long lost owner happily claims her or you and Bob get to add another love to your menagerie ;-)

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  11. Oh my, Carol... I think she landed in the bestest of homes! She is beautiful and has a big smile. She knows she is home... you knew that, you were chosen!

  12. Thank you to your new doggy friend Lady for sharing her beverage with us today. :) She looks like a sweetie, and it seems like she knew where she could find refuge with some kind humans.

  13. are a kind soul and those animals seem to know it. :) Lady is a pretty girl.
    Happy T Day!

  14. Lady is gorgeous. If I lived any closer I would gladly have her. Bless her. I hope you find her real home, but if she is not welcome i'm sure she would be most welcome with you. I think dogs have an instinct as to where to find kindness.
    I love your kindness quotes. There is so Little of it. But I make a point of practicing kindness. I do hope more people do too.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,