Friday, September 27, 2013

Ahhhh... September! Where did the Summer GO ?

I'm having trouble believing that it is Fall already! With the cold wet long Spring weather it barely seemed like we had a summer this year. 
Even if it was short I managed to stay extremely busy the whole way through.
My new front flowerbeds are starting to look like real flower beds.

My sister contributed a glass garden sculpture that she made from flea market and garage sale glass finds. Love it!!!

The Moon Flower bush behind will have to be moved just got too big and spread over the patio. Plus we had a major problem with the bees and yellow jackets it attracted. :( 
I worked on several wool dyeing projects ...
felted and over dyed a wool jacket I found at a resale shop.
The jacket started out a size 16 W and after felting ended up a size 12 
I wasn't real crazy about the kelly green color so I overdyed it with red and it came out a really pretty purple/brown. 

I will probably add some felted applique or embroidery work to it and replace the buttons.   

I also gave dyeing wool yarn a shot and love the yarns I ended up with ....

Here are the two scarfs I'm working on with the yarns. I totally love the way the yarns worked out and will be doing some more of my own dyeing !

I also started doing my art again .
I joined the 29 Faces in September challenge and have totally enjoyed it. Working on my last piece now.... 
If you're interested you can check them all out on my Art Blog here...

So even though I haven't been blogging I have been very active.... trying not to spend so much time on the computer and more time living.  ♥


  1. Hi Carol! Hope you are getting some rain!! I love the jacket.. :) And the scarves! My petunias and butterfly bushes are just now coming back to life. The lawn too. Our trees are dropping leaves like it is November. What happened to the wet season in Fall?

  2. love your wools Carol-what did you use to dye with? off to check out your art blog

  3. A moonflower bush? That's a new one for me....:)

  4. Hi Carol, I'm finally getting around to visiting blogs again since my health has improved a bit. I know what you mean about the growing season this year, it was painfully short. I love your garden and your art!

  5. love your dyed yarn..clever. I am crocheting a blanket at the moment..I love to crochet granny squares then join them up to make blankets when the weather starts getting colder

  6. Love your wool and what you are doing with it. I never heard of a moonflower bush. I'll have to check that out. You've been busy. Thank you for sharing. Hope you are better.