Tuesday, July 4, 2017

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends!
Summer heat is back and so are the summer bugs! They are destroying parts of my garden ... the dreaded Japanese Beetle has crawled out of the ground and onto the plants eating away at some of my favorite plants. 
The rose bush is leafless and bloomless now and the favorite apple tree is in major distress!
They have discovered the comfrey plant also.

I'll be mixing up a bucket of soapy water to knock them off of the comfrey today... and I'll be spraying the apple tree with soapy water today too. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll have to spray again on Thursday but then I'll use something a bit stronger. With some Neem oil added!
No new art this week. Still stuck right here on this piece...
I just may leave it for a bit and start something new. Like doing one of the  LIFE Book classes I never got around to. 
No new butterflies or caterpillars. I did find a few eggs and one of them hatched but died right away :( But I don't usually have many in June or July . August and September start the fall migration for me. 
I went to see my parents over the weekend and both are looking much better. We had a nice visit and celebrated mine and my sisters birthday. No pictures this time . 
For my drink this week I'm re-using one from the winter... thinking cooler weather :) 
Some Random Thoughts

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  1. Glad to hear your parents are doing well again, but those beetles look horrible, yuck! Sorry you have to contend with them. Look after yourself, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Good news about your parents but bad news about the beetles. Hope you get rid of them soon.

    Have a happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. OMGosh, that's quite a plague of beetles, Carol! Good luck getting them out of your lovely garden.

    I've been a Life Book dropout for a couple of months, but just did one of the lessons over the weekend and had fun. I love it all but the number of classes is overwhelming. What a bargain!

    Glad your folks are doing better.

    Happy Birthday and Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  4. so many nasty beetles! I'll have to look around our garden because we have had them but no near as bad as yours.
    Good news regarding your parents and how nice to have that family time again. I too have classes yet to complete but I'll need to wait until son moves out this month so I can have my art room back in full swing. Happy 4th and happy T day!

  5. Good luck ridding your poor plants of the beetles! I'm glad you had such good family time :) Happy 4th!

  6. Carol theres some kind of attractant out there too... It comes in bags that you hang on the plant and the beetles fall in... I heard about this from an avid rose gardner... she still has to pick some off but the bags help... Wishing you well with them... Hugs! deb

  7. Oh, those naughty beetles, they look quite evasive so I hope they don't eat everything! Your artwork is lovely just as it is, and the patterns and colours did remind me of the image of the lady on your last thought of the day, which is very beautiful too 😀. I love you happy mug, it made me smile - wishing you a very Happy T Day! J 😊

  8. I had white flies hit my herbs and tomatoes at the end of last year's crop. It's not pretty to see these nasty bugs that prefer to destroy. If only they would learn from the bees. At least it's not a nasty fruit fly that nearly destroyed the CA crops in the early 80s.. They destroy from within and you don't know they were there until you bite into the fruit.

    I adore your mug. I sometimes use my snowman mug I bought one summer so I could cool off. It doesn't work, but it's good blog fodder, at least!

    Thanks for sharing your garden with us, along with that painting (which I would also let sit awhile till the spirit moves), and your fun winter mug with us for T this Tuesday. Hope your 4th is going well.

  9. Good news about your parents, it would be nice for you all spending some time together.
    Those beetles don't look good to have in the garden. I don't think we get them in the UK and I hope I may be far enough north and our climate too cold to be suitable for them,
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  10. After reading Jo's comment, I went back and looked at the painting. I agree it DOES remind me of that woman in the random thought.

  11. Third time is a charm. It is LOUD here. I live in the city and fireworks are popping off right and left. And it isn't even nighttime. It's been like this since the end of the month and can continue through the 5th here.

    Right before I left MO for KS, they outlawed cherry bombs, but not bottle rockets. I bought packages and packages of them before I moved. I still have a few to this day. I no longer shoot them, because I'm saving them for a very special (as yet unknown) occasion.

    Also forgot to mention how good it was to read your parents are feeling better.

  12. Wow. That is sure a whole lot of Japanese beetles. Those insects are nasty and they do hurt the roses. I'm not ready to think cooler weather though-we are actually having some gorgeous weather right now, and I can send some it your way. Or I can try. Goes against the weather patterns but if I could snap my fingers and make it work I would. Hope your weather cools down. hugs and happy T day. Erika

  13. How awful about those beetles! There are so many! I hope you can get rid of them. I use soap wáter spray for aphids. I hope the beetles also dislike the soap.
    I'm glad to hear your parents are felling better. That must be a load off your mind.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  14. oh my you got those beatles bad-we visited a new friend's garden last week-and she had them too-her Japanese maple was almost stripped of leaves-really sad-good luck getting rid of those-I don't have much growing here this year so I am good so far--

  15. Ugh! Nasty Beetles! I do hope you ged rid of them! Your painting is lovely so far but if you aren't getting anywhere with it you are right to leave it for a while - put it where you can see it and I'm sure that in the middle of something else you will get some inspiration to finish it! I'm glad we don't get your heat - it's bad enough here at 25*C ! Why is it that on really cold days in Winter I wish it was like today but today I would have a frosty day as preference? Belated happy T Day! Chrisx

  16. Good Morning, Carol! Foggy here after rain yesterday and we are still fighting the Japanese Beetles and now mites have attacked our Junipers and my Kimberly Queen ferns. We got rid of the beetle bags and have started using Sevin again. I am so sorry they are attacking your plants and apple tree. They seem to be less in numbers but still very active. I am happy you had a good visit with your parents. Love that little cup!

  17. wow, that is a lot of Japanese beetles! good luck with the spraying, hope it takes care of the problem. lovely colorful painting...lots of possibilities! happy very belated T day!