Monday, December 5, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday Friends!!!! 
It's been an eventful week around here again. Somehow....not at all sure how.... I managed to bruise the bottom of my foot last Thursday. It hurt Friday but I went to work anyhow... I've pretty much been on the couch since 😢   Unable to but any weight on it with out it hurting severely and swelling up. 
The bright side is that I got three vest crocheted and a hat & scarf set done.  Now all I have left to crochet for the holidays is one vest and two more hat sets. 😅 Had to give the hands a break today though .
The foot is much better today so I can walk around with the help of a cane and could get some of the house work done. 
Work wants me to come in tomorrow and they will let me set on a stool or a wheel chair and greet customers and give directions.  No pushing carts around or hauling carts of returns to their home departments 😏
Will be a boring 4 hours for sure .
 Mini had not understood why we are not going for walks ...
If we are not walking she wants to play ...CONSTANTLY! 
Both of them couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting off the couch ...
They do make a good leg warmer. 😊

This morning I took her out for a very short walk around the yard. It was cold and foggy and a bit frosty too. 

  Maybe this is the last dandelion of the season ? 

Speaking of flowers .... 
Remember the last of the little roses that I brought into the house a few weeks ago?
Well they have been dead for a while but I kept forgetting to throw them away. Last week when I finally got around to it I noticed that the stems had formed little roots. So I trimmed off the dead leaves and blooms and stuck the stems into a pot of soil and made a mini green house out of a soda bottle. 
I set them back in the kitchen window and figured I'd be throwing them out in a couple of weeks because I have never had luck with rooting roses from cuttings before. 
Well this week we have new leaves...tiny ones but healthy ones. 
With any luck we may actually get a little rose bush by Spring ♥
So for my drink related photo today... I'm showing you the new coffee mug my Hubby just ordered for me. 
He was going to give it to me for Christmas but couldn't keep a secret that long :)  I think he did good 😘
...Random Thoughts for Today...

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  1. Golly, Carol. I feel for you. I hope your work tomorrow goes smoothly, because I can almost feel your pain. It's good that the company you work for is understanding. That doesn't happen in industry, so be glad/thankful you are in retail.

    Mini will have to get used to you not catering to her every wish. This is a good lesson, perhaps.

    I've never had a rose grow roots before, but I don't cut them long like that. That is interesting, and I look forward to updates, too. But the dandelion truly is on its last leg.

    Your new mug is so, so funny. Your husband has a great sense of humor, and I think you will be using that mug lots.

    Thanks for sharing your rose growth and your new mug with us for T this Tuesday. Hope you can stay off the foot and it heals properly.

  2. I'm sorry you've hurt your foot and hope it's better soon. I know you're tired of being laid up :( I haven't seen a dandelion is ages! Your frosty one is a treat to see lol. I'm excited about your rose taking root that way. I hope it does well once you transplant it. Happy T Tuesday!

  3. Feel better soon with your foot!
    Mini is just adorable and your new mug is just funny!
    Love your rose and good luck with the rooting from cutting!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. What a lovely post today. Sorry your foot has been hurting so much, and hope you will soon be able to get out and about again to please those little dogs! They look so sweet. Good that you used the time for crocheting, that gave you something to do. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. Terrific posts today and pleased your foot is better. Could do with your 'leg warmers' as we have freezing fog today

    Have a happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. this is the first time i hear that cut roses got roots in the water... i wish you good luck growing a bush out of them! and i think i never saw a dandelion with frost...
    i´d love to have such foot warmers, too;) wishing you a fast healing!
    happy t-day

  7. Sorry to hear about your foot Carol- glad it is improving. But love your leg warmers...I have 2 of those too and they sure keep my toes warm on the couch-and in bed some nights too. :) How cool that rose cutting grew roots- you might get another bush for your gardens next year.That would be exciting. Happy T day-stay warm. Hugs-Erika

  8. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your mishap. I hope it is slowly improving. Poor doggies. They so dearly want to go out and run about.
    Well, you will certainly get a lot of knitting done! Your husband did good to give you that mnug. It was most appropriate.
    Rose cuttings. Lovely. I hope you get another rose out of it. Just keep it from freezing. It will take.
    Happy T-Day,

  9. Carol!!! Your poor foot! I hope it gets to feeling better soon... Its no fun not being able to walk and move around .... i got to understand that first hand when we moved from CA to AR and i hurt my knee... Will never take mobility for granted again!! Awww your puppies know your not feeling your best...and they want to help. :)

    Wow kudos on that rose!!! Fingers crossed it makes it! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. Hope you are back to walking soon. Precious pups!! I am so impressed with your rose cutting! We cannot grow roses here, they take too much pampering and pesticides.

  11. Poor you. I hope you will be okay at work, feet take a good while to recover. Loved how the dogs settled beside you, they just give us endless love.
    Wow to your success with the rose, hope it continues to thrive.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  12. Foot pain is horrible...I've had both plantar fasciitis and a Morton's neuroma...ugh!! Just make the pain go away.
    We had a couple really late dandelions in our yard as well...weird. Love that your rose is growing!

  13. Hope your foot is doing better, so miserable not being able to walk......but look at what you got crocheted in the process!
    I've never seen cuter leg warmers! They really do not understand a break in routine....but they love us unconditionally anyway.
    WOW! I hope that rose grows into a lovely bush for you. It had a beautiful colored bloom.
    Happy T-day

  14. Sorry to hear about your foot, I'm glad you are on the mend :-). Seems you put your time to good use with your crochet - amazing! Love your leg warmers, they are so cute :-). I bet you were delighted to see the leaves on your rose cutting, wonderful :-). Wishing you a speedy recovery and a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  15. How weird to hurt your foot that badly and not even recall how. You must have banged it pretty hard. Take care not to overdo while it heals. You certainly made the most of your time laid up with all that crocheting!

    Your fur friends are adorable and look very devoted to you.

    I laughed out loud at your mug. That's priceless!

    Happy T Day, Carol!

  16. Oh dear! Hope you can cope in work! Well done for encouraging the rose to grow! I must say hubby has done well to find that fun mug - he must have been so seen to give it to you! Take care! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. Carol, I'm so sorry to hear about your foot, oh, that's too bad. Goodness, we can't catch a break lately, can we? I love your dogs, how sweet. I hope work wasn't too bad. Look at how productive you are with your projects even while you're hurting. Good for you! I love the mug!

  18. I hate that you have to go in to work at all with your foot! I bet the dogs were thinking "what's up with her?"... :) That tiny rose is going to hang on for spring. I am sporting a lovely bruise on my forehead because at 3 in the morning Monday I walked into the frame of the bathroom door!