Tuesday, December 13, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again 😊 and time visit with my 
"T" friends .
Is anyone ready for Christmas yet? I 'm finding myself feeling a bit pressured to get things wound up.  I really want to be done by this coming weekend so I can relax and enjoy the Holiday week.  I will have to force myself to stop looking at new crochet patterns or I will never get finished. LOL!
 I have hardly done any decorating at all. Just the little ceramic tree that my MIL made in 1963. I will try to find the Santa she made to put out too. 
Of course the cup of coffee is always near and I've brought out the snowman cup .
This weekend maybe I'll drag out a few more items to spruce it up around here. 
 The wreath is on the door..
... I do believe it is starting to show it's age too and maybe a bit more color is needed. It looks better on the outside door which is white, just no photo of it there . 
The foot has healed so Mini and I have started walking a bit here and there. Mostly later in the morning though so now new sunrise photos. It's hard to force myself outside when it's dark and  only 16°F out there. It's a bit warmer this morning but misty rain and slick. I'll wait for more light. 
Last nights sunset was visible through trees now that the leaves have all fallen. 
 I bought Mini a pair of Christmas socks LOL! She doesn't like them at all and it shows. 
She also needs a trip to the groomers ASAP. She is starting to look a bit shabby. I had thought I would let her hair grow out but I don't know if I can handle this unruly in between stage. 😡
Maybe if I just trim up her ears it will help? 
She looks much better in this picture.. she has discovered the cats pillow by the window... the cat is not so happy about sharing it with her either. 
The little rose is still growing!!!

So that is about all that is happening here. I need to get back to those hats I have to finish off. 
Today's Random THOUGHTS 

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  1. Hi Carol, Glad your foot is better. Mini looks like she's sulking with those socks! But I like her wild hair look. Hope you get all your preps done soon so that you can enjoy your holiday week. Happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  2. It's nice to read your foot has healed. I'm with Valerie. I don't think Mini likes the socks. Her bah humbug attitude seems to match mine (grin). Seems several of us are a bit overwhelmed about now.

    Your tree is adorable. I remember those trees because I have a friend who used to make them even in this millennium. She said many people bought them because they were sentimental and part of theirs had broken. She owns a green ware shop and does all her own firing and glazing.

    I like your random thoughts today and enjoyed seeing the rose that is growing well. Of course, I adore that Santa mug. Thanks for sharing it, Mini's socks, and your tree with us for T this Tuesday.

    I like Mini's longer look, too. Her fur will keep her warm on winter walks.

  3. 16°F?! Wow! But I'm glad your foot is to where you can get out when you like. I know dogs miss their walks when we're not able.

    I'm so impressed by your success with the rose. Sweet :)

    What a cute cup. I know I'd enjoy that throughout the wintertime. Happy T Tuesday!

  4. Looks like I missed what happened to your foot while I was away. But glad all is healing.
    Poor Mini Me-she does not look happy at all with the socks. if only she knew how good they'd feel on the cold cement outdoors:)
    From the looks of it, many of us are not decorating as much this year but what's displayed still looks great and gives that festive feel. Great random thoughts-love the snowman one:) Happy T day!

  5. So glad to hear you foot is healed, I bet Mini Me is pleased to go on your walks again too ... maybe not in her new socks though (tee hee!). Your little Christmas tree is beautiful and your wreath is such a wonderful design :-). The very last thought for the day speaks to me and makes me smile - it's so true. Happy T Day! J :-)

  6. Good to read you are getting a bit more mobile and your foot is healing. I think your ceramic tree looks beautiful.
    Its a super Santa mug for your coffee.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne x

  7. Hope you finish your hats and get as much decorating done as you want. Its so easy to get too wrapped up in all the holiday chores-even if they are fun. :) Happy T day- Hugs-Erika

  8. Your MIL made that ceramic Christmas tree - wow - pretty amazing. I think Mini-You looks good with a bit of hippie hair. But if grows longer it might prove to be a good toy for your Siamese :)
    Happy T day!

  9. Carol I have out our ceramic tree that my Mom made for CH and I Christmas 1974 only our tree is green! The white tree is beautiful! Mini's Christmas socks are a hoot!!! Hang in there Little Rose!

  10. Hi Carol. You must have linked up late last week. So I missed this lovely post ;-( Better late than never?

    I bet you could bring the wreath to life with a mist of gold spray paint. Maybe stick some red berries in there as well. Don't give up on it. It's charming.

    Mini looks adorable in those stockings despite her expresion of disgust. lol. She has quite a personality.