Tuesday, August 9, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello all! 
I'm back from my little extended weekend and then a couple of days of recovery :) 
Had a great visit with my daughter and her family. But these little trips really wear me out and there was so much to do with the garden veggies when I got home. I still  have beans and cucumbers  in the frig down stairs that need something done with them. 
So not  a whole lot of art done. :( 
I did start on re-purposing an empty tea box.

I've started adding layers of  paint onto it now :)  This will be used as a gift box for some of my own blended teas :) 
The tea in the glass is Blackberry leaf with with lemon mint and lemon balm :) 

The other thing that is keeping me tired these days is this little rascal.

A five pound bundle of energy that we rescued off the highway after he was nearly run over by two cars :( 
We took him to the vets office and he is not chipped. So I have posted on 3 different lost/found pets sites to see if someone is looking for this jewel. We stopped at several houses along the highway but no one knew who he belonged to. One lady said he'd been hanging around for a couple of weeks and she had fed him but couldn't keep him because her Pit Bulls wanted to eat him. :( 
He's young...very young ... and isn't house broken and seems a bit stubborn on that issue so could be he was dumped by someone. I wish we could find out his real story :(  If he isn't claimed after 7 days I'll pull the adds and we will either keep him...depending on our other pets. Or find him a great forever home. 
Our dog is adjusting to him so far... still a bit on the jealous side but getting better . The cats pretty much stay in hiding so far. He wants to play with all of them LOL! i should be interesting if he stays. 
So now my living room has a temporary kennel set up in it for the house breaking stage. 
We had to put the wood on top to keep him from jumping right out :) We tried a screen but he figured out how to move that right away. 
The "Naked Ladies" are really in full bloom now...

This is just a sampling of the ones I have. They multiply so quickly and get very dense. Some parches need thinned out and replanted but don't know as if I'll get to that this year. 
Here is a couple of photos of the park I visited while at my daughters last week. A magically beautiful place ♥

Believe me when I say I took a ton of photos so there will be more in the future :) 
Today's Random Thoughts

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 T Stands for Tuesday


  1. The box you are working on looks good. Love the look of that little rascal you found on the road, hope he can stay with you. Your garden is looking good. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Great idea on redoing the tea box. I'm sure it will be lovely. Cute puppy...the house training has to be a pain though.
    Love your photos.

  3. Love that altered box. Please show us when you've finished with it.
    You're going to have your hands full with that pup by the sounds of it. Has 'it' got a name yet? I hope he is a fast learner.
    What lovely flowers in your garden!
    The photos of the park are stunning. Those rock formations are awesome. I love that sort of thing. If you have more photos, keep them coming!
    Happy T-Day,
    And a great week ahead,

  4. Love all your photos! I always feel guilty when I recycle a tea box because they are so cleverly made and have so much potential for art projects. you've done a beautiful job decorating yours! the box will be as special as the tea inside! gorgeous photos, and love the Random Thoughts...good luck with the puppy!

  5. What a wonderful post. Love the tea box, and I guess the tea comes from your garden, too.

    What an adorable pup. I hope you get to keep him, but if you can't potty train him, that will be a negative against him. I learned at that age, you have to watch them constantly. Soon you will just "know" when they need to go and you can get them outside. If you are successful, then you praise them. It's best not to scold them when they do wrong, though. Ignoring them is far better.

    Lovely, lovely photos of the park. Your daughter must live in a beautiful area.

    OK, true story. I used to shop late at night in our 24 hour grocery store so I could dance as I pushed the cart up and down the aisles. Sometimes the clerks, who were stocking the shelves would look and sometimes they would join in shaking to the music.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely tales as well as your drink with us for T this Tuesday. So glad you had fun with your daughter.

  6. LOVE that re-purposing of the tea box. That is just so cool. Happy T Day.

  7. We called them surprise lilies, and every time I see them I'm reminded of Mother having them in her backyard. Fond memories :)

    I love the park scenes. I enjoy walking on trails in areas like you picture here, but there are no places like that here.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Wow, own blended teas sound delicious and I think whoever receives your wonderful gift box of teas is very lucky indeed! Glad you had such a fun time visiting your family. As for your little rascal, he looks like a bundle of joy and so cheeky too! I'm so glad he will have the happy ending he deserves with your help, thank you! The flowers are very elegant and I love the cart wheel in the middle of the flower bed, a great way to show off those beautiful blooms! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. Your altered box will be a great idea for keeping your blended teas and your garden looks flourishing with the wonderful blooms.
    I hope the little rascal has a happy ending to his story. He's nearly there with you finding him and looking after him. Some folk don't deserve to have pets when they just leave them at the roadside.
    Happy Tuesday.

  10. Your little rascal is adorable, raising a terrier is not an easy task, LOL, they always think they are in charge. I like your tea box makevoer - I do the same thing with drink caddies for gift sets.

  11. How can someone leave someone so adorable like that, especially by a highway where he could get hurt? I think I'd be falling for him pretty easily. And those views from that park are beautiful too. Wow- you have been busy. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. good idea to make a box for your own grown tea herbs! good luck with the dog. that park Looks like fairy tale!
    have a great summer, carol!

  13. So glad you found and helped that little guy! I hear you about being worn out. We took a day trip into Chesterfield yesterday and we both were totally exhausted when we got home at 5pm. The TRAFFIC!


  14. Your tea looks and sounds so very refreshing.
    What a sweet little doggie.
    So nice of you to take him in Carol!
    Your Belladona lilies are gorgeous. I miss our Naked Ladies as they just seemed to disappear. Our crazy squirrels may know something about that.
    Travel is wonderful but it can take the starch out of you especially in the heat I find.
    That park looks like a place for faeries so magically green and mossy and beautiful!!!
    Music and dancing in the grocery store really made me smile!
    Sorry I missed T this week I just couldn't get it together.

  15. Had to come back as it was niggling at me whether or not I commented on your fantastic tea box altering!
    That is such a great idea Carol and how wonderful your box is looking! Happy weekend to ya Ruff Ruff ;-) oxo