Monday, June 20, 2016


Keeping my fingers crossed that we actually get rain this time !!!!! The clouds are heavy and full and so hoping they don't sail on by. 
Hello my Tuesday friends ♥
Sorry about the preoccupation with the weather again. I just really would like to give Clyde (the sprinkler) a break for a awhile and look at green grass instead of yellow or beige heading towards brown grass. 
Today was a scorcher out there with highs in the 90's and horrible humidity too :( not my cup of tea at all. 
Speaking of tea's the photo of  my iced herbal tea drink of the day. 

It's a combination of Lemon Zinger Tea and Lemon & Ginger tea. Quite refreshing on a hot summer day ♥

Echinacea bud developing ...

 Sunflower bud...
 Shasta Daisy after a bath with "CLYDE" the 
 ...more Shastas...
...a Shasta bud... 

..and a tiny rose that just had to come inside with me :) 
It was a very slow day for me here. i slept in really late and then pretty much stayed inside until the sun set and then went out to haul CLYDE around to different flower beds. 
Most of the veggie garden is set up with soaker hoses so it's just a mater of flipping a valve there. Easier on me that way and probably the plants too. 
Today's Random Thoughts ...

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  1. Had to laugh at Clyde. I never would have thought to name my watering hose. I used to have soaker hoses, but they deteriorated over time and I never replaced them. I have a ritual where I water around 6 am before the sun heats up the garden and the mosquitoes come out to bite me.

    Today was a great day for iced tea, and I thought about it several times. I like your choice today, too.

    Loved the flowers, and the rose is gorgeous. I'd take that blue glass jar off your hands if you decide to get rid of it (grin). Cobalt blue and copper make up my kitchen decor.

    I hope I didn't scare off the rain and you get some. You could certainly have mine! Especially my basement!

    You had some lovely random thoughts today, along with your flowers and iced tea. Thanks for sharing them for T this soon to be Tuesday.

  2. Great name for a sprinkler! Hope you get some rain, and that we get less. It's grey and cloudy again, so looks like we are in for plenty of rain here again. Have fun in your garden and enjoy your iced tea. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Clyde, great name for your sprinkler! I hope you get some rain, what a difference it makes in the garden and what a difference it makes in the gardener, too. I'm always stressed when we have hot dry weather.

  4. I will send rain to you! I hope to get sun now after days of rain.
    Wonderful plants photos!
    Happy T-Day Carol!
    oxo Susi

  5. i could send you some rain, we had more than enough the last weeks... that tea Combo sounds refreshing. great quotes as always... have a happy week!

  6. We have wet by the bucket full here in the UK, I loved how you named the sprinkler Clyde. Enjoy your iced tea, it looks so refreshing.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. We had that weather too. Then this morning some rain came through (like at 4 AM) which woke me up. I hoped for a good rain but it stopped after about 10 minutes. Not good, we could also use a little rain up here in NH. Still love seeing your flowers. Happy T Day! Hugs-Erika

  8. I hope you did get some rain. We have drought too but luckily it is not yet so stiflingly hot. In the shade with a breeze it is quite pleasant.
    Love the photos of the flowers and the buds. Beauties!
    The quotes are brilliant as usual. although the first one is not true for me as a Christian. For me inner peace only came when I could completely let Christ or the Lord have control over my life.
    Happy T-Day,

  9. Good Morning! I hope you had rain. It thundered here too and it did rain but not enough to even show in the rain gauge... but we will take what little bit we can. We have been moving the hoses around too. I love all your random thoughts today... they work for what is going on in our lives lately. Love the little rose! Take care, Carol!

  10. I do hope you got some rain with the thunder. We had a small storm early this AM to cool off the humidity a bit. I happen to like it but it doesn't necessarily like me...
    I think it's funny you named your watering hose:) Flower photos are beautiful as are your thoughts for the day. Happy T day!

  11. Crazy about the's either feast or famine it seems.
    We are in need of rain here in Virginia too.
    Hope you get to give Clyde a rest!
    Your flower photos and especially the buds are stunning.
    Nature is just so amazing.
    Your herbal tea blend and your quotes are all very refreshing dear Carol.
    Happy T Day oxo

  12. I hope you get rain. We could use some here, too. Thanks for sharing your flower pix. I have those same flowers blooming here, though your daisies look much better than mine. Beautiful!

  13. The lemon tea sounds so refreshing! your flower photos are beautiful, and love your sketch too...happy T day! ♥

  14. I can send you some rain!Love your flower photos and what a treasure your rose is!

  15. Lemon Zinger Tea and Lemon & Ginger tea sounds wonderfully refreshing! Hope you get some rain soon so Clyde can have a rest. Today's random thoughts are so true! Wishing you a Happy T day! :-)