Monday, June 13, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Hello there Tuesday Friends!
It's certainly been a bit of a different week here. The summer heat has set in so all yard and garden work must be done after the sun sets but it's still light. We are also in need of rain ...badly here. We have a clay based soil so it doesn't take much for it to dry out and become brick like. :( 
So I'm spending my days inside which is not my favorite thing in the summer. 
So I started a new art project. 
 I gave away the other lunch bag I made out of a rice bag so I'm making myself a new one. :) I thought the Monarch Queen was more me anyhow :) 
Even with the rain shortage the flowers are trying to look great.

That Rose is the $4 clearance rose I bought late last fall. It's really doing well :) !!!

The Medicinal Echinacea are in bloom now too and the butterflies are very happy. 
 Purple Bee Balm
Lemon mint :) 
Ruffled Day Lily 
Red Bee Balm 
Lavender that has a Dratura  (commonly called Moonflower bush) coming up in it. Will have to get that out of there fast. 
So I guess I've reach my flower photo limit today. 
Today's random thought is an important one. 
It can't be said enough. 

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 T stands for Tuesday


  1. WOW, your echinacea is so much earlier than mine. In fact, I'm not sure I'll even have any this year because I don't know if it reseeded. But yours is doing well. I must find some bee balm, too. Sadly, my lavender is not going to make it. I'm SO disappointed.

    I love the looks of the Monarch Queen. I can't wait to see how this bag progresses. Thanks for sharing your flowers, herbs, and lovely art, as well as your Rise and Shine mug with us for T this soon to be Tuesday.

  2. I wish we could send you some rain - as you know, we have been getting rather more than our share. Your flowers are gorgeous, my faves are the echinacea and the hollyhocks. Have a wonderful T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. i´m such a fan of hollyhocks - but your other flowers also look great. your Quote couldn´t be printed big enough to Show to each and every one...
    happy t-day!

  4. Your flowers are just gorgeous. We've been kind of dry too, except that seems like every weekend we get some nice rain, and then we get these cold winds and everything dries back out. Its suppose to warm back up today though, which is good since it feels more like fall here. Hope you get some cool and rain so those flowers keep looking beautiful. Happy T Day!

  5. Lovely way to end your beautiful post dear Carol.
    Thank you for the beauty break.
    Love all of your blooms but there is something about Hollyhocks that ooh la laa are extra gorgeous to me.
    Your Monarch Queen is looking promising.
    We're having a bit of a respite from the scorching heat last week and it's not feeling like 100 at the moment. You're making great use of your indoor time.
    Happy T Day ... hope you get some rain soon

  6. Your monarch art is looking great-good thing to do when stuck indoors:) Gorgeous blooms and you certainly have a wonderful variety too! Your thought of the day -just a perfect way to end the post. Happy T day and wishing you rain for your flowers!

  7. Your preliminary drawing for the monarch queen looks like it's going to be a fun piece...looking forward to seeing your progress! Love all of your flower pictures...beautiful pink roses...and I enjoy seeing hollyhocks...they all look lovely. happy T day!

  8. Carol, I love your flowers, all of them! I wish I could grow hollyhocks, they were a constant companion by the barn wall growing up, always reappearing every year, but now we've lost them all. I can't seem to replicate the growing conditions they prefer. I love the look of your new project, can't wait to see the outcome! Thank you for the laugh, 'Captain of the Cleaning Police', I needed that this morning. :-)

  9. Such beautiful flowers and the variety is wonder you have butterflies visiting. What a great way to recycle those rice bags.
    Happy T day!

  10. Your flower photos look beautiful. Its lovely to see the butterflies flying beside the blooms, so restful.
    Happy Tuesday

  11. What lovely flowers! Your garden is really doing well. Are you allowed to water your plants (with a hose) or have you got a hose ban? I hope you can keep them going in the drought.

    Happy T-Day,

  12. What beautiful flowers you have grown, the Medicinal Echinacea blooms are so very pretty, I can see why the butterflies are so happy! Love your random thought, I agree it can't be said enough! Wishing you every happiness on this T-Day :-)

  13. Your flowers look beautiful! Fingers crossed for rain. We flirted with showers last night and the night before but they never happened! It looks like maybe some rain this morning, but I am not holding my breath!

  14. I've been out of town and missed a lot! Your flowers! I've never seen lemon mint in bloom, but now that I have I see how much I need it on my patio. I'm going to look for some today. Thanks for sharing photos. I love seeing what people have growing :)