Tuesday, June 7, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

Just a quick post today before I dash off to work. I planned to do this last night...but the brain forgot :( 
Here's my drink of the day. Drinking iced water by the gallons these days as I work outside. 
I worked more on the fish pond yesterday :) 
It's getting there. 
I decided the barbed wire ball in the background needed brighten up. 
So I grabbed the spray paint and sprayed away .
Here is the new look...
...and more random photos of the pond.

That's all I have time for :) 

Random Thought


  1. You have really created a little paradise for yourself out there - really beautiful! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. What a great Charlie Brown :-)
    Your pond area is looking really lovely Carol.
    The spray paint made that kool yard art piece really pop.
    I like barbed wire and have a couple of small hearts our son made for me one year.
    The tree in your pretty mosaic pot made me think of Black Walnut?
    Happy T Day... glad you made time to share today oxo

  3. I really love this little garden spot! barbed wire ball?...genius! and I adore that mosaic pot that the tree is in...happy T day!

  4. Love the Snoopy cartoon! Having a nice big lawn and garden sure is a lot of work.... hope you had a good day at work. Happy T day!

  5. Its a beautiful garden area with your pond, it would be good to just sit and enjoy the peaceful scene,
    Happy Tuesday

  6. What a beautiful garden! The barbed wire ball is now much more visible. What a bit of paint can do!
    Yes, Snoopy wisdom....

    Happy T-Day,

  7. I like your colorful wire sculpture. You have a nice arrangement of garden art. Happy T Tuesday!

  8. I was SO impresses with how much a bit of spray paint could change the look of that barbed wire ball. It brought out the color of the ball, as well as brightened up the surrounding areas. You did GOOD indeed, Carol. I'm totally impressed.

    Thanks for sharing your water with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks, too for the Snoopy fun.

  9. That should have read impressed, not impresses. I can't seem to get my fingers on the right keys today!

  10. I love seeing your garden photos the last few weeks. Your pond is looking gorgeous, and water is the best drink in the sun. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  11. Loved the photos of the pond! You are one hard working woman! :) Hugs! deb

  12. The pond looks lovely! I want one!!!