Tuesday, May 10, 2016

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday.
Time to have a drink with friends and catch up on everything that did or didn't happen since last week . 
I'm drinking ice water today... while trying to make a gift box cover out of one of my background pages. 

We're on vacation this week...actually started on last Thursday :0) By no means have we been setting back and relaxing at all though! It's been four days of almost constantly working on the yard and garden.
After getting the overly tall grass all cut it was time to tackle the backyard shade garden. It was completely over grown with weeds and those horrible invasive Bush Honeysuckle and Autumn Olive Shrub. Our whole wooded area is being overrun by them and will probably take most of the summer to get rid of. The Honeysuckle is blooming right now so the whole place smells so good :0) just wish they weren't so darn invasive. 
Just five years ago this was an open woodland that was easily walked throw and was beautiful. Finally I have convinced the husband to get it back where it used to be. 
The shade garden at the edge of the woods has become a mess since I hurt my back. So we tackled that. 
The before...

The husband tried to use the tractor to pull the bushes out with the lawn mower...but the ground was too soft and he just spun the tires :(
So he had to chop ..cut... and dig out the blasted things. In the process he broke both my pitchfork and my 4 prong rake. The two tools I use most so we will be shopping for
 replacements today.
Here is where we are with the shade garden now. 

There's still a bit of clean up to do but the hard parts are done. The fallen tree in the first picture has been cut up and moved to a different area in the wooded area that we kept clear. I will have another shade garden bed there with jewel-weed and other plants. 
I'm doing another experiment in the veggie garden this year. I loved the straw bales last year but I was late buying them this year and everyone is out except one place and they wanted $12 a bale. That's over twice what I paid before. The bad weather last Spring and Summer caused the shortage. 
So I am making my own out of yard waste and chicken wire. 
The Straw Bale Gardening book I have gives directions on how to do it. So I'm giving it a shot. We'll see if it does as well as the real straw bales. I did learn a BIG lesson in the process. When working with chicken wire, WEAR LONG PANTS AND LONG SLEEVED SHIRTS!!!
Or else you look like this....
It doesn't hurt at all and I didn't even realize I had done it until I started seeing blood on the ground :-/ 
  So that is where the yard and garden stand now. It rained yesterday and today it is raining so we aren't working outside. 
We are clearing out the spare bedroom to replace the carpet and make it into a hobby room for the husband  so we both have out own spaces :) 
I'll stop here before I totally overload the place with photos :) 
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  1. Nice Legs, ouch! You have been working hard again, well done. Great idea with making your own bales, err, except for the pattern you got on your legs. Those invasive plants are so hard to get rid of, we have a lot of plants along the Rhine which are really taking over. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Holy cow girl!! those cuts and scratches don't look so good! and if it were me, I'd have been into poison ivy somehow too...lol! You've been busy, and love your garden photos...take care, and do get some relaxation in on what's left of your vacation! happy tea day!

  3. You're such a dedicated and hard worker to keep your yard and garden so beautiful, but that leg-OUCH-that is a sacrifice for sure! Glad to see you're keeping some art time in the mix. Happy T day!

  4. You are one tough cookie/gardener Carol!
    Ouch. Clearly you were lost in getting those gardens ship shape.
    We too have a honeysuckle problem among other invasives.
    First you think ooooh doesn't that smell wonderful and then you realize wait a minute it's blooming in our garden.
    You and your husband are a dynamic duo.
    You may need a vacation from your vacation ;-)
    Wishing you a Happy T Day oxo

  5. Your dedication to your veggie garden amazes me. I would not have sacrificed my legs and arms like that. Your leg looks like it's in pain, even if it isn't.

    Your garden is truly impressive. I can't seem to keep up with mine, so I'm delighted to read that you and your husband are working in tandem to make yours the showcase it is.

    I also have a couple of invasive plants, including trumpet vine and bamboo. I'd give anything to get rid of both, but they just keep coming back and coming back.

    Your box is going to be really colorful, and I could use some ice water about now, since the temps have hit into the 80s.

    Thanks for sharing your art, your water, and your gardens with us for T this Tuesday. And yes, I'm in awe! And to think you are on vacation, too.

  6. Ouch! That looks sore! I hope it doesn't get infected, as sometimes happens with chicken wire.
    Gosh that was a bit of palaver to get thopse bushes out. But I do agree with you that honeysuckle fragrance is heavenly especially in the evening.
    I like your little project (box) made of background pages.
    Happy T-Day,

  7. Wow! That looks like quite a task - it's amazing how some plants really do take hold - we have ivy at our caravan garden that we have to pull from around the base of the shrubs each Spring - a little late this year having not been too well! Made a good start yesterday though! I hope your arms and legs recover soon! I look forward to seeing what you grow! Hugs, Chrisx

  8. Happy gardening, but be careful.

  9. Yikes. Be careful with that wire! Hoping your quasi-straw bales are abundantly productive. I've still never tried it but have friends who swear by it.