Monday, May 2, 2016

"T" Stands for Tuesday :)

Hello Tuesday Friends :) 

Two posts in one day is almost unheard of in my world :) but I just didn't want to combine the two topics into one long post and didn't think of posting 2nd on the 2nd last night when I should have. 
My drink of choice today is Herbal Ice Tea again. Today's flavor is a combination of Mints with Lemon Ginger. 
The art is just a couple of backgrounds I'm working on for the challenges I'm doing this year. Mostly just paint smeared so far :) 

The Hummingbirds have finally made an appearance ...they seem late to me but then my memory doesn't work all that well any more so who knows :) 

The Goldfinch have really brightened up now. The darker ones are the females and the really bright ones are the showoff males :) 
Even the House Finch have brighter red heads now. 

The Blackbirds are still hanging out on the suet feeders. 

More Iris are blooming and it's still wet out there. 

These were in the Eastern Sky at Sunset after a storm. I walked out to the road to see how the Western Sky looked and there were no clouds there and not color. I just thought these were so pretty. 
It was supposed to be sunny and warmer today... but that didn't happen. I guess Mother Nature didn't see the weather report last night. So it was wet all day and much colder but I swear the grass grew another 3 inches. It's really, REALLY, REALLY  tall now. It will be more difficult to mow it but I'll have lots of clippings for the veggie garden. :) 
Today's Random Thoughts

Don't Forget to stop on over at Elizabeth's and see what the rest of the
"T" gang is doing. 

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  1. I tried to work in my veggie garden this afternoon, that is until I unearthed a whole herd of ants. Yes, it was genuine herd! Anyway, my grass is as high as an elephant's eye (GRIN)! So I can agree with you on the sudden growth spurt.

    Your finches and blackbirds are gorgeous. I've set out a hummingbird feeder in the past, but never attracted any, so good for you.

    Your herbal tea sounds wonderful. Is it some of your home grown mint? Thanks for sharing it, your awesome birds and flowers, and your backgrounds with us for T this Tuesday. I hope you aren't swimming away like we have been for days!

  2. Your tea sounds good, a nice combination. The photos of the birds and flowers are great, I would love to see those birds over here. As I write this the magpie is raiding my supplies here! The cloud photos are lovely. Have fun with your journals, hugs, Valerie

  3. i love your Backgrounds... and i can tell, very often mine stay "as they are" after spraying for a Long time, just because i can´t decide to work on them (to destroy them, haha).
    i´m a cloud Lover, too, i have a big collection of cloud photos meanwhile, ever growing... that said - what do i not collect?;) of course i collect quotes, and These are good ones.
    happy t-day, carol!

  4. Your tea of choice sounds delicious. I have enjoyed my visit with you and seeing all your wonderful photos.

  5. Wow- you have irises blooming already. I guess that is the advantage of being several hundred miles south. I think you have the same humming bird feeder as me, I put mine out but am waiting to see them. And i love your T photo-the background is great. happy T Day! :) Erika

  6. Backgrounds are fun to make.
    Yours look nice Carol...sometimes it is hard to cover them up I find ;-)
    Great bird and nature photos from your lovely garden and those clouds! OH MY!
    We hardly see Red Winged Blackbirds here.
    Over my shoulder out in the wet soggy garden I am watching a black capped chickadee taunt some sweet little wrens by standing at the door of a birdhouse the wrens had been busy with. Nature is so entertaining and amazing! Thank you for sharing your photos and yummy tea.
    Happy T Day and Happy May oxo

  7. These bird photo s have brightened up my day Thank you Carol:-) I am inspired to paint them now.
    Happy T day (I'm yet to post mine)

  8. These bird photo s have brightened up my day Thank you Carol:-) I am inspired to paint them now.
    Happy T day (I'm yet to post mine)

  9. Happy T-day Carol!
    I love Irises, and have a very hard time NOT cutting them for the house. Mine have all finished now and I need to dead head them.
    All the birds are so pretty, and you get such good photos of them.

  10. Fabulous photos of the birds!! I am told the hummingbirds are in our area but I have yet to see any at my feeder (which has been out over a week already). Yes, aren't those male birds all show offs with their flashy colors? No fair to the girls. The grass... I know what you mean. Now we're waiting for the rain to go away so it can get cut again. Enjoy the rest of the week. Love the random thoughts. Happy T day!

  11. Your journal background is looking good- always good to have a few starters! I so wish I could pop over to your garden - those birds are fantastic - your goldfinch really is gold - English ones have black, white and red on them! Great quotes today! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. looks like you are doing all sorts of wonderful things. beautiful birds, flowers and clouds, art and yummy teas. lovely spring to you!