Monday, July 20, 2015


Hello my Tuesday Friends!!!
This will be a short post this week, I just don't have the energy to deal with this computer tonight. 
The rain has been back for 2 days now :( and lots of it again. 
Even with the rain I was able to pick enough tomatoes to make home made spaghetti sauce today :) 
This ...... this...
Now that big baby in the second bowl didn't go into the sauce today... 
It was yesterday's BLT....(bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich)  

I was able to get 4 slices out of that one tomato :) It weighed 1 lb and 10 oz. 
The bathroom is really coming together but those pictures are still on my phone so. You'll be able to see the finished room next week if all goes well. :) I am happy dancing inside  :) 

I forgot to take a new drink photo so I'm using an old one .... it is what I'm drinking today though... my good ole herbal tea blend..which I need to mix up more of . 
Today's random thought
Just one of those days here :( 


  1. I can send you a virtual hug, but no tequila or extra sleep. Golly that's a wonderful tomato. Big and bold and weighs more than many, I'm sure. And is that cilantro? Mine hasn't even gotten out of the seedling stage yet. But, those blackberries look yummy and there are lots more than my one little bush has made.

    Hope the computer woes get better and I hope you feel better, too. Thanks for sharing your garden, your rain (as if I need it), your BLT, and your herbal tea with us for T this week.

  2. Fabulous!
    Happy T-Day Carol!

  3. Awesome harvest! My tomatoes are just starting to ripen. I can't wait! LOVE tomatoes!
    Happy T day!

  4. Nothing beats a fresh tomato, and BLTs are a favorite for me :)

  5. What a harvest--that huge tomato reminds me of a favorite when I was young...a tomato sandwich! You've got the rain, we have heat and humidity--all in all just yucky! Hope things improve your way soon!

  6. hugs on their way-hope things are much better soon Carol. I cannot wait for our tomatoes to grow more and ripen-yum!! We had some heavy downpours last week but now all we've been getting is high heat and humidity(and we know what that can do to our bodies:( Happy T day and better days ahead!

  7. Oh, gorgeous harvest from your garden!! that first pic of rain sure looks familiar...a lot like the weather we've had in Ohio! happy T day!

  8. Look at that gorgeous bowl of goodness!!! That tomato has me drooling! We sure could use some of that rain!!! There is some hanging out to the West of us... i hope it comes on over!! Hugs! deb

  9. Lovely post, and I want a tomato like that! I have never seen such a bog one, wow! Hope the rain soon goes away, hugs, Valerie

  10. Your Tequila quote made me giggle.
    The extreme heat and humidity have me in a bit of a complaining mode I'm noticing.
    I never complain in winter ... just sayin.
    No one waters like Mother Nature and there is nothing like a vine ripened tomato...yum yum yum.
    Happy T Day to you dear Carol oxo
    p.s. hope you get your computer stuff squared away!

  11. I'm not surprised you need a hug etc! If only I was nearer(second thoughts, I couldn't stand the heat!)….. I do have tomato envy though - WOW! That is big!! Hope brighter days - in every way - arrive soon! Happy T day! Chrisx

  12. Oh I just LOVE the big tomatoes...and what a whopper at over a pound! Your fresh ingredients basket looks amazing, how wonderful. I'm sorry about the rain..I'm first to acknowledge the need and benefits but oh, it's difficult to like isn't it!!

  13. Oh nothing like a jumbo tomato and the thought of BLTs to make me smile. What a great harvest to enjoy.

  14. The tomatoes make me jealous, ours are still green Hoping the rain lets up and the remodeling gets finished soon. Better days ahead.


  15. I want a BLT! That tomato was perfect for your sandwich!!!!

  16. Love your tomatoes Carol!What a gorgeous sandwich!