Monday, July 13, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday & Gardens

Hello my Tuesday friends ! 
We are finally getting sun here!!!! It comes with high heat and high humidity but it's SUN ♥♥♥♥♥♥
I'm mostly recovered now from my wasp attach.... for those who don't see my other blog here's what my hand looked like on Friday... after a very close and personal contact with an unhappy wasp :( 
Today it looks like this....
...just a small bit of swelling by my thumbs and a funny greenish color ( that doesn't show well in the photo) . Today is the last day for the steroids too. So all is well. 
Now that the tomatoes are finally getting some sun they are turning yellow ... next week I'll probably be swimming in tomatoes that need taken care of. 

We are finally starting to see the winter squash. This is the first time I've grown Spaghetti Squash  so we'll see how well we like them. Still not seeing any Butternuts but there's still time. The zucchini are going strong :)
We only have one lonely watermelon  :( we had five growing but something ate about half of 4 of them... I think it was deer. The squirrels don't  bother them until they are ripe.
 The herbs need a hair cut desperately and hopefully I can get that done early in the morning before it gets too hot. I cut some of the Chocolate mint from the front garden early afternoon and nearly melted .
 This little guy decided to stop for a visit while I was trying to find the goldfish in the pond. The fish are hiding in the waterlilies trying to stay cool . 
My drink today is a new herbal tea for me... it's Nettles with cinnamon and honey and a dollop of coconut oil. 
Decided to work on another Inspirational Card deck and here is today's card. 
Today's Random Thoughts ...

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  1. That Mistakes reminds me of THINK AHEad. I like it.

    Glad your hand is better. It is good that you are not overexerting yourself until it's better.

    Lots of veggies. Wish I had a better garden, but like you, my herbs are way past due for a haircut. Must do that early in the morning, although even early in the morning it's nearly 80F at sunrise.

    Your tea sounds good, but I've only used coconut oil for making soap. Never cooked with it, although the kind I buy is food grade. Thanks for sharing your tea and your lovely garden with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Ouch on your wasp sting! Glad you are returning to normal.
    Great shot of your dragonfly perched on the equestrian plant (sp? I am always drawn to horsetail plant and even used some years ago to weave a small basket).
    Your tea sounds lovely. We use coconut oil alot but I've not tried it in a hot beverage.
    Happy T Day Carol oxo

  3. Oh, your poor hand! So glad it is looking and feeling a lot better! Interesting sounding tea, although I have never had coconut oil in tea. Your garden sure is doing well and with the sun returning you should be swimming in tomatoes soon!

  4. The wasps come when I water my patio. I haven't been stung yet, and I hurt for you. Ouch!

    Your herb garden is such a treat for me to see :) Thx!

  5. Lol, that last card made me laugh. But I was horrified to see your poor hand! That must have been one poisonous wasp! Glad it looks so much better. Happy T-Day!

  6. Oh Carol! The same thing happens to me when i get stung by wasp! I went 20 years without a stink them BAM! In TX i was stung twice in one summer while weeding the flower bed...I ended up getting steroids too I don't know how much they helped or it just went away eventually on its own but it was scary to see it swell up so much.

    I would love to hear whether or not you liked the spaghetti squash.. I've been thinking of trying one but chicken out every time... lol Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  7. Ooh! That sting looks painful - I have had quite a few wasp stings so know how painful your hand must have been! Your veggies look great. I have some chocolate mint - such a lovely fragrance but no idea what to do with it! Hope your hand gets better soon! Happy T day! Chrisx

  8. I'm so glad to see your hand is so much better now. I love the shot of the dragonfly, they are beautiful creatures.
    Many thanks for your sweet comment on my post :-D Happy T Day :-D xo

  9. Yikes! That looks very painful! Glad you are doing better. You veggies are looking great. I was up to check on the hail damaged garden's somewhat coming back so it wasn't a total loss.
    Happy T day...a day late!

  10. oh my goodness, so glad you are recovering! that swelling looks your cards. I've been thinking of doing one, but haven't gotten round to it yet... ;) Happy T day a bit late!

  11. I'm late, as usual, in getting return visits made from T-day.....things just get in the way...LOL Now I'm TAKING a break from loading the Playhouse for vacation, but need to get back at it before it gets too hot to go in and out, and in and out, and in and out......well, you get the picture!!

    What a horrible, nasty sting you received, but glad to see the swelling is subsiding.

    Chocolate mint sounds very inviting, what do you put it in?? I grow regular mint for a cucumber salsa/salad.

    Thanks for the T-day visit and the lovely comment, which you always leave....;)

  12. You have been up to a lot again. So glad your hand is better. Love the look of all your veggies, yummy! Have a good week and take good care of yourself. The inspirational card is wonderful. But my fave is the lovely dragonfly, so pretty! Hugs, Valerie

  13. You have been up to a lot again. So glad your hand is better. Love the look of all your veggies, yummy! Have a good week and take good care of yourself. The inspirational card is wonderful. But my fave is the lovely dragonfly, so pretty! Hugs, Valerie