Monday, July 6, 2015

"T" Stand for Tuesday !

Here it is time for another 
"T" For Tuesday post. 
It was  a crazy busy week at our house. 
the remodel is in full swing in the master bath :) 
We went from this... this....
 ...and this .... this ...
 ..totally gutted....
The framing in of the new Extra Deep Soak-er Tub is done...
...and the new linen closet is framed out....
... Hoping that they will be able  to get it finished by the end of the week :) 
I want to climb into that tub and stay there :) 
 The Japanese Beetles have arrived... about 3 weeks later than normal here but in force :(  
Today I picked five super yummy blackberries , should be a bunch more soon, if we get some more sunshine . 
I've only gotten the one tomato so far...but it was delicious! So many big green ones out there just waiting for the sun .
The youngest moved back in over the weekend so we are not only in construction confusion but wall to wall moving boxes  too. Once the construction is over he'll be able to move more stuff down to the basement. 
He brought his Bearded Dragon Lizard with him so we've added another animal to the troops too :)  
Life is always changing here :) 
My daughter got to go to all 5 of the Fare Thee Well , Grateful Dead concerts this past weekend and the weekend before. I admit I'm more than a little jealous :( 
She did post and awesome picture at one of the Chicago concerts...
We exposed her to the wondrous world of the 
"DEAD" when she was a youngster and she's been in love with them ever since. She actually quit her job and followed the tour of 1995 from coast to coast and back. The last year that Jerry Garcia was alive . I was envious then too . 
There's my drink today...another herbal tea. 
Today's Random Thoughts


  1. Wow, your bathroom is really big! I think it already looked good in the "before" photos, so I'm sure it will look INCREDIBLY FABULOUS by the time the remodel is completed. Take care and enjoy T-Day tomorrow!

  2. Oh gosh .. this will be a fantastic bathroom after the completed remodeling.
    Happy T-Day!

  3. I have a friend who has one of those tubs like the one you showed in the first photo. She also had/has a curtain swag like yours. Her bath is smaller, though and is part of her en suite. You really DO have confusion in your home it seems with your son and his boxes and your construction. Timing is everything, right?

    I'm also a Dead fan, so was thrilled that your daughter likes them, too. I got exposed to them in High School when all my friends were listening to disco music. No disco for me, thank you.

    Thanks for sharing your herbal tea, your bath remodel, and your daughter's love of the Dead to us for T this Tuesday. Good luck with the bath.

  4. Love the photo of your rock chick daughter! I never could get into a band that much. Also really love your card about happiness being an inside job - so true! Happy T-Day!

  5. That new bathroom redo is going to be amazing Carol-an the tub.... you may have to set a timer in order to get out after and hour or so:):) No tomatoes here yet outside of tiny green ones. Our son is moving back too so soon we will know about the stuff first hand. Thank goodness he isn't bringing any pets like the one your son has! How cool of your daughter to have so many Dead concert experiences-love the photo. Happy T day!

  6. I'm lovin' the updates on the house :) I've never been that ambitious, but that deep tub definitely looks like it'll be worth it.

  7. Oh I'd so love a soaker tub. I just want to have my boobs and my knees submerged at the same time!! :)
    My hubby followed the Dead around briefly in the late 80's.
    Happy T day!

  8. The end of an era and your lucky daughter was there...very special times!
    Our eldest son was a Deadhead for a few years too.
    Good luck on your bath redo and your son's move...that is quite a lot going on.
    We pick up our son who is living in CO for a long awaited visit back home.
    I have been cleaning and clearing like a mad woman. I think we need more company ;-).
    Happy T Day and thanks for popping by for some Lotus T oxo

  9. Remodeling is hard to live through but so much fun to live with when it is done. It sounds like you have a lot going on but all of it good.


  10. That's a huge project remodeling the bathroom but it sure looks great so far. Be sure and show us progress reports and the finished work!! I never got on the Dead bandwagon. Not sure why. But I bet your daughter had the time of her life!
    Happy T-Day!

  11. Oh my, you must have nerves of steel with all the confusion going on around you. You desperately need that soaker tub completed, lol. I love your thoughts of the week and will send the first to my daughter who is always full of self doubt.
    Many thanks for your comment on Wee Man's post today :D Happy T Day :D

  12. Your bathroom is looking great so far! It won't be long until you get your well deserved soak! Mr Blackbird is keeping his eye on our blackcurrants!!! Happy T day! Chrisx

  13. Quit her job... Wow.... I don't think i or anyone i know is that big a fan of anything or I feel you on the remodel... But you'll make it thru just like me!Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  14. Lovely post Sweetie, and there is really a lot going on in your life just now. The garden is doing well, enjoy the harvest. Take care of yourself and think that you will soon be soaking in that tub.... hugs, Valerie