Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"T" Stands for Tuesday

Hello again my Tuesday friends. :) 
Well  I thought we were going to have a week of sunshine .....but I was wrong :( 
We had some sun yesterday and then it clouded over and rained again last night. Very cloudy today and looking like more rain is on it's way. 
I thought I would at least get some weeds pulled today...put it so wet that you just sink in the mud when you try to walk :( Believe me there are weeds that desperately need to be pulled and tomatoes that need to be tied up and pruned a lot! 
I planned on planting a late crop of green beans in the two rows on the right... grass and weeds are rapidly taking over. Hopefully I can get it hoed today or tomorrow and the beans planted. 

The Herbs all need harvest again and the last harvest hasn't dried yet. 

 ... the above is Lemon Balm to the back with Winter Savory in the lower right hand corner...
.... oregano was harvested last week while the granddaughters were here and it has already doubled in height again. 
The garlic is almost ready to dig. I dug one up yesterday to use for supper and it is so yummy. Fresh garlic is to die for :) 

I've been watching the birds at the feeders a lot this week. Something I do when I"m low on energy and fighting to gain control over the fibromyalgia. This weather has kicked my butt ....however I refuse to give up the fight. 
 The Hummingbird seems confused because I moved his feeder and put this one in it's regular spot. The squirrels have since totally destroyed this feeder :-( 

....but it didn't take him long to find his feeder. It's hard to get really clear shots because of all of the moisture on the windows :-( 

The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak have shown up finally. they don't always stay here but go farther north. We'll see if they stay.

Then the ever entertaining Titmouse. You can count on them being here all the time. 
The front flower beds are in full bloom... At least the perennials are. The annuals that are shorter and are usually in front chose not to grow this year :-( 

My drink this week is Gatorade....
Along with my SOC ( summer of color) 
art for the week...
colors for this week are 2 purples and 1 yellow. Had to throw in some green cause ya can't have a leafless poppy unless it covers the whole page. 

I figure I'll be outside in the heat pretty quick so it sound like a good choice for today.
Random Thoughts for Today...

So that's my Tuesday this week ...
Hope I haven't overloaded you with too many photos.... it's the only way anyone sees my gardens :) 
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  1. Lovely photos, I particularly like the exotic (to me) birds! Happy T-Day!

  2. Viktoria isn't the only one who thinks these birds are exotic and I live one state away from you!!!

    Gosh, my oregano is finally starting to grow a bit, but my two mints are overdue for harvesting. Your oregano is humungous next to mine. My ONE tomato died before it ever got started. I was SO hoping for romas to produce so I could have sun dried tomatoes again.

    Your perennials are really producing. Some plants prefer wet, while others prefer dry. Looks like yours are LOVING this rainy season we're having.

    Thanks for sharing your Gatorade and your SOC entry with us for T this Tuesday. My SOC colors are kicking me in the butt. These are NOT fun colors this week. Your entry is beautiful, though.

  3. Good job on your SOC entry this week. I haven't done mine yet, but the purple/yellow combo also has me thinking of flowers. I'm toying with the idea of doing something with pansies...we'll see.

    Thanks for sharing all your garden and bird pictures. Happy T Day!

  4. I know! Fibro doesn't enjoy all the purging I am doing lately, either. I have been walking the pain tightrope for weeks. If I didn't buy the new thicker memory foam mattress I think I would be in even worse shape right now and have a lot less done. *gentle hugs* *gentle hugs* Hang in there!! Happy T-Day! :)

  5. I really enjoyed your bird photos--so hard to capture those hummingbirds!
    Your garden is doing great--fresh garlic is wonderful.

    I like Mary Higgins Clark's books...light fast reading. I actually read this one before, but it was good and I don't remember all the details.

  6. Forgot to say I love your purple poppy, too!

  7. I haven't seen a titmouse in ages! Seeing your garden is quite the treat :) Thx!

  8. A pleasure to see your garden and the aweome pics of the bridies! great! Thank you for sharing Carol!

  9. So nice to see the visitors at your birdfeeder! I'm trying to learn the names of all the ones at my feeder. I think i have several of those titmouse's... Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  10. WOW Carol! Your yard is so pretty and green. I've never planted garlic before, not sure if it will grow very well here, but I am putting it on the list for next year.

    The photos of the birds are fantastic.....even through the window.

    Have a great week........and I would gladly take some of the rain!!!

  11. Love all your photos of the birds, and the garden. Your plants grow really quickly. Your weather seems to be similar to here just now. Love what you made for SOC. Have a good week, see you Friday at PPF! Hugs, Valerie

  12. Love all your photos of the birds, and the garden. Your plants grow really quickly. Your weather seems to be similar to here just now. Love what you made for SOC. Have a good week, see you Friday at PPF! Hugs, Valerie

  13. Sweet birdies at your house!
    Those rascally squirrels sure can be destructive.
    Here in northern VA we've been having lots of wind and rain.
    Between health issues and the weather lots of my beautiful lavender ended up staying in the garden instead of being made into more lavender wands this year.
    Take care and you're right...we have to keep going.
    Happy T Day eventho it's Thursday :-)

  14. What a beautiful garden you have, and so many feathered friends! We must have gotten your sunshine because our forecast was for rain all week. I need to find some lemon balm, it's one of my favorite herbs ever.

  15. Oh! How I loved seeing your bird photos - one of my favourite things to do is sit and watch the birds at the feeders - none as lovely as yours though! Belated happy T day! Chrisx

  16. All your photos are amazing but the birds caught my eyes specially the humming bird.Nature is so generous with us. She offers the best things. It is a pity people don't stop and appreciate how incredible life is!Sorry for the belated T day!