Tuesday, March 10, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday ...

It's Tuesday!
What a difference a week makes :) 
Last week we were covered in snow and this week it's all gone :) 
I've even managed to get some of the dead flowers removed and the bed is almost ready for Spring growth !!!
The ice has melted from most of the ponds in our little part of the world and the geese have returned.
I've moved the Wintersown seed containers out to the garden . Placing them in the leaf bin so they are somewhat protected from critters and wind. Thus clearing the table on the deck so I can put the containers I will be starting with the tender annuals . 
It also means that my late winter/early spring allergies have started too :( So an increase in medications for a bit is in order. The month of March is very hard on my body :( The allergies go ballistic and so does the Fybromyalgia. The ups and downs of the barometric readings affects me greatly and I used to get very depressed over it. Now I look at it as my annual "rites to the passage of Spring" and the beginning of my favorite time of the year:) 
I promised a couple of folks last week week that I would share more gardening tips so here is my tip this week. 
I no longer purchase those little seed starter  pods. You know the ones ...the little disks you soak in water and the swell up with a mess type covering that is supposed to let the roots through easily but never really do. 
Now this is what I do .... I save the empty cardboard toilet paper rolls.  My mom saves them for me too :) 

 I simply flatten them out and and cut one in half. 

Then I make small slits anout 1/2 in or less long at the fold line .. refold them in half the opposite side and make slits there too. 

Then I start folding down the edges to make the bottom of the "pot" 

...when they are folded down I put a small piece of paper,paper towel, used coffee filter. Just a little something to keep the seed starting mix from spilling out the bottom. 

I fill the little pot with seed starting mix  and then either add my seed or the little sprouts I start on wet paper towels. (see previous "T" post) 
If the plants out grow the little pots before it's time to go outside I re-pot them into a larger container... that will be a later post. 
Here's my drink for the day... a little indulgence that will be repurposed later as a container for my dried herbs. 
Not a healthy drinks by any means :) but taste soooo good and those little bottle shaped bottles are perfect to reuse. 
Today's Random Thoughts ...

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  1. Oh Carol I do understand what the barometric pressure changes can do, but I love how you are choosing to handle it as a "rite of spring"-great attitude! And that really does help:) How very clever of you to recycle the toilet paper cardboard into seed pods!! Although we still have piles of "ugly!" snow, the warmer temps are melting it quickly which makes me very happy. Happy T day!

  2. I really like your homemade seed starting pots! We are still hip deep in snow, but hopefully the warmer than normal temps this week will melt some of the white stuff.Looking forward to see more of your garden tips.

  3. I'm impressed with your attitude. I can relate to the allergies and such we seem to get. My arthritis has increased this week, too.

    I LOVE the pots you made from toilet paper holders. I'm super impressed. Wish I had more of those old TP holders, but I use so little it will take me forever to get enough for seeds.

    I'm glad your weather is warming, as is mine. It has truly begun to make me believe we will actually have a spring this year.

    That coffee is evil, isn't it? But it sure LOOKS wonderful. I never thought of saving my herbs in those jars. Mine sit empty in my basement. I'm a ditz.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee and gardening tips with us for T this Tuesday. I am in love with the TP roller idea.

  4. Greetings Carol, wonderful post and pictures, I love the little paper seed starter ideas. I have used paper egg cartons and punched holes in the bottom also.

    Hugs Diane

  5. what a clever little pot for seedlings! great recycling...and hope you get through your 'rites of Spring' without too much pain! happy T day!

  6. I enjoyed seeing your garden preparations as you look forward to Spring. Thx for sharing the photos :)

  7. Those seed pods are very clever. Hope spring comes soon and that your health problems aren't too bad this year.


  8. Sorry I am once again late in retuning visits.
    What a totally clever idea for starting seeds. I do keep all those rolls for GK crafts, but now I can add an other reason to keep them.........like I need one....LOL

    Glad you like the Wine Spot I created. You may come over anytime and join me!!

  9. love your quotes, glad the snow has gone and great idea for pots

  10. I miss the beautiful whiteness and sparkle of the snow...
    brown and mud before the parade of flowers gets going is kinda drab but everything has its time.
    Great little pots you made.
    Spring allergies are no fun at all.
    Take care Carol
    thanks for stopping by my Magpie's Nest

  11. Great post, and I love your idea for making little seed pots, fantastic! Gad the weather is getting better. Hugs, Valerie