Tuesday, March 17, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again :) 
It's also St. Patrick's Day 
so the color and theme is GREEN  today.
We'll start off with my GREEN SMOOTHIES :)

I've started drinking them again every morning. I just kind of slipped out of the practice of drinking them back in the coldest part of winter.Warmer drinks just appealed more to me back then. I had actually forgotten how much I like the smoothies and how much better I feel when I drink them. 
Thankfully things are also starting to green up outside :) 
All of last week was very warm and sunny!
Much warmer than normal for March here with highs in the upper 70°'s and even 80° .
It was 60° when I got up at 6 am today and it has dropped to 48°  Which is a more typical March temp.
 The Mullien is popping up in the Herb Garden. Along with the Lemon Balm, Thyme turning green and the Winter Savory and Oregano are greening up too. 
 The garlic has sprouted ....
...the Iris Moss in the woodland garden is green again...... 
.... and the Daffodil bed is going strong. Lots of other things are growing but you get the drift...Spring has arrived here. ♥♥♥♥♥
Several years ago my granddaughter wanted to grow cotton so I bought some seeds and grew 2 plants . It was fun and she liked having the little cotton puffs at the end of summer. Well now those cotton buff seem to be the rage in decorating and wreaths and the price is ridiculously high. So I decided to see if the seed were still good and they are.  So I'll hopefully have my own cotton puffs and branches to decorate with this fall.  
 A few more flower and pepper seeds in the sprouting process.
You can see the tomatoes are doing well. They have been transplanted to bigger pots and today I will be adding another grow light . 
I checked on the seeds that are outside and the Bok Choy has sprouted....
I do need to go out to the garden to check the jugs out there :) 
So that's what's happening in the garden here this week. 
Go check on the other "T" post and see what those folks are up to. Just click on the button on my side bar to get there. :) 
Random thought for today...


  1. It's looking great in your bit of Missouri country! We are just starting to do some clean up. Your smoothies look good. I am starving! Love all your little seeds. It is windy and chilly here today. I am trying to think of what comfort food to cook up today!

    1. Same here Pix.... I'm thinking Thick and Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches :)

  2. Spring is busting out all over your place.
    I'm not, normally, a smoothie person, but I am intrigued by your post. What is in them??

    Happy T-day

    1. Thanks Krisha! I have Apples, pineapple and Bananas along with spinach, alfalfa, some seaweed . I also add ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric and stevia ,a dash of sea salt & pepper. Sometimes I throw in some berries or yogurt...depending if I have them or am in the mood for something a bit sweeter.

    2. Oh and I forgot the most important part :-/ The avocado!!!! It's the base which everything else is built around :)

  3. Love your marriage quote.. :) Spring!!! Spring has been here for awhile here in Central Valley , CA... infact i'm not even sure we had a Winter... I KNOW we did not have enough rain. Thank you so much for sharing your green world this St.Patty's Day and Happy happy Tday! Hugs!deb

  4. Wow, I wish I had YOUR herb garden. Seems I'm going to have to start from scratch this year, Hopefully, I'll get my herbs in the ground this year, for the first time since my lasagna garden got plowed under. You have so much going on in your green world this week, I'm almost ashamed. I haven't even been outside, and it's been beautiful here, too.

    That smoothie actually looks good. Like Krisha, I'm intrigued. Thank you for sharing these smoothies, your lovely gardens, and your seedlings with us for T this beautiful, albeit cold, St. Patrick's Day.

  5. What wondrous things to behold, are seeds sprouting and seeing the new growth of Spring hither and thither. Happy happy T Day :o))

  6. Oh what glorious greens here today! So happy to see flowers and veggies and herbs and things starting to sprout. Happy T day!

  7. We've had a few warmer-than-usual days lately, too. Such a treat. Thank you for sharing photos of your garden. My space is limited, and I do so enjoy seeing what people with yards are up to with their plants. Happy T(ea) Tuesday! :)

  8. love all your gardening and quotes

  9. So much to enjoy your lovely green post!
    Cotton plants are so fascinating to me.
    Twice now we've seen the fields ready for picking while driving to the Outer Banks of NC and had to snap loads of photos.
    Green drinks are satisfying and the bonus is they are so good for you too!
    Lovely quotes as always too.
    Happy T Day Carol ♣

  10. Wow! It's been above normal temps here, too, but not long enough for anything to sprout. How exciting to see all the green seedlings sprouting and leafing! Happy T-Day! :)

  11. It's so lovely to see spring : ). The ground is still covered in snow here, but the driveway is at last down to asphalt.

  12. Your plants are looking great! Can't wait to see the tiny sprouts popping through the dirt on mine!
    Happy T day!

  13. I am jealous of your green sprouts this week! at least I see some sunshine today though it's not exactly warm....hope your T day was delightful! ♣

  14. I can smell the wet dirt and feel the warm breeze and hear all the lovely birdies you have... happy sigh. We are FROZEN and still have snow, but this has made me remember what Spring will feel like whenit finally arrives. Thanks for being a part of my T-day!

  15. I gotta tell you, I just think that you gardening people are the best. So talented with those little seeds. Can't wait to see everything in bloom. Was lucky to see cotton plants in NC a few years ago when I was there visiting my sister. They are so cute and puffy. Hope your Tuesday was good. enjoy the good weather.

  16. Loved to read all about your garden, what a lot of work you put into it. I have never seen cotton seeds before, how lovely to grow your own, I am looking forward to seeing how they turn out! Hugs, Valerie