Tuesday, March 3, 2015

T Stands for TUESDAY

It's TUESDAY and time to visit with 
 Bleubeard and Elizabeth
and friends :)
The weather here is bouncing back and forth between mild and frigid. Friday my  walk showed the little creeks and run offs in my  neighborhood were frozen solid ...

 ... and then Saturday we got another 6 inches of snow to cover everything all up. 
Today it's supposed to be 50° with rain. Then tomorrow another plunge in temps with more snow and ice. The lovely weather of March :) 
Right now I'm drinking coffee but my herbal teas are  steeping in the jar on my counter for later. 
When we have our nightly hot tea I throw the teabags into the jar with hot water and then cap them with a coffee filter.
There is still enough goodness left in the bags to keep me hydrated the next day and then they go into the compost bin. 
March is National Crochet Month so I will concentrate on getting as many hats done as I can . Knowing that real Spring and warm weather is just around the corner. Although I have knit several hats in Feb. and loved how they turned out. I have also figured out that knitting also hurts my hand too much to do it often. I can crochet almost as much as I want without pain but not so with knitting :(  and I have some really cool patterns I so wanted to try. 

This was the latest wool felted hat I made.

My indoor seed starting flats are starting to get full.... :) 

And the pages of my garden journal are filling up. I have decided to not do the rest of the seed packets this way but have created a page with a pouch so that I can save the empty packets that way. 

Here are some of the seeds in a germination bowl. As soon as I see little roots sprouting off the seeds  I place that seed in a soil pot. The bowl has a very damp paper towel in it and then a lid on it to keep it moist and warm. The seeds germinate much faster this way and I don't waste a soil pot on a seed that won't germinate. 

These little sprouts were planted the traditional way with several seeds to a pot to ensure germination. They will have to be thinned out later so there is only one plant to a pot. A waste of seeds :( My Dad reminded me of the paper towel method and I switched to it. 
Most of what I learned about veggie gardening I learned from Dad. He was an organic gardener when hardly anyone else knew what organic was. I grew up with a huge garden in my back yard and lots of hours working in it helping and learning... I might also add complaining a whole lot over the work. We canned and froze all of the veggies our family ate. We also had chickens for eggs and grew meat chickens and meat rabbits. I love the sound education in gardening that I received growing up. My Dad is 86 now and doesn't do much gardening but I love it when he comes to my house  and walks through my yard and gardens and I can see the happy and proud look on his face as he takes it all in. 
I'll have to share some garden stories from my childhood on a later post. 
Today I have to go out and buy another grow light for my seed starting table. I'm planning a much bigger garden and more flower beds for this year. :) ♥♥♥♥♥ And Don't forget the HERBS !! LOTS AND LOTS of HERBS !!!!!
Some Random Thoughts for today...

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  1. Wow, Carol. You sound like you are describing my weather. Bitterly cold tonight, cold and possible snow all day tomorrow and the next day, then a small warm up. I haven't seen 50F for well over a month, though. I guess it's because you are farther south than I.

    What a clever way to get more use from your tea bags before adding them to the compost. I like the idea of using the coffee filter. Great tip.

    Your hat is beautiful. I like the felted color, too. I can't crochet OR knit anymore because of my arthritis. It's that repetition and grip that gets me every time. I'm glad you are at least able to still crochet. Just don't overdo it, let your hands rest every 30 minutes to an hour, and do something else. If need be, soak them in quite warm (almost hot) water while resting them.

    Thanks for sharing your art, weather, hat, new seeds, coffee (and tea) with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. What a wonderfully interesting post. Thank you, I have enjoyed my visit immensely :D I love your felted hat and imagine it is comfy & cosy :) I too have had to give up knitting and crochet, the grip and twisting is no good for my hands. Take care of yours so you can crochet for many more years; I love Elizabeth's advice.
    I would love to hear about your childhood gardening memories :) Happy T Day :D

  3. love your hats, seeds and photos of the creek

  4. Your weather sounds like ours. We have rain and an expected high of 60F today, but we're expecting ice and a high of 20F tomorrow. It's a see-saw! lol

    I enjoyed reading about your gardening. I do a bit of gardening in pots, and I always enjoy seeing what other gardeners are up to :)

  5. You are very talented in so many ways Carol! Love that you used the seed packets in your journal. I admire you for being able to grow from seed. I tried it once -with a table and all the right stuff but it was a disaster! Snowing now as I type and then it's supposed to change to freezing rain-UGH! As usual , you choose great thoughts for the day-love them:)

  6. What a lovely post! I wish I could crochet - and don't think I will learn now! Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. I L♥ve everything you shared today! Gorgeous and warm-looking hat, sprouting seeds for the hope of Spring, and great Quotes! I love quotes...just sayin'....happy T day!

  8. I just love following gardeners. I know nothing about it but the out come is always so beautiful.
    We just got finished with three days of rain, now its cold. I am going to North Carolina to visit my sister today, off in the clouds like I may run into some rain and when I get there it is suppose to go from 66 down to 38, I have no idea how to pack.
    Didn't know crocheting had a month, cool. I have a cowl pattern waiting for me when I get back. Exciting. Love your hats. Only felted once, pretty cool. Love the way your hats look.
    Have a great week

  9. We are on our last sub zero morning according to the weather folks. Thank goodness. I'm going to start a few seeds today and the rest the week of St. Patricks day. I've found that my tomatoes get to be a good size by the time I can plant them in the ground.
    Happy T day...way late!!

  10. SUN today Carol! The weather has been crazy! We just got a bit of ice this last time. Love the hat, it is so cute!

  11. Your weather still looks grim, keep warm and safe. Your hats get better and better! Great to see those little plants growing. Hugs, Valerie

  12. Your weather still looks grim, keep warm and safe. Your hats get better and better! Great to see those little plants growing. Hugs, Valerie

  13. Hi there :) O' wow what a lovely hat-you did a great job. My daughter (16) is learning to crochet--I will give it a whirl again but I can't seem to keep all the stitches tight together or counted right. We reuse our tea bags as well. I normally can get 3 cups out of 1 bag that is strong enough for me. Then we too mix them in for our garden. Looks like you are ready for the season. Snow all over the ground here in PA still but will be spring very soon. I can't wait to get my raised garden bed all ready & start my porch garden as well. Wishing you a great weekend.

  14. you do so many wonderful things and have inspired a cuppa hot tea as i clean the tub, that sounds like a weird combo, but i do need to pause since i have a cold, can't straight up clean the tub. ;-)

    such an adorable hat and promises of a wonderful garden!

  15. oh sounds like a perfect time for tea!!! lovely piece!!!!