Monday, February 23, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and it's still very COLD out there!  -7° this morning and currently                                     only 14° 
So it's still hot tea time here....
Looking at the 10 day weather forecast it appears that we are going to be having some warmer days in the near future ♥
Last week they were predicting some pretty bad storms and possible power outages. We are on a well so when the power goes out we not only have no heat but no water either. So I keep containers around to fill with water for standby use. 
Here is one of the cats trying to figure out what I'm putting in the big bottle. 
Just before this he had his head stuck down in the funnel but by the time I got the camera out this was where he was  . 

This is the road I live on.... a narrow country lane...

 ... that winds around the subdivision where the houses are far apart from each other...

...and there's my mailbox...laying on the ground after the husband backed into the post and shook it loose. A big wind the next day tumbled it to the ground.  We fixed it that night and that was the last day of my out side walks. The deep freeze and snow and ice arrived and made it just too risky . I miss my walks . 
One of the brighter sides of the extreme cold is that birds who don't normally come to the feeders drop in for a meal. 
 The Red Headed Woodpecker is so timid that it is very hard to get his picture. The least little noise or movement and he's flying off to the trees ...

 The wrens just rarely ever feed at the feeders so food must be getting really scarce out there. 
So that's what's happening in my world this week. 
Some Random Thoughts....

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T Stands for Tuesday.


  1. It's been incredibly cold here, too. We had ice and snow, so I guess you will get it today or tomorrow. Of course, it's supposed to get warm (in the low 40s F) for two days, then back to sub freezing temps. And of course, the high winds, too.

    Aren't cats funny? And so inquisitive. Mine sure are, but they aren't allowed on furniture, so they know better than to climb on the table.

    Enjoyed seeing your area. It looks like the rural MO I remember, too. Of course, you have a beautiful home, even if the mailbox got knocked over (grin).

    Loved the photos of the birds. I suspect the wrens are being forced to find food wherever they can about now.

    Thanks for sharing your tea, your fun cat photo, your bird photos, and fun look at your part of the world with us for T this week.

  2. What an amazing post carol... I love all that impressions and the bird pictures.. I so hope for you that the coldness will go and some springtime temperatures and good weather will appear soon! You live in a wonderful area!
    Happy T-Day! Take care !!
    This cat is soo cute!

  3. kittys are always so curious aren't they-loved the photos-loving a little break in the weather today and tomorrow-but more winter coming in after that-I am thinking I need to cancel some appointments in town monday and tuesday-we were going to springfield on monday but that seems a little iffy right now

  4. You live in a lovely place. Here is so hot and the heat makes us tired and mellow. Sometimes we have blackoutss here because of the heat. It's horrible!Love your photos. Thanks for sharing your world with me. Have a magical day!
    Ps: the quotes are superb. Love the last one!

  5. Looks like such a lovely and quiet area to live Carol. But you have the same frigid weather we are having-and I too miss my walks:( Great shots of the birds! Hard as I try to quietly sneak a pic or two it doesn't seem to work. We get several kinds of woodpeckers but not one like this. And I now have a few wrens appearing too. Love your choices of thoughts for the day. Happy T day and stay warm!

  6. I can imagine walking down you road in the summer and hearing the birds chirping and being warmed by sunshine--I guess we still have awhile to go for that. Until then I'll enjoy your photos, especially that stunning woodpecker!

  7. Hot drinks are definitely in order here in Virginia too.
    Your area looks charming and that woodpecker sure is handsome and different again from what we see here.
    I Love the little wrens and mourning doves that stay around all year.
    Thanks for sharing your corner of the world along with your cute kitty.
    Happy T Day Carol

  8. Sorry for laughing but the mail box saga set me off.
    Isnt the woodpecker magnificent. Stunning colours

  9. We're expecting temps above freezing today, but we still have ice on the ground. I'm a city girl, born and bred; but I've spent some time living out in the country. I'm enjoying your scenic photos. :) I like watching the birds, too. Thx so much for sharing these great pictures!

  10. love the woodpecker..the wind is very cold here but little spring buds are popping out of the ground

  11. Love the photos, but sorry that you can't get just now. Your woodpecker is lovely. Cats can be very curious, huh? Hope your power stays on! Hugs, Valerie

  12. Oh goodness! Sorry about your mailbox! What a beautiful area you live in. The woodpecker is stunning! You cat cracks me up, of course. They are so snoopy. ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  13. -7 brrrr...... I don't even want to think about that!!!! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  14. Great shots of the Red Headed! We were around 6 degrees yesterday morning and warmed up to 43 today. Snow tomorrow!

  15. I just love the photos of the birds, You are very good at this photo business. Cute kitty. Hope it warms up around you.