Thursday, February 5, 2015

Winter feeding Frenzy.....

Even if I  never watched  the weather reports I would know a winter storm is coming by the birds at the feeders :) 
 Ones that don't show up on a regular bases are here before the snow...
 ...and sometimes it seems like there is a waiting line for access to the feeders...
...the woodpeckers show up over and over....
Then when it starts to snow , it gets really crazy....

.....everyone is hungry :) 
We only got a couple of inches and it's mostly gone already. But the temperatures dropped dramatically and the wind picked up so it's very cold out there. And then this week end it's supposed to back in the 60's  :-/ 
The garden season has officially started here too.
I have six jugs planted and set outside for our "Winter Sowing" project. More to come this coming week. I tried this method for the first time last winter and it relatively successful. A definite learning season so hoping this year will turn out even better.
You can find out more about this gardening technique here:
Random Thoughts for Today 


  1. Good Morning Carol! The birds are crazy for seed here too. I know it is warmer this morning but I am chilled and can't warm up. Think I will go soak in a hot tub of water. Enjoy your Friday!

  2. Hi Carol, I saw you over at Kathy's place and thought I would visit. Hope you don't mind. I love your home and those birds sure have a great place to get food. I am not a gardener as Kathy knows but I love following other peoples gardens. I live in northern AZ and because of the warm weather we have been having things are growing like crazy. Mostly weeds but I take anything that is green. Hope you will stop by my place.

  3. Hi Carol I know what you mean about the birds and the weather-and the deer do the same-make sure they eat their corn before the storms hit-fun to watch.
    I see my friend Susan stopped by-so glad she did-long time online friends

  4. the birds truly are full of information and entertainment for us!

    yea for gardening beginning.... not here for a bit
    though i could in jugs indoors