Monday, February 2, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

Crawling in here tonight to get this written before my brain turns to total mush.  I feel it coming :) 
I pushed myself beyond my limits a bit today and I fear I may regret it tomorrow. There was just too much I wanted to get done and wasn't settling for it not happening. 
I bought a HUGE package of neck bones  at the grocery store on Friday so today was broth cook down day. So I got that going early this morning and then spent the rest of the day being hungry because it smelled so good :-/
So now that all of the house work is done for the week , I can play the rest of the week.
It did  take lots of cups of coffee like this one to get me through today. 

After getting the broth on the stove I went to the basement to go through a couple of boxes down there. We are purging the basement and tomorrow is trash day so I wanted to get more sorted. This is a BIG JOB! Believe me!!
When I got down there I realized that my Aloe Vera that is wintering in the basement is in full bloom :) 

Now our basement is unfinished and unheated and it gets pretty darn cold down there...but this guy must love it. 
The Elephant Ears and the Papyrus are barely staying green.
It was a balmy 56° down there today so I was only able to go through 3 boxes and haul the trash out and re-box the recycle before I had to come up stairs to thaw out. 
I then finished a new wool hat and felted it. It's drying in the spare bedroom right now. This one was made with some of my red and purple hand dyed yarns. I still have to make the decoration for it can't decide if I want another flower or just what. 
I finished the other two hats last weeks. They are going to be gifts.
 I've started another blue hat with the yarn in the above picture :) Can't wait to see how it turns out.
 .... and this is one of the hats I made for charity last week. I forgot to take a picture of the other one. 
Today I also started getting my seeds ready to start. Some I will be starting outside using the "winter sowing" method
and the others I will starting under grow lights. I'm getting over anxious for Spring and warmer weather ♥
Today's Random  Thoughts....

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  1. LOVEly post with a bit of everything! Cookery, gardening and handicrafts. Something for everyone me thinks, haha. I DO love your hats! I understand about the basement 'BIG' job, our attic/loft space is the same and we are slowly going through it. Time to purge indeed. Happy T Day! :o))
    ps _ Love you cup :o))

  2. great hats-going through stuff is sooo hard to do-I am going to check out that link for planting in the winter-I have no place to start my own seeds here-sigh and I was not very happy with the results that my friend grew for me last year-so I am re thinking things this year. I am thinking of direct planting seeds in early august of broccoli etc to hopefully get a better crop-just too hot in the summer for those

  3. I can relate to the cold basement, and sorting/purging boxes of unwanted things. It seems many of us are doing the same. I also can relate to pushing through. But I had NO idea that aloe vera had blooms. Mine have sadly all died, but in all the years I had them, the never, ever bloomed.

    Great looking hats. You make lovely ones.

    So glad to see you for T this week, even if your brain and body have now turned to mush. Thanks for sharing your coffee, hats, and lovely plants with us for T today.

  4. I'm tired just reading all you've done Carol! In the winter months if I don't get going in the morning not a lot gets done here. I never saw a blooming aloe vera plant-I bet hummingbirds would go for those flowers! I used to try to keep plants thriving in our cold unfinished basement but never had any luck so I'll stick to art and cooking:) Happy T day! Oh, LOVE the felted hats.

  5. Such great hats! I'm a sucker for a good hat, and yours are delightful :)

    I'm fascinated by the plant blooming in your basement - a sturdy soul, it is lol

    Happy T(ea) Tuesday!

  6. I really like your hats. I'm knitting a simple beanie/stocking cap at the moment. I knit but have never felted anything. Well, I guess I should say I never felted anything On Purpose. We won't talk about that first pair of socks I made for DH.


  7. I really like your hats. I'm knitting a simple beanie/stocking cap at the moment. I knit but have never felted anything. Well, I guess I should say I never felted anything On Purpose. We won't talk about that first pair of socks I made for DH.


  8. LOVE your hats, I can see me wearing that red one........grin
    I can smell the bones in the crockpot. When I do that I am hungry ALL darn day!
    Happy T-day and now it is time for you to put your feet up and enjoy!

  9. your basement sounds like mine: full and frigid! lol! I adore that blue hat, it is gorgeous! but they are all lovely! happy T day...

  10. Well my goodness i just sat down at the computer to take a break from my work and you have motivated me to get up and get moving I'm cleaning out the front flower bed and laying fresh mulch and packing up my craftroom in preparation to move in a couple months.. uughhh.... Love those hats of yours! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  11. Your hats are really beautiful! I have never seen aloe bloom...very pretty. Thanks for the winter sowing link. It was really interesting!

  12. Hello and Happy T Day! Good thing you have coffee to warm you up and keep you awake on a busy day. I've been doing that too and wears you out fast. How nice to have flowers blooming, spring will be here before we know it. LOVE your hats, so lovely!!! Hope you feel rested and warm, thanks for sharing.

  13. I have never seen an aloe vera plant bloom! Cool!
    Cute hats. Happy very late T-Day! :)

  14. You've been busy! I love the pictures of your Aloe Vera. I don't recall ever seeing one in bloom before. Nothing says hope like starting seeds : ).

  15. Carol you have wishing to make chicken noodle soup today! I can smell the aroma of your chicken broth right now! Darling hats! Starting seeds sounds promising.. :) You need to take it easy! Are you ready for snow? Have to get my haircut and all I can think about is a White Chocolate Mocha from SB after seeing your coffee!