Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thought I was posting this here this AM...ooops ..wasn't awake yet

A Work in Progress and Bloomin' Tuesday

The big clamshell in it's new home waiting for it's mate to join it asap.

A look at the pond in it's state if disarray...the weeding is all done on the left side and the far end with part of the mulch laid. Have to gather some more stones and weed the  and mulch the rest of it. Then we'll install the fountain and put the fish back in. 

Another peak at the clamshell with a 20 oz. water bottle setting in front of it to give you and idea of it's size :)

Wild flowers blooming in the shade garden!

Strawberries forming in the garden and there are tons of them....YUMMMMMMMMM :)

MayApples blooming in the woods always make me smile.

Joining Bloomin' Tuesday....


  1. Should have had a couple more cups of coffee I guess :)

  2. I love this garden. I thought it was a nice posting for "Labors of Love".

  3. I do love your pond. I have a much smaller one in front of my porch. It's a lot of work to maintain though.....