Tuesday, February 17, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's time for ...
T Stands  for Tuesday 
again or is could be...
.... this was me on Sunday for my last outside daily walk.... it was so cold with the wind chill that I had to take off my glassed and pull my hat farther down. Leaving just a little slit to see out of. My 20 min. walk was only 12 min. as I could barely breath after that. 
These old lungs just don't handle the cold air any more. So all walking has been done inside since then :( 
The birds have been going crazy at the feeders ...
...and waiting in the nearby trees for their turn....

We've had  our first substantial snow this winter....with more to come this weekend.

We really have had a very mild winter up until now so I'm not complaining  much at all. 
Those of you that follow my Art blog have seen this hat already..  I decided to give knitting a try again instead of crocheting all of the time. This was the first one... lots of mistakes but still wearable and looks decent. 
The next 2 were much better. I think I just may be getting the hang of this :) 
With all of the cold I've been drinking a LOT of hot tea out of my big snowman cup :) Today I will be mixing up more teas as I"m starting to run low...

 The art is a WIP (work in progress) that I have no idea where it is going  from here. My muse is on vacation in  a warmer climate I do believe. 
So here are some Random Thoughts for today....

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  1. Very bundled up!!! I ran errands today. I must be getting used to the cold temps since I didn't wear my hat...just scarf today. When the sun is out it certainly helps with warmth!!

  2. Oh my, it must have been cold if you were still feeling it even bundled as you were. Definitely time for more tea in your sweet cup. Happy T Day :o) {Hugs}

  3. love your knitting..we havent got snow yet

  4. Brrrrrr, you certainly looked well wrapped up for that freezing weather. Love your work in progress art, happy t on tuesday!! Annette

  5. I don't get out in the ice/snow unless I have to, so my walk will have to wait. Tea in that great snowman mug, though, that'll suit me fine :) Happy T Tuesday!

  6. You sounded so cold you steamed up my glasses....LOL

    Happy T-day

  7. Holy cow. This made ME cold. What a walk you must have had. Glad to see you have your seeds started, though. Let me know how it goes, because I don't have any milk jugs to make and start some seeds.

    Enjoyed the mug and am also feeling my mojo has left for warmer climes.

    Thanks for joining us at T this Tuesday, and for sharing all these wonderful snow photos, too.

  8. got a kick out of your photo all bundled up...good for you going out for a walk anyway, even if it was shortened! beautiful hats you've created too. I have a feeling they may still be needed this year...

  9. You were so brave to go walk outdoors in that! I couldn't do it for more than the min. or so my dog is outside! My fingertips get numb an tingly and feel like they are burning very quickly so no amount of layers are a help to me. Those hat s look so warm and cozy. Love the layers of colors in your wip. Happy T day!

  10. Yup! It's -3 degrees up here right now and always windy. I know what you mean.
    The poor birds! I wonder how they survive sometimes.
    Love your knitted hats!! You always get so much done!
    These are both fantastic quotes!! Happy T-Day! :)

  11. A day late,..but we woke up to 2 degrees this morning so I can only guess how cold it was last night! You are brave to walk in this weather and even smarter to take a breather from walking. I like how your hats came out; they are such a quick fun project.

  12. love your mug-fun-wow it is super windy and cold here today-definately staying near the woodstove today
    stay warm

  13. Lovely knitting!I have never seen snow. I live in Brazil. Here is very hot.

  14. I've always thought i'd like to learn how to knit socks......... may have to figure that out one day. :) Love your lovely hats. Happy Belated Tday! I'm a little late making the rounds......Stay warm my friend! Hugs! deb

  15. Good Morning Carol! We look the same as you with regard to the weather. Fingers crossed for no freezing rain! Love the snowman cup! Carol love the last quote... Love. I did terrible on my SAT for college, my parents were so mad at me. I always choke up at any kind of testing!

  16. Oh my, you really have lots of snow, please take care of yourself! Those hats and caps are all gorgeous! Hugs, Valerie

  17. Oh my, you really have lots of snow, please take care of yourself! Those hats and caps are all gorgeous! Hugs, Valerie