Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring Garden ....lots of pictures

This post is going to have lots of pictures :) 
When you don't post in a while it takes a bit to catch up. 
Since Spring has finally made it's arrival and all things are finally turning green , I've been outside. A LOT ! 

In April I cleaned up the flower beds and part of the veggie garden. 

All of the dead flowers and weeds went into a new raised bed I'm adding to the Veggie garden...doing it Lasagna Gardening style. I love a no till garden.  

The Bottle Tree garden got a really good cleaning. Some of the perennials had gotten very woody and ugly so I yanked them out to be replaced soon with new ones. My Bottle Tree is really leaning a lot more this year so we may have to see if we can fix that without replacing the post completely. I don't relish the idea of drilling all of those holes all over again. 

Everything looks so bare and brown but in just a couple of weeks everything looked totally different.

The iris are amazing this year and there will be other post with them in them.
....and the tulips and daffodils put on a pretty good show in spite of the bitter and long winter...

The Creeping Jenny is trying to take over the veggie garden again so between rains this week that is what I will be doing. 
I do have more pictures...but I think I have shared enough for one post . So I'll sign off for now and try to stay a tad bit more focused on the blog this year. 


  1. Sure looks like a lot of work, but worth it. Beautiful flowers!

  2. love that bottle garden, I have been p[lanning my garden beds lately too!

  3. spring has sprung-love the photos-thanks for sharing

  4. Oh wow! Your yard is huge, I feel like I've just visited a botanical garden! Gorgeous!