Thursday, June 12, 2014


It's hard to believe that it's the middle of June already....where did the time go? 
I'm still trying to get things planted around here :(  Winter lasted forever and now the Spring rains seem to be here to stay. The bright side being that what is planted is thriving :) 

The Iris were spectacular this year....even the bed that is totally over crowded.

I have started thinning it out now and starting new beds with the left overs. Also giving some to friends and co-workers. 

These are two of my favorites.... there are a whole lot more but we'll move on to other plants for now. 

 The bleeding hearts were really full for the first time. This is a relatively young plant and the last two summers have been very hard on it. 

The Wisteria has totally recovered from the accidental Round-Up spray the hubs gave it. Last year I thought it was a goner but it was beautiful this spring and really loaded with blooms. 

I was gifted a beautiful Purple Columbine from Mother Nature. It just showed up in one of the flowerbeds at the head of the driveway. It bloomed for weeks this year and now I'm collecting seeds from it to hopefully have more plants up by the house where I can enjoy them more. 

I said I wasn't going to do any plotted flowers this year....the heat and drought of  the past two summers was too much for potted flowers. But I just couldn't stop myself. 

Two weeks of the spring were spent taking care of a rescued baby robin ...

Let me tell you I have a new appreciation for the hard work of Bird Parents. Baby birds eat a lot and very often!

He wasn't too sure at first about being free to fly away. After about 15 minutes of thinking about it he finally flew off. I hope he's happy and doing well :) 
 The herbs are over ready to be harvested and I promise to do that tomorrow. 

And last but not least...the new front bed is starting to fill out well and will soon be full of blooms. So that's where  the garden is right now... waiting for blooms and waiting for the final plants to go into the ground. 
In the meantime I'm getting ready to start some new perennials in pots to be transplanted to the flower beds in the early fall. I'm trying very hard to start most of my own flowers and veggies I know for a fact that I'm not accidentally poisoning the bees with plants treated with insecticides. It scares me on how few honey bees I see in the garden this year. 
Leaving you with this thought for today


  1. I hope your baby comes back for a visit. Gorgeous flowers and love that purple and yellow iris!

  2. all this rain has been wonderful-glad to see the sun today though-

  3. You did great with little Fuzz! Love seeing all the shots of your bloomin' flowers!! The ruffled iris is beautiful!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful! I love the potted arrangements! What a relief that the wisteria survived the accidental poisoning.

    Thank you for caring for the baby robin....such a lovely thing to do and, I too, hope he is happy and doing well.

    Bees are becoming endangered thanks to all the pesticides used around the world nowadays. It makes me sad...we need bees! It's great that you are making an effort to steer clear of pesticides.

    Have a lovely week! xo

  5. Wonderful gardens. I know about the rounduping husband having done that bit myself. Oooops!

  6. Your irises are so lovely; I can see that your garden brings you much joy even if you didn't get all the tomatoes you'd hoped for. Thank goodness for neighbors! xo