Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year----New Word

Since I seem to have a deep rooted phobia to anything related to "organization" I have chosen  Refine  for my challenge word in 2013. 
As is refining my living quarters... my gardens and my art.
was both a very good year and a sad year. I was able to achieve several of my personal goals and my art truly blossomed. I have acquired some great new friends and discovered some fantastic sites that inspire and encourage me ♥♥♥

Unfortunately I also lost some very important people in my life. Even though they are no longer a physical part of my everyday life they will always  be with me in my heart. 
So my first challenge in Refining my life in 2013 will be in our Hobby Room. 

Hubs and I currently share this room and in the past 2 months it has also become the catch room for "CLUTTER"!  You know the drill..." company's clean up... throw it in there for now!"
Who could create in this mess? 
So today I start.."where?" ... to get this room into a more usable place for both of us :0) 
Wish me luck!
Or even a miracle :0) 


  1. Ah yes, 'company you love to have come' yet totally disrupts ~ I am trying to resolve that by 'weeding stuff' out of the house ever so slowly ~

    Great having you come by ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor aka ArtMuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  2. my craft room is a total dissaster too, a must do soon-good luck with yours

  3. Good word Carol! I am wishing you the luck you mention!! I did a thorough job of getting rid of all our clutter last April/May. It was and is wonderful!! Now I just have to be careful not to bring any thing in to replace it.. :)