Thursday, December 27, 2012

Banana Pudding for Breakfast and other Post Christmas Thoughts

One of the best parts of the week between Christmas and New Years is all of the yummy left over food you have. 
What other time of year can you have Banana Pudding for breakfast  and not feel too guilty...after all it has to be eaten lest it goes to waste. :0) 
Christmas was very low keyed here this year. I didn't bring out the hundreds of decorations I own and didn't even put up the big tree. I borrowed an idea from Donna at Funky Junk Interiors 
Here's what mine turned out trees were smaller so I was able to use an old pear crate I had laying around

They did the job and may become my new standard Christmas tree ♥
Even the gathering at my folks on Christmas day was much smaller than usual. No small children there this year :(  Illness kept some away and travel others. 
Mom has been fighting the flu for 2 weeks and got worse on Christmas day and ended up at the ER. After test and exrays a several breathing treatments and lots of drugs they sent her back home. 

This was taken earlier in the day before she got really ill and you can tell she didn't feel good then. 
She's doing much better now.
I think all of us have some kind of bug going on. Probably would have been wiser for us all to stay home...but you just have to be with family for Christmas. 
So now I'm off to rummage through the left overs again and see what I can have for lunch :0) 
Then I'll take my meds and curl up on the couch with a good book and the vaporizer and a hot cup of herbal tea. 
Hope that all of you have a marvelous Christmas! 


  1. I am reading allot of folks have been ill over Christmas-no fun! glad you were able to spend time with family though-hugs

  2. I'm glad your Mom is feeling better Carol. I battled upper respiratory something for five days after our family Christmas Dec. 16 and got to feeling better just in time to enjoy Christmas Eve and Christmas. Banana pudding for breakfast sounds wickedly good.. :) We didn't do a big tree this year either and no decorations but a wreath on the door and my Mom's ceramic tree. Very low key and relaxing this year. Hope you get to feeling better and enjoyed your couch time and your book! Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!!

  3. Take care Carol! You don't want to end up in the ER! Banana pudding I hear is the greatest fruit cure-all there is!:) xxoo LVL