Saturday, January 5, 2013

Controlling Fibromyalgia Symptoms and My Weight Loss

In July of 2012 we were in the middle of a drought and a horrible heat wave. Everything was wilted and turning brown and then one glorious day we got rain. Just one day and the temperatures stayed near 100° but things turned green and lush for a few days. 
I had also been in a major "Fibro Flare" that had lasted for months and was taking control of my life. All the doctors wanted to do was increase anti-depressants and heavy duty pain medications and tell me to do less and rest more. They also suggested anti-seizure medications that had horrific side effects that I just wasn't willing to deal with. I could no longer take anti-inflammatory's because if acid reflex and nasty skins rashes they were causing. I was very worried about my liver.  

So I started doing research on more Natural Treatments for Fibromyalgia.
One of the first things I started trying was  Vitamin D supplements.  I had read several articles like this one...
I decided this was definitely something I could try and be nearly risk free and not break the bank. 
After just a few weeks on "D" I noticed that not only was I taking less pain medications but I had started losing weight. Just small amounts but when you've put on nearly 60 pounds in the past 6 years every little bit counts. Especially when it was almost effortless :o) 

I had already figured out on my own that eating more healthy also made my fibro more tolerable.  So after reading more about food for energy and pain control  this is what I came up with that worked for me .
I start my morning with a fruit and yogurt smoothie.  I don't use the same fruits all the time and I normally use frozen fruits because it's easier and works for me. I usually mix up a batch of 3 or 4 at a time so they are ready to grab and go in the morning.  I try to have a high berry content in the mix and  I always use bananas. The yogurt is usually organic vanilla cause I love how it tastes. I do buy as many organic fruits as I can. 
Sometimes I throw in spinach and kale. I love the spinach and tolerate the kale :0) and I use avocados in it a LOT. 
For lunch I have an avocado and yogurt....almost every single day!  Avocado's are amazing and they do so much for your entire body! My skin has become fantastic after eating all of these avocados!
Google it and see :0) 
For supper I have a normal meal like we always eat. I just watch the portion sizes.
I even indulge in  a bowl of ice cream on a regular bases. I just eat a smaller amount and leave off all of the topping stuff that is mostly just sugar. 
With this plan I have lost 40 pounds since July!!!! I have a ton more energy and I don't crave those carbs constantly like I used to. My fibromyalgia has been a lot better and I feel like I'm participating in my life again. 
I do still have to watch myself and not overdo things or it will flare... and weather changes will cause flares that I have no control over. However the flares do not last as long and are not as severe. 
Now I need to concentrate on Stress control in this new year. 
I'm not saying this plan will work for everyone...just that this is what worked for me. 
I recently had a physical and the doctor was impressed with my weight loss and my blood levels where fantastic. Even my blood pressure was down and they lowered my medications for that. I hope to be off of them completely at some point soon. 
Hope I haven't bored you to death here and just maybe some one can be helped with some of this information. 
Next post I'll talk about some of the things I'm doing to lower my stress levels and taking care of my liver. 
See you soon. 


  1. Great job, Carol! Sometimes you just have to take control of your life! My blood pressure went up when I went off my medicine! Bad gene pool I guess! I have been able to keep 30 pounds off for a couple of years now. It is work every day, but you don't have to give up everything you love, just eat less. xxoo, Nancy

  2. So glad to read you are back in control of your life. I found for me, that I learn from the doctor what I may have and then do my own research.
    what does are you taking of the vit D?

  3. Way to go Carol! I take Vitamin D everyday and have for years, but didn't know it had such wonderful side effects. I take it to keep from being one of those bent over old ladies. I remember seeing one that was bent so badly she could only look at the ground when walking. Scared me into a daily supplement.

    Gave up on Blogger and moved to WordPress.

  4. So glad you have found relief Carol! I love avocados. I especially love them smeared on whole wheat toast with a little olive oil.