Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Catch Up on the Patio Work

The patio that took forever is finally moving into the final stages of construction!
We have most of the slate tiles attached to the side walls..

...we would have had it all laid, except the store was out of them ...we even went to a different store and bought all they had too. 

I guess slate tile is very popular this year:0) 

I love all of the color variation in the tiles and they go so well with the pave stone we used. 

Our Fur-babies are constantly checking out our work. 

So hopefully today my hubby will be able to pick up the final eight pieces we need so we can get them laid ...everything grouted and then sealed :0) 
Then the only thing left will be the steps to the front door and we will be kicking back and enjoying our new patio :0)