Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camera Critters

I can't believe it's Saturday already!!! Which means we are starting week 3 of the major makeover to the front of the house. I really didn't think it would take this long...Mother Natures had other ideas...high temperatures combined with high humidity made for slow miserable work days.
Thankfully I have a house full of critters to lighten my days and make me smile. This week it was the cats.... or 2 of the cats and one of the dogs. 
I keep the cats food in a semi- large class jar with a lid on the counter next to their bowls.Makes it convenient to feed them with out them ripping the paper bag to shreds and stuffing themselves :0) 
I took the lid off the jar to feed them and got distracted by a phone call and forgot all about it. A short time later I returned to the kitchen to find this...
Of course I had to grab my phone and take a picture while laughing at him. Then one of the other cats notices whats going on and comes to check it out...

He starts meowing and pushing trying to get the Bengal to let him have a turn....then the dog notices all the commotion and comes to check it out...

The Bengal and the dog don't get along so he runs off to another room...the white cat swats the dog on the nose and the dogs takes off....
Ella.. the white cat gets exactly what she wants....Free access to the jar of food :0) 
I'm do glad I was able to get all of the pictures cause I know my husband or anyone else wouldn't have believes me when I told them :0) 
And this is exactly why I have cats....they make me happy :0) 
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  1. Loved this!! Made me giggle! :)
    My Karma cat makes me laugh every day so I can totally relate to the shenanigans. ;)

  2. Cats are funny little critters. I have two that make me smile all the time.

  3. Great "documentary", made me smile. Regards :)

  4. loved all the photos-our animals are such fun companions

  5. Yep, our having cats in the house is a never ending adventure for them and a constant amusement or headache, for us, depending what they decide to get into.

  6. I love both my Baron and Simba. It must be admitted though a one hundred pound GSD is a lot more work to take careof.....:)

  7. Hey Carol, You won a magazine with my second chances drawing. The Herbal Husband picked your name out of the basket! Please send me your mailing information. xxoo Nancy