Monday, June 11, 2012

The Case of the Missing Griddle

On Saturday  I decided to make pancakes for brunch. I got all of the ingredients out and measured and then decided I had better put the griddle on the stove to get warm . 
No griddle to be found anywhere. I even had the Husband come in and look...can't always trust myself these days....I can be staring right at something and not see it . Kind of scary :0(
Back to the story...the husband looks in all the cabinets and the stove..the refrigerator and even the deep freeze ! No griddle! How do you lose a 12 inch round griddle? It's old and beat up so no one would want to take it ......but it's gone. So I had to make the pancakes in a regular skillet which will only cook 3 small ones at a time instead of 4 medium sized ones. 
The front of the house is progressing slowly but steadily. 
They now have the final layer of stone for the patio walls laid and have back filled with crushed rock and sand.

They have started laying the pavers and had to stop when they ran out...

Bob's dog is right there every step of the way. Checking everything out :0) 
The new pavers arrived today but it will be the weekend before we work on it again. This time I actually have to help...Bob's brother will be out of town.
Thats all for today. It's time for me to take a nap. This Fibromyalgia is kicking my butt today with the weather changes. 
We are finally getting the rain we need so badly so it's worth the aches and pains. 


  1. I bet your griddle is hanging out with my dremel tool, it is in hiding too. The changes in the weather are kicking my butt too, summer never seems to be good for the fibro. Hope you find the griddle.

  2. I hide stuff in plain sight all the time!Lol Looks good out front!!! The rain was a wonderful thing!! Little rough on the garden but it will be okay!

  3. I hope your griddle shows up!! That's very frustrating...but I can relate!! I hope you had a nice nap and feel better soon!! The patio looks like it's coming along nicely!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. You have two things in this post that really resonate with me. First, was not trusting yourself. Since I had chemo last winter my mind has gone all screwy on me. I don't trust much of anything lately. The other was about fibro kicking your butt. I was diagnosed back in the mid seventies and this disorder has had four names since then. Yes I have days when it kicks the tar out of me. But amazingly, I have been able to lower the amount of medication I take since the radiation treatments. No one seems to know why? But, I will not complain abut that.

    Hope you feel better soon.