Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Never Ending Project

One week was not enough to get everything done. It was however enough time to get the really hard stuff done. 

We went from this to this:

With lots of digging and filling and measuring and laying stones...lots of sore muscles, sunburns, poison ivy and more than a few bad words.
But the base is down and it's level  and the rest will be easier from here on out. 
While waiting for glues to dry and shade to happen :0) Bob started clearing out the area where he is putting a small shooting range.

And I managed to get most of the garden finished and hopefully everything will come up and make it this year. 
I'm not feeling a lot of hope for many of the flowers  I had to dig up and pot . The heat and the fierce winds we had really took a tole on them. So my new beds may be a little skimpy for a while. :0(  
I can feel a plant shopping spree happening in the very near future :0) 
Now I'm ff to bed...I have to go back to work tomorrow :0( 
Hope everyone has a great holiday and be sure to remember why we have a holiday . 
Remember the ones who gave their lives for us and our country and pray for those who serve today. 


  1. Looks great so far. It's been hot and windy here, too. Reminds me of Texas. Opening the outside door feels like opening the oven door. HOT!

  2. We got the heat. This is the third day in a row for 90º or more so it can "officially" be titled a "heat wave." We did water almost everything early this morning when it was only 74º. Patty, my beloved wife of 57 years, said it should cool off tomorrow and we might get some much-needed rain.

    I am no longer physically able to just dig up plants and move them, but I did, with help from my wife, move two old holly bushes. And we did it early one morning and then used a gallon of water with one tablespoon of Peter's Plant Food in each hole and over the bush. Hopefully, this will work and they will survive.

  3. When you are done you will wonder why you did not do it sooner and why you worried over it at all.

    It already looks nice. Can't wait for the final results.