Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It Really is SPRING!!!!!

Caution a ton of pictures HERE! 
The morning started with a heavy cloud cover that lasted most of the morning.

Once it got a little more light out I started checking out the fruit trees. The pear tree is just starting to open ...and it smells so good....

The peach tree is pretty much in full bloom...unfortunately the tree is dieing so only half of the tree  is alive now....we'll probably cut it down this year :0(

The Plum trees are almost finished blooming. I hope we actually get plumes this year. It's been three year since we've had any. The plum blooms the earliest and gets hit with frost most years.

Can't help but wonder what critter is living here. There are two of them on this young oak tree.  

We have a lot of fallen trees in the woods and there is also a lot of moss and fungi :0) 

More interesting  fungi...

...lots of daffidills...

Redbuds in the woods are starting to bloom and make the woods take on a purple haze...

...up close of the Redbud blooms....

...my two favorite finches at the bird feeder :0).....

....my wood poppies are blooming!!...

...plants around the pond are up and filling out....hopefully it will look great this year..

...and the Irish Moss did survive the heat and drought of last summer....I had feared that it hadn't...
So all of the plants are convinced that Spring is here to stay so lets hope that Mother Nature is agreeable to letting it :0) 


  1. Oh the pictures are great! I don't know what is in that hanging thing. If you find out, let us know. ;)

  2. I love loads of pictures and they are all fab. Love the little finches, they are so pretty! Suzy x

  3. Love the stroll around your property! Lovely! But Carol you have to find out what critter that is, I am all curious. I will try to google. You think it is something living? Is it some kind of fungus? The Red Bud is bee-utiful this year! Dogwood is working on it too! I have to go back to building our ark. 3 and half inches of rain from 2am and more on the way and they said it would hit the western part of the state?! Enjoy your Wednesday Carol!

    1. It's a cocoon of some type ....haven't looked into it yet but thing of cutting off one of the branches and putting it in a gallon pickle jar with a screen lid. My luck it would turn out to be something ugly :0)

  4. My girls would love to see what the cocoon holds! They constantly are bringing stuff in to see it Hatch! Great pictures!

  5. Oh, I love this time of year Carol. Put your redbud blossoms in your salad. Delicious!

  6. What a great time of the year. Things are sure popping in your territory!

  7. Enjoyed this post, the flowers are wonderful. Spring rejuvenates me every year.