Thursday, March 29, 2012

We've Adopted another Cat ?

Welcome to Cat City :0)
I would have never thought that a simple run in to town for cat food would end up with a new addition to the family. 
The pet store was having a pet adoption day and who can't at least look at all of the poor babies just begging for a home. They had some beautiful dogs who had been rescued from a "hoarder"  who had over 500 dogs in their home . 
Then came the Cats! My husband has always wanted  another Maine Coon or a Bengal and wouldn't you know it they had one of each up for adoption. 
From the picture I'm sure you've guessed which one we ended up with . 
The Maine Coon was young but didn't look very healthy and his card said "Doesn't get along with other animals!" 

The Bengal 7 is years old ....shy at first but adapted well to other animals in the foster care home. 
He's very tall and long.. but skinny as a rail. He loves to be petted and is very loving to the hubby and I . He is only tolerant of the other two cats in the house and has yet to meet the dogs. 
He is  a talker. He is also a beggar...anything you are eating he wants and lets you know in a loud voice . Hopefully he will get better about that. 
So it's back outside for me and working on clearing off the veggie garden. I let it go to weeds last summer with the heat and my poor I'm burning it off a bit at a time this year. Was hoping for more rain last night to wash the ashes down... oh well I do have a sprinkler if all else fails. 
 Catch  You all later! 


  1. Carol I am doing a happy dance hearing this. At 7 he deserves to be in a home where he will be loved and respected and at your home I know this will be his life! Congrats, he is a beautiful cat! Look at those spotties!

  2. Congrats on being able to take care and provide for a family pet member. We all learn from family pet members as they give so much love and ask nothing in return cept food and love.:)

  3. It's difficult to pass by those pet adoptions without bringing one home. Beautiful cat! I can't bring any other pets home, Willie would think a kitty was a snack and he is jealous if I pet other dogs. I'm hoping for a better spring and summer this year. Last year I broke my ankles and couldn't work outside at all. My fingers are itching to scratch some dirt. I'm going out to weed and feed my roses later today. Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. How seet of you Carol. So many neglected and abandoned animals out there...

  5. The same thing happened to us. We took out cat to the vet for her yearly checkup and came home with a stray they had up for adoption. then several months later a friend begged us to take in the two cats of a friend that was moving out of the country and could not take the cats. To keep them from being put down we took them. Then there were four.

    That was two years ago. Getting all of them to get along took forever and sadly we lost one a few weeks ago to a preexisting condition. Now there are three.