Friday, October 21, 2011

To Pick or Not to Pick

I don't bring a lot of cut flowers  into the house. Mainly because I just don't think too and then there is that part where I just hate to cut a living plant even to enjoy its beauty more. Silly I know. 
With the threat of Frost in the air though I brought in some last night. Trying to make the blooming season last as long as I can for me. 

This morning I was happy to discover that the frost had skipped over us last night and I still have blooms outside to enjoy too :) 
One of the other big reasons I don't bring in cut flowers is ..... 
My hubby greatly dislikes anything creepy and crawly in the house and this little guy qualifies for that. Me I just smash him and go about my business...unless it's one I can pick up and release back outside. He didn't qualify for that ! 
So now I have my inside blooms and my outside blooms to enjoy for the days to come. No frost predicted for the next few nights at least! 

1 comment:

  1. "to pick or not to pick". Pick! Your flowers are beautiful. Even with your spidey friend. We weren't home Thursday night but I think we dodged the killing frost too. Now we will deal with the lady bug imposters all week with this warm weather! It is going to be beautiful in MissouREE the next few days!