Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ruby Tuesday ----- Bloomin' Tuesday

 Tuesday is really glowing Ruby this week in the flower beds! I'm amazed at the number of flowers that are putting on a last minute show for the year. 
My little Rose Tree is covered in more blooms than she's had all summer and they smell so good.  Makes setting on the front porch very pleasant indeed...that is if the winds aren't blowing that sweet small away .

The Dahlias are still showing off :) 

All of the Blanket Flowers are full and dazzling.

Even the Lantanas have filled back out again.

My first Pink Dahlias of the year.... seems so strange to have them blooming for the first time in October. What a strange trip it's been! 

Last but not least the Verbena look good. Not exactly Ruby but pretty any way you look at them :) 
I always get a little down the last part of October... I know the warmer days are almost gone for the year and soon everything will be brown and grey. Makes me ALMOST look forward to the " white stuff" that hides it all. I did say almost now Mother Nature...so don't get in any hurry to whitewash the landscape ....PLEASE! 

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  1. your flowers are just stunning! wow.

  2. You do still have a lot of lovely color. Better enjoy it now before it's gone! Jean

  3. Carol your flowers look great! Love the lantana. I kept watering and my impatiens have rewarded me and are very happy. My impatiens love this weather and came back those few cool nights last week. Have to see how they do with the weather now. Petunias too. I am going to enjoy them while I can! I get a little sad now too thinking that Fall is going to be gone and the trees are going to stand all undressed. Our leaves are just racing to the ground. I have to really fight that sad feeling in winter.

    Enjoy your Wednesday Carol!

  4. So happy to see your dahlias. Love them.

  5. Carol, I feel the same way. I have to get serious about cleaning out the gardens, but just can't seem to get in the mood. (I have a headache, dear. LOL)

    I love the flowers you have shared here, you have so many beauties. I wouldn't want to dig up or cut back or yank out any of them yet, either.