Saturday, October 29, 2011

When You have more ideas than time and energy...What do you do?

‎"The power of imagination makes us infinite."
✿ܓJohn Muir

My mind is continuously boiling over 
with creative ideas and projects.
I see things and I almost always think of something I want to do with it and it's usually not it's original purpose .
Like this inner tub out of an abandoned washing machine that was left on our property when we bought it. 

I knew that I had finally found a use for all of the broken dishes and tiles I had been saving for years. I started it 5 years ago in the late fall. I was working in our basement which is unfinished and unheated. So when it got cold I had to stop working on it. By the time spring got here my Mother-in-law had gotten critically ill and moved in with us and I couldn't leave her alone to work on it. 
The next summer she was healthier and I got to work on it some...but she still required a lot of attention and about the time I'd get all messy and grimy I'd have to stop and take care of her needs. So the project got shoved to the back burner and forgotten.  

This summer we started cleaning out the basement ...which had become a giant catch all for everything we didn't want anymore or didn't know what to do with. Yes I have a problem with throwing out anything cause you just never know when I'll come up with an idea to use it on. So the mosaic pot was unearthed again and I am very proud to say that it is finally finished!!!!!!!!!! When spring gets here it will be filled with dirt and Elephant Ears planted in it. We'll probably place it by the fish pond. 
This winter we are going to start finishing off the basement and build me a giant studio down there where I can actually spread out and work  freely on all of my creative  dreams :) 

One of my future projects will be cleaning up this beautiful old wringer washer my Honey got for me this fall. It will become a planter too and I'm trying to decide  whether I want to leave it rusty or clean it up super well and repaint it like it was new.....or do I want to do mosaic on it too? 
Then there is the old water heater that I want to turn into a mosaic tower or bench...see my mind works so hard that I get confused on what I really want to to. 
Not much going on in the garden now...the frost has finally gotten to almost everything out there. I do plan on planting some more garlic and some more tulips and who knows what else that I'll run across before the ground freezes :) 
So I'm working on my art and planning that studio in the basement :) 

See Ya all next time !!


  1. You are definitely creative. My brain would never have come up with that beautiful planter from an old washer tub. WOW! I am impressed.

  2. I love the planter from the washer tub!! Great job!

  3. I would have never believed that was a washer tub. You are amzing. You art work is beautiful. You are so deserving of that studio. Kudos to you, Ginger

  4. Carol, as you know I still use that same old Maytag for my laundry, but since we have a lot of stained glass scrap around here, you have me thinking...maybe I should mosaic it and still use it as a washing machine? Why not, I can have Useful Art!

    Love the way yours turned out. I'll have to do some reading up on mosaics, I've never done it.

    We have a basement 'studio' too, (right now it's a basement disaster....but once the snow flies, hopefully I can make things more workable down there. Laundry room, husband's tool room, sewing room and stained glass studio all in an area less than 500 square feet. Kinda tight! But I had a kid move out this week...spare bedroom now.....hmmmmmm...wheels are turning.

  5. Carol I keep coming back here and I don't see what everyone else sees! I'm missing the planter!! I did however link to some wonderful quotes with some very pretty pictures :)

  6. Carol ~ mosaic tub is absolutely wonderful! So creative and beautiful~ Proud of you ~ Wow~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor and Share the Creative Journey)