Monday, September 12, 2011

Ruby Tuesday ----- Bloomin' Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday!
Tuesdays are starting to become my favorite day of the week :)  A day when I get to see all of those wonderful Ruby red posts and beautiful flower shots!

I couldn't resist adding my Ruby Slipper drawing this week. I saw these shoes in a magazine awhile back and fell in love with them.  The price was way out of my budget.....$400.00 is way too much for any pair of shoes no matter who makes them...unless of course I win the Mega Lotto some day and then they are MINE!

Found this in the woods behind the house... I remember seeing a weird looking plant there this spring and meant to come back and take a picture and never made it. Now I will definitely have to remember to look for it next spring.

The Butterfly Weed has popped open and little seeds are floating everywhere. I plucked the other pod that was just starting to open so I can plant the seeds where I want them. Hopefully I'll have lots of butterfly weed next year!!! 

After two days of rain several of the flowers have taken on a new burst of beauty. These Blanket Flowers are stunning!

...and the Lantana  has perked back up and is showing off. 

This is the best my Dahlias have looked all summer and only a few are even alive at all.

and the Verbena has rebloomed.... so at least the summer is ending  in beauty :) 

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  1. Carol, The blanket flowers and lantana are very pretty. Thanks for sharing this week and have a good one!
    Blessings, Beth

  2. I agree with Bet, the blanket flower is so pretty.

    Songs of Rainforest for Ruby Tuesday.

  3. Carol, I love the drawing of the Ruby Slippers, you are so talented. I could see you wearing them (if only they didn't cost so much!) Win the lottery and off you will go, stepping out on the town in your new red shoes.

    I also loved your earlier post on the farm for Labor Day; would you believe me if I told you I use your 'new' washing machine every week to wash my laundry? I know, I'm weird, but no modern machine will ever work as well and as long as that old Maytag. I have four of them now, can't quit collecting them because I just love to wash clothes with my wringer washers and parts are not readily available.

    Love all the rusty stuff, too, so much history on that old place.

  4. Not only do you have a pretty garden but you are very talented. I like your drawing!

  5. You are a talented artist. I love your fall blooms especially the Blanket Flower. :)

  6. Pretty blooms. Love the Blanket Flower. YOur zinnias are so pretty.

  7. I tried growing the blanket flower but they didn't give flowers this year. Yours are nice.

  8. That looks like some kind of a mushroom. And I am also intrigue by the look of it. ^_^

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  9. Carol, The first picture looks like the 'berries'from a Jack-in-a Pulpit. Love the fall colors of your blooms! Jean

  10. Lovely floral photos! Have a great rest of your week! Theresa

  11. Your flowers are all beautiful. Love the dahlias. I think they are my favorite. I'm with you on the shoes. If I win the lottery before you, I'll send you a pair. lol Very nice drawing, by the way.

  12. beautiful flowers, loved that first one you found in the woods