Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day at the Farm or Should I say "RUST HEAVEN!" ?

For Labor Day we went to a Cookout/ Shootout at a friends . They have one every year at the old family farmstead. No one lives there now but the still farm the land and use the barns.

The farm is 130 years old and the grounds are a living history of old farm equipment and new. I love the way the sun changes the color of the rust to an almost copper patina.

There is rusty metal everywhere.. a rust lovers dream come true :) Little disk and big disk...

New tractor accessories that have already developed the rust from  use in nature...

...and old pieces that set and develop layers of rust and real character! 

Repurposed items galore :)...

....and the "WOOD"!!!! Nothing has charm and life like wood that has weathered in nature for over 100 years.

...more rusty disks...

..more beautiful "WOOD" ....

...old plows that just set and look regal.

....barn styles that were built for horse and buggy days....

....more rusty stuff that I don't have a clue what it is...but I want it BAD!!!!!!!

.....broken and still useful...not to mention still styling :) 

The back porch of the abandoned family farm house :(  

...a peak thru one of the windows...I'm telling you it was a major feat in self control to not just climb right in and start grabbing items!

Peeling, chippie doors everywhere! Can you hear me moaning still? old produce stand display shelf...made of solid steel with layers and layers of paint...this baby aint blowing over in the wind..

....old horse shoes left leaning against an out building... ones that were used in the game and who knows if they were ever on a real horse ?

... another barn full of old treasures...that old wringer washer in the background is coming to live at my house and will become a planter once it's cleaned up :)  can you hear me shouting and dancing in the street !!!!
I may also be bringing home the old wood stove with missing legs.....I get so excited thinking about it I shiver :)

My brother-n-law getting ready for the big shootout...

.... my hubby dearest getting into the that would be chair .... of things :) 

... couldn't resist this shot....

...taking a break in the barn...thats the owner of the farm.... the wonderful man who gave me the washer :) MY new Most Favorite Friend LOL!!! 

I'm not really a lover of camo...but this I love :0 and let me tell you this little girl can hold her own when target shooting with the Big Guys :)

The "BIG GUN" of the day!!!
When this baby is fired ear plugs and hands over your ears are mandatory!

It was a great day!Lots of fun with friends and hours of wondering around the place falling in love with all of the fantastic eye candy. I can't wait to go back for another visit.
Sorry for the large number of pictures... there was just so much I wanted to share and believe me I took a whole lot more :)


  1. I love the 2nd amendment. I need the address of that old house, 'cause I am moving in... all that lovely rust and chippy paint.

  2. I can feel your excitement. I would be the same. I love old things, but there isn't a place in my little house to put another thing. Very nice shot of the light coming through the barn wood.

  3. Carol, you should check out the Picker Sisters on Lifetime on Tuesdays at 10 PM. They may make you laugh, cry or cringe! They are into rust as well!