Sunday, September 18, 2011

Todays Flowers

Not too much is blooming around here these days...most things are going to seed and getting ready for winter

I'm sure we'll have a few more blooms when we get some warmers days seems we went from blazing heat to late fall chills over night. The whole year has been cock-a-mamie like that

The volunteer sunflowers are still hanging in there and look fantastic :) 

This week I'll start planting my fall bulbs...thanks to my dad I have tons to plant. He's digging up most of his bulbs and getting rid of them. So have I about 200 Surprise Lilies to get into the ground this month back hurts already :) 
I also hope to get two new Iris beds made  and planted before winter sets in so I do have my work cut out for me. I will be taking some time off from work to get it done. What a  way to burn up vacation days :)


  1. enjoyed your post-sun is finally out just now

  2. The Surprise Lilies will be quite the show next summer, 200 of them is quite a lot! I know things around here are really winding down too, hard to see winter head our way, isn't it?

  3. It been wierd weather all year all right. We had 90's then it also went into heavy frosts and late fall weather. Yuk. 200 magic lilies. Wow. If you dont have time to plant all of them...... :) Actually I've got a big order of various bulbs coming myself.