Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blooming Tuesday

The heat is really playing nasty with the gardens this year! 

The inpatients just kinda of set there looking all droopy....can't say that I blame them I'm feeling all droopy too and I get to go inside to the air conditioner. 

The Lantana doesn't seem to mind at all :) 

....but even the sunflowers don't seem to last as long.

The yarrow just keeps getting bigger and bigger so I gues it loves the heat.

But the dahlias are no where their usual size or vibrant colors.

The verbena is a little thin :) 

.....but nothing seems to phase the Shasta's! They just keep blooming and blooming :)!!!

This is my Joe Pie's 3rd year in the flower garden and it is beautiful so I guess it must be a heat tolerant plant as well 

The saliva's look good in the morning but are wilted like crazy by afternoon.

The black eyed Susan's are just starting to bloom and I know they don't mind the heat so we'll have color there for a while :) 

The Purple Liatris are bloomomg but alot of them did not come back this year. Don't know why...I've never had trouble with them before. But we've never had a winter like last winter either ...so maybe that was it. 

I'm excited to see the seed pods on the butterfly weed...means I'll be starting lots more of them next spring :) 
The heat is suppose to last thru the weekend here and hopefully give us a break the first part of next week! 
I need to weed the front flower bed desperately but I don't see that happening anytime soon :( 
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  1. It's hot here too, and yes the heat lovers just bloom regardless of what Mother Nature throws their way. Gotta love them! :)

  2. Beautiful blooms! I really should work on my flower skills.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! I've stayed with veggies in my garden, but ... maybe... with more space...!

    Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Thngs. I'm your newest follower. (don't know why my picture isn't showing..)

  4. I just wish the humidity wasn't so bad here. Our temps are hanging around the mid 90's but the humidity is at 100% in the mornings making you feel wet when you walk out. Your gardens are hanging on. Lantanas seem to thrive in all conditions. My dahlias are smaller than usual too. Wonder why? Yarrow is definatly on my must have list for next year. Hope your having a good day Carol.

  5. Oh, your posies still look nice to me.

  6. Hi Carol,
    You have a lot of beautiful flowers blooming despite the heat. I like the Joe Pye. I always admire it in other's gardens. I should try it sometime.

    Funny you should mention smaller dahlias. I just noticed from my window that some pink dahlias started blooming while I was at work. My first thought was that they were small. I will have to go out and investigate. It's hot and humid AGAIN today, so I am waiting for the sun to go down.

  7. Nice bloom, even with the heat. Some of my plants are huge from all the spring rain but the blooms are smaller on some and don't last as long. No way I'm going to try to pull weeds in this heat and dry ground. Keep cool! Jean

  8. I enjoyed seeing your heat tolerant blooms. I have all kinds of wilting going on in the heat of the day. The plants seem to come out of it in the evenings. I wilt when I'm out for any length of time, too.

  9. I enjoyed your beautiful blooms. We have been blessed with plenty of rain in s. IL. So thankful! My heart goes out to those gardeners who are not getting the rain their gardens need. Your blossoms are doing great in spite of the heat. Our black-eyed Susans are just beginning to bloom, too. Love the splash of color they provide! ~~Rhonda

  10. Your flowers look beautiful Carol! It looks much greener in your bit of country than ours. This heat just has to break, I am beginning to get a cranky going on. I need to get outside under the Oaks and it is just too dang hot. I watered quickly yesterday and ran back to the a/c.

  11. All of your flowers are beautiful, even if they are suffering from the heat. I'm ready for a cool down, and we haven't even seen August yet. Maybe August will be unseasonably cool. I can hope anyway. ;)

  12. I love the colorful orangy lantana...and of course the sunflowers, one of my favorites!

  13. Despite the heat, your flowers are looking great! You have many of my favorites in your garden. Hopefully we all get a break from this intense heat and our flowers can take a breather!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. You really can't tell how hot it is Carol. The flowers look great!