Monday, July 18, 2011

Mushroom or Toadstool or just Plain FUNGI ?

What ever they are they always fascinate me. 

These are no little toadstools...they measure about 8 inches across and pop up after rains in July, August and Sept. here.

I love the shapes and textures and the interesting clusters they make. 

Not being a "Fungi" specialist we just admire them in their natural state and take lots of pictures. 
Sometimes I use the pics for drawing subjects later in the year when it's too nasty to be outside. 

Last year we had beautiful red  and some interesting golden ones far this year just the white ones.

They start out as these adorable little buds and then grow up almost in an instant.

Whatever they are they make good "eye" candy :) 


  1. You should check out my homeschooling blog I posted today. It's all about mushrooms we found on a nature hike we took right after it rained.

  2. Very cool. Do they dry into something you could use in one of your projects? Or maybe too wet and just go to mush?

  3. The just shrivel up to a black knotty looking ugly thing :(

  4. We've been seeing mushrooms pop up in our yard this year. I go out and pull them up because I'm afraid Willie, my dog, will eat them and I'm not sure if that would be good. These sure are great shots of them, though.

  5. Need the music from Fantasia on in the background! Very cool!