Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheep Rooms!

My favorite birdhouse with two of my favorite little "birds"♥

My Dad has an awesome yard with  a great collection of birdhouses. 
This year he did away with the Martin Gourd Houses and we all miss them :( 

His newest addition made by his twin brother. Those two guys can do wonders with wood! 


  1. I clicked to enlarge the picture and your two favorite little birds are darling! Looks like a teddy that one of the favorite little birds in pink is holding. Your Dad has a gorgeous yard, I can almost smell that fresh mowed grass. The bird house in the top two pictures in awesome, I don't see how a birdie couple could pass up the curb appeal!

  2. Love the pictures, the birdhouses but especially the two sweet little girlies. They are adorable. I had five grandsons, who I love dearly, but I miss not having granddaughters. Enjoy your summer. Ginger :)

  3. Tufa Girl will be pleased you are keeping up with Cheep Rooms, Carol! Very cute with the granddaughters! Isn't amazing how much alike twins can be! Wonderful! Stay cool, Carol. xxoo Nancy

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  5. It was so nice that the girls posed for your photos. They are cuties! Thanks for adding your birdhouse and your dad's collection to the pool.