Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunflowers Sing Summer to Me :) ♥

To say I like sunflowers would be a major understatement! They sing summer to my heart and cause my spirit to dance on sunbeams :) 


My first sunflower of the season has just opened and I had to take a zillion photos of it dancing in the wind. 
I'm only sharing a few photos with you so you don't get overly bored with my favorite flower. 

I plant sunflowers everywhere and all spring and early summer.
 Most of the ones I planted early this early either got bit by late frost or must have drowned with all the rains we had this spring. 
But the later plantings are starting to bud out now and I'm going out to plant more seeds when I finish here. 

Hopefully you'll enjoy them half as much as I as they show up here the rest of the summer and fall. 

Soon I'll be drawing and painting sunflowers too. 

They get me through the winter months until the suns rays warm up again and I can start the cycle all over :) ♥

Have a Sunflower filled day! 

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