Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I was off work.  But I had lots of things to do in the morning and a wedding in the evening so I only managed about 2 1/2 hours of garden time. Today was a different story. It was cloudy and overcast but I was able to work outside all day. Bob was off too so he was out there working away also. 
He mowed the yard and did most of the weed eating while I tackled the area around the fish pond. I cleared out all of the leaves and planted the Elephant Ears and Cannas. Then I cleaned out the pond itself. I didn't put the net cover over it last fall and it was full of leaves...YUCK!  Tons of good stuff for the compost pile :) I hauled lots of mulch for the flower beds around it and repositioned a ton of the rocks around it too. I only got about 3/4 of it finished but it already looks so much better. I'll take pictures when I'm done. 
You won't believe the giant ocean clam shell I added to it and I got it for FREE! The sucker weighs 200 lbs I swear! It was all Bob and I together could do to move it. I may be getting another one too :)

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  1. Sounds like you made great progress in the garden today. Hope the weather holds for you - I'm afraid more rain from here is on the way to you.

    Can hardly wait to see the clam shell!