Thursday, July 22, 2010

Critters on the Deck

It's been a busy week on the deck...lot's of little visitors coming and going.
First is our resident Tree Frog. He's been around all summer and is constantly finding a new and unusual resting spot. My favorite is when he sets in the spout of the granite ware coffee pot.

The butterflies are fluttering around the flowers but this little guy decided to rest on the rug for awhile before taking off to snack on nectar again.
I have no idea what this guy is but he was big, green and sorta cute so he deserved to have his picture taken too.
Last but not least is the giant moth that visited us last evening. I thought at first that he might be dead since he didn't move for a long period of time. But when I tried to take a closer look he flew to a different spot on the deck and scared the crap out of the dog when he tried to sniff him. Kind of a funny sight watching a 40 lb. dog flip over backwards because a moth jumps on his face.

It's been too hot to do much outside. Just water and pluck a weed here and there. This weekend I will have to force myself out of bed very early to get what needs to be done finished before it gets too hot out .

Hope your days are going smoothly and the sun is smiling on you.


  1. wow what fabulous looking little critters you have - great shots especially that weird looking moth - some size too!

    :) Rosie
    Centre of Interest photoblog

  2. Wow, Carol! What interesting 'pets' you have! Great photos!

  3. What beatiful visitors you have on your porch. I love the frog in the spout. I love the coffee pot in general. Great container to plant in.

  4. Great photos Carol!-loved the little tree frog-I get a kick out of these little guys-in the summertime they crawl on the bathroom window-love their little suction feet-lol