Friday, July 23, 2010

Last of the Lavender

The summer heat is here in force and the garden is looking a little wilted. Most of the lavender has been gone for awhile but I still have a couple of die hard stalks that refuse to give up. Here's the last of those and the bee is enjoying it while he can.
We haven't seen too many bees in the yard this summer so I get excited when I see one. I'm planting more and more flowers to draw them back and have even thought about a small beehive project. Will have to do some more research on that before I decide.
This is my contribution to Macro Flower Saturday.


  1. Lavender has such a heavenly fragrance. The little bee thought so too.

  2. My lavender are all gone. The bee surely love the once left. Wonderful shot. Happy weekend!

    Macro Flowers

  3. Very great balancing skills from the bee there! Cute!

    Mine's HERE.

  4. I have noticed that there are not as many in the garden as last year.

    Lovely photo

    :) Rosie
    Centre of Interest photoblog

  5. Great shot with that busy little bee. Love it.

  6. Your lavender looks like mine : ) a little worse for wear. We haven' had many bees here this year either.

  7. Hiya Carol,
    I like your profession.
    Have you been doing it long? :-)
    Also like the motto in the sidebar.
    Didn't know Herons could be green. Those heron pix are amazing.
    Nice to meet you,
    joco (macro days)

  8. The last of any sort of blossoms are always the sweetest...

  9. The last lavender nectar of summer, lovely subject and beautiful photo.

    I took some photos of cucumber flowers these last days and they were so full of bees that it was an adventure to approach the flowers. Apparently these flowers attract bees too.
    Have a great Sunday!

  10. Our heat has been awful too. It's been in the record breaking 100F's for weeks! But, my lavender still has a few purple blooms, and my peppers and tomatoes are happy. It's actually been the most successful gardening summer I've had in years, surprisingly.

  11. Lovely shot of the bee and lavender.

  12. Love your photograhy; super hot here too-this coming week promises to be a sizzler-and lows near 80s-gonna be a hot one-stay cool

  13. I saw that on the weather report this am and starting seating just thinking about it. Trying to get all of my outside stuff done today before the heat comes back.